​Sendbird Announces Chat Platform Enhancements

Sendbird, a chat and messaging services provider, has announced several updates to its chat offerings that the company hopes will allow developers to better adapt to a communication environment that has been reshaped by COVID-19. These Updated include new partitioning options for Open Channels, IP whitelisting, and message threading. 

Sendbird Open Channels are designed to host massively scaleable chat experiences that are best suited for active communities such as ones that support large multiplayer gaming environments. Dynamic partitioning is meant to improve the management of these experiences. The announcement noted that:

“By building dynamic partitioning into its open channels, Sendbird splits a large open channel into smaller sub-channels so that it’s easier to manage and for people to share and follow or participate in conversations. At the end of the chat session, the complete chat history across all the different sub-channels is made available to all participants in the open channel so that no one misses a thing.”

Additionally, Sendbird has added IP whitelisting in an effort to further enhance the Platform’s security. IP whitelisting will eliminate a significant portion of breaches from the outset by establishing standards that are based on known quantities and then expanding outward. The company notes that these practices are especially valuable for organizations that handle sensitive information. 

The company further addressed a significant challenge in chat environments by adding message threading. The company noted that:

“Message threading is especially useful in workplace messengers, where threads can be used for organized discussions around specific messages, especially in busy channels; extended discussions can be contained in threads instead of the main channel. Communities also benefit from message threading.”

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