​Parasoft Provides Continuous API Testing Through Unified Platform

Parasoft has released a unified Platform that combines API testing, service virtualization and test environment management.

With companies increasingly pressured to bring their products and services to market more rapidly without any sacrifice in quality, Parasoft sought to combine its products, which include Parasoft Virtualize, SOAtest and Environment Manager, into a common platform that gives its customers the ability to begin the testing process earlier and test continuously throughout the software development life cycle.

"The ability to rapidly develop and continuously execute end-to-end tests — even in complex or frequently evolving environments — is essential to accelerating application delivery while minimizing business risks," Parasoft Chief Strategy Officer Wayne Ariola stated in a press release. 

Using a common interface, Parasoft customers can quickly create, deploy, manage and share simulated test environments, and define and execute tests across messaging layers, enterprise service buses, databases and mainframes. Parasoft's solution supports dozens of protocols and technologies, including HTTP, MQ, WSDL and SAML, and a variety of message formats such as XML, JSON, EDI and SOAP.

Parasoft's platform is designed to automate what can be automated. For instance, it is capable of capturing real-world system behavior and creating test environments based on that. It also offers the ability to create mock components based on definition files or transaction logs.

In addition to the release of its unified platform, Parasoft has announced product-specific updates, including functionality that enables custom tools to be shared in the Parasoft Marketplace as well as a REST API that allows users to create and manage service virtualization and test assets programmatically.

Real-World Usage, Trends

One of the customers using Parasoft's platform is a large telecom company, which is using it to create and initialize shareable tests and execute them in complete test environments. According to Parasoft, the customer has "been able to 'shift left' quality efforts by reducing the cycle time for test data acquisition by 80% and improve environment access speeds to real time (from an up-to-2-week wait time)."

Because of the significant gains that can be achieved through the use of unified platforms, it's no surprise that vendors in the testing space are moving to offer unified testing platforms. With the demand for high-quality, secure API-based software growing, expect the trend toward these platforms to continue.

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