​WebAPI Manager Browser Extension Limits Access to Web APIs

WebAPI Manager is a new browser extension for the Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers that allows users to limit website access to Web APIs.

According to its creator, Martin Brinkmann, the founder of Ghacks Technology, while many of the Web APIs that browsers have added support for in recent years can be beneficial, some of them are rarely used and can be employed for more nefarious purposes, including fingerprinting and direct attacks.

WebAPI Manager aims to prevent abuse and give users more control by giving users the ability to control the use of Web APIs like Service Workers, WebVR, Encrypted Media Extensions and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). 

The browser extension offers three suggested configurations that offer different levels of privacy and protection. A less aggressive configuration blocks fewer Web APIs while the more aggressive configurations block more. Users can also create their own custom configurations to select the specific Web APIs that are blocked. Configurations can be saved, shared and imported.

Brinkmann says that "WebAPI Manager is an excellent companion extension for content blockers. While some content blockers may block some features as well or may be configured to do so, the bulk is not touched if scripts run on the root domain."

The source code for WebAPI Manager is available on Github.

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