​MySpace Owner Viant Unveils Its Advertising Cloud

Tech marketing company Viant has launched an Advertising Cloud that gives advertisers access to a suite of advertising applications.

The Viant Advertising Cloud has three core components:

  • An Identify Management Platform that offers companies the ability to store their CRM, first-party, and third-party data in a single place.
  • A Media Execution Platform that provides ad targeting and delivery solutions.
  • A Data Analysis Platform that enables advertisers to track and analyze campaign performance across online and offline channels — which is a big part of Viant’s value proposition.

Viant, which was previously called Interactive Media Holdings, owns social network MySpace, as well as ad network Specific Media, and smart TV platform Xumo. These owned properties, along with their partner relationships, give the company access to a significant amount of data about U.S. households. And Viant believes it can employ that data to help advertisers boost their returns.

According to Viant Chief Executive Officer Tim Vanderhook, the benefits of offering “a fully integrated, end-to-end” advertising solution are significant. “Customers utilizing the Advertising Cloud are seeing a 10-to-20 times increase in their return on advertising spend when compared to other digital advertising point solutions they had previously been utilizing,” he stated in a press release. The company says that since launching a beta version of the Viant Advertising Cloud in May 2014, it is managing more than $5 billion in annual purchases.

Comprehensive Platforms Demand APIs

Building comprehensive platforms like the Viant Advertising Cloud can be challenging. One of the biggest challenges is that customers have existing applications and data stores that they need to be able to use alongside those platforms. That’s where APIs come in, and why API support is an increasingly crucial part of making platform offerings viable. The Viant Advertising Cloud’s Identify Management Platform, for instance, touts its own APIs and features over 50 partner integrations out-of-the-box. The Media Execution Platform offers a Viewability & Verification API and an SDK that helps advertisers measure the quality of their ads and weed out low-value sites and traffic.

If Viant, which VentureBeat says is a combination of the words “vision” and “giant,” is to live up to its name, its support for APIs could play an important role in its success.

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