​Google Adds New Apps Script Development Tools for G Suite Apps

Google recently announced that it has added a number of tools designed to help developers improve their development with Apps Script, a JavaScript-based Platform that is used for implementing add-ons for G Suite applications which include Google Sheets, Docs, Slides and Forms.

The new tools include Apps Script dashboard, which as the name suggests, lets developers manage, monitor and debut their projects through a single dashboard, Apps Script API, an API for programmatically managing Apps Script resources, and a command line interface (CLI) that lets developers issue Apps Script API commands.

The Apps Script API is RESTful and replaces and extends an existing Execution API. It offers functionality that lets developers create, modify and deploy Apps Script projects. Specifically, the API can be used to perform CRUD operations on Apps Script projects, source files and versions, manage deployments, retrieve project data, and run script functions.

The new Apps Script CLI is dubbed clasp, for Command Line Apps Script Projects, and is an open-source project available on GitHub.

Google says that the new tools are the result of the company "redoubl[ing] our efforts to improve [Apps Script's] power, reliability and operational monitoring" as it is increasingly used by mission-critical enterprise applications.

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