​Microsoft is Launching a Unified AI Speech API

Microsoft announced that it is launching a unified API for all of its AI speech services at its annual Build conference this week in Seattle.

As reported by TechCrunch, the new API will combine the Bing Speech API, Speaker Recognition API, Custom Speech Service and Translator Speech API under one roof. Currently, these are available as separate services.

Microsoft, like most tech giants including Google and IBM, has been investing heavily in AI, which is one the technology market's hottest spaces as it is increasingly being incorporated into just about every kind of business. Microsoft's Azure Platform now offers more than two dozen AI and machine learning services ranging from emotion recognition to video indexing, and not surprisingly AI is a big focus at this year's Build conference.

By combining all of its AI speech APIs into a unified API, Microsoft is clearly aiming to improve developer experience and encourage developers to take advantage of more of its AI services.

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