​DJI's New Skyport Adapter and Payload SDK Aims to Advance Drone Technology

DJI, a China-based drone maker, this week announced that it is opening its drone Platform up to third party development with a new adapter and SDK that could advance the development of commercial drone technology.

The platform, which is available on its DJI Matrice 200 Series drones, contains a Skyport adapter that secures and integrates a Payload onto a drone. Payloads are devices such as sensors, cameras and other communications devices. Those devices can then communicate via API with the drone's internal systems, such as its flight controller system and GPS, using DJI's Payload SDK.

Using the Skyport and SDK, third parties will be able to create new kinds of drone-based remote sensing solutions for specific industries and applications.

As Jan Gasparic, DJI's enterprise partnerships chief, explained, "Our new Payload SDK makes it possible for any manufacturer to create a payload specific to their customers’ needs that will work seamlessly with DJI’s aircraft. We believe these two advances will not only strengthen DJI’s leadership in the commercial drone industry, but will also provide a powerful, flexible and standardized platform which customers from different industries can build upon."

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