​Twitter Delays Shutdown of Legacy APIs, Makes Account Activity API Generally Available

Twitter has announced that it is delaying the shutdown of legacy APIs as its new Account Activity API is now generally available to all developers.

The legacy APIs, namely Twitter's Site Streams and User Streams APIs, as well as its REST Direct Message endpoints, were slated to be turned off on June 19. But Twitter is giving developers an extra two months to migrate to the new Account Activity API and will keep the legacy APIs alive until August 16.

Pricing for the Account Activity API starts at $399 per month for up to 25 accounts. Developers who need access for more than 250 accounts will need to contact Twitter for enterprise pricing.

The impending death of Twitter's legacy APIs led to at least one developer of a service that relied on them to announce he was shutting his service down but it's not clear that the temporary reprieve will help.

According to an informational page published by an unknown party under the banner Apps of a Feather...Stick Together, the standard pricing for the new Account Activity API might not be viable for all services and there are also technical issues that the party claims will either compromise user experience or require certain features to be removed from their apps.

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