​Mapbox Announces New Vision SDK for AR Navigation

Open source mapping firm Mapbox has announced new Vision SDK designed to help developers build AR navigation experiences, such as iOS and Android-based heads-up displays, by "bridging the phone, the camera, and the automobile."

The Mapbox Vision SDK takes advantage of ARM's Project Trillium AI technology to provide recognition of vehicles, pedestrians, signs and crosswalks out of the box. It runs neural networks directly on mobile devices, which allows for recognition to occur in real time.

In partnership with ARM, Mapbox is working with the semiconductor IP firm on low power optimizations that it says will bring the Vision SDK to tens of millions of devices and machines. Mapbox has also partnered with Microsoft to integrate the Vision SDK into the Azure IoT Platform. According to Mapbox, "This partnership improves the driving experience inside the vehicle and generates road data on the backend to power analytic solutions for smart cities, insurance companies, and more."

The Vision SDK is currently in private beta and available to select developers. Mapbox says it will become publicly available in September.

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