​Intuit to Build a New Version of the QuickBooks Online REST API From the Ground Up

With more than 6,000 active applications making more than 1 billion API calls each month, Intuit has revealed that it is working on a new QuickBooks Online API.

The new API, which is being developed as Intuit works on the next version of QuickBooks Online, dubbed v4, will contain improvements based largely on feedback provided by Intuit's customers.

As Intuit's Jarred Keneally explained, "we have been working with a handful of companies to help us think about the design and use cases that enable developers to solve important small business problems and extend the capabilities of QuickBooks Online."

To date, Keneally says that Intuit has interviewed hundreds of developers to obtain feedback about the QuickBooks Online API, as well as the tools and Documentation the company offers developers. It has also established a dedicated team that is focused on the "voice of developer." According to Keneally, "this team’s mission is to work solely on third-party developer-reported issues and enhancements."

Because Intuit needs to support the existing v3 version of the QuickBooks Online API while it works on a completely new one, it has also created an external bug tracker to help developers. Per the tracker, Intuit has squashed nearly 50 v3 bugs and implemented four new feature enhancements.

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