​Echosec Systems Releases API for Dark Web Data Access

Echosec Systems has launched an API, providing direct access to previously unavailable data feeds from fringe social, deep, and dark web sources. Some of the most imminent digital and physical threats now originate on obscure social networks and paste sites that are notoriously difficult to access and integrate into threat intelligence processes.

The Platform API was developed to meet intelligence community requirements for streamlined access to raw data from these less-regulated sources. These include sites increasingly relevant for counter-terrorism (4chan, Telegram), data breaches (Pastebin, DeepPaste), and other global and national security objectives—and are not available through existing commercial APIs. 

Data crawled by the Platform API is available through existing Echosec Systems tools, Echosec and Beacon, and as an independent data solution for users with existing tooling and interfaces. Michael Raypold, Echosec Systems' Chief Technology Officer, says, "The API delivers raw, real-time risk data in the form of a REST API to intelligence professionals, helping users get more value out of their other existing data sets."

The API allows users to locate pertinent intelligence more efficiently through multilingual Machine Learning models. The models automatically detect and classify content within eight threat categories including hate speech and data disclosure. Users are able to combine Echosec Systems data with other feeds and query techniques as a bespoke solution. This could include, for example, automatically cross-referencing data points across disparate feeds, or developing their own machine learning models.

The Platform API knowledge base, Documentation, and sample query builder are also available to current Echosec Systems customers with the launch.

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