​Weather Source Provides COVID-19 Researchers Free Access to Climate Data

Weather Source, a provider of weather and climate technologies for business intelligence, is offering free access to weather and climate data via its OnPoint APITrack this API for the purpose of COVID-19 research.

The Weather Source dataset is a curated continuum of historical (from the year 2000), present, forecast (out to 15 days), and climatology weather data covering every landmass in the world and up to 200 miles offshore.

Correlations between weather and COVID-19 are becoming more clear, as Weather Source meteorological and climatological experts chronicled in a recent blog post at https://weathersource.com/blog. Preliminary research shows that colder temperatures and lower humidity levels could lead to greater COVID-19 viability and weakened immune systems. Therefore, the powerful combination of cold, dry conditions and diminished immune response has the potential to accelerate virus transmission.

Weather Source seeks to do its part to mitigate the spread of this disease by offering free access to its OnPoint API for academic and public sector researchers who are actively working to understand the relationship between COVID-19 and weather.

“It’s increasingly apparent that there are links between COVID-19 epidemiology and weather and climate factors,” said Weather Source CEO Mark Gibbas. “I believe our dataset can be a valuable tool for the many research institutions working around the clock to contain the spread of this threatening virus. Weather Source is here to support their efforts in any way possible.”

Those interested in applying Weather Source weather and climate data to their COVID-19 research can visit https://developer.weathersource.com/#developer-account-sign-up to gain free access to the OnPoint API by selecting “research usage.” A Weather Source representative will then follow up to grant full API access. For questions or more information, contact info@weathersource.com.

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