​DronaHQ Launches API Genie for API Creation

DronaHQ, a digital enablement and transformation provider, has launched API Genie, a tool that allows users to create APIs for existing web apps without writing code.

Aimed at users who would like to build APIs for legacy applications but don't want to invest the time and money frequently required to do so, the tool logging into existing apps, managing sessions, dealing with forms, scraping HTML, XML and JSON content, and performing post-processing of data. APIs created with API Genie have version and API Key management functionality built-in.

According to DronaHQ, API Genie can help organizations launch APIs in a "drastically reduced amount of time." Two of the use cases it is targeting with API Genie are app refactoring and development of mobile apps from existing web applications. With its scraping capabilities, it can also be used to create APIs that consume third-party data not made available via API.

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