​Zendesk Launches Embeddables to Enable In-App Customer Support

Customer service provider Zendesk has launched Zendesk Embeddables, a solution that enables companies to build customer support functionality directly into their mobile and web applications.

“We envision a future where service and engagement are immersed in the customer experience,” Adrian McDermott, Zendesk’s SVP of product development, stated in a press release.

Using the company’s new mobile SDKs, web widget or the Zendesk API, Zendesk’s 48,000 customers can give their customers the ability to create support tickets, engage in real-time support chat and access Help Center information without leaving the applications they’re using. According to Zendesk, “This helps maintain brand consistency, increases the efficiency of support interactions, and keeps friction to a minimum for customers.” On the latter point, Zendesk explained, “With more connected devices than ever, consumers expect immediate customer service options that are built into their apps and experiences.”

Zendesk’s iOS and Android SDKs allow developers to easily embed Zendesk functionality into native mobile applications, while the company’s Web Widget allows developers to embed the functionality by adding a small amount of JavaScript to its website’s pages. For companies needing a tailored Integration, the Zendesk API provides developers with low-level access to all Zendesk functions across more than 400 endpoints.

Zendesk customers can use any of the Zendesk Embeddables solutions at no additional cost.

Become a Platform or get left behind

Zendesk Embeddables highlights the fact that, for a growing number of companies, becoming a platform is now an imperative. With competition in markets only increasing, User Experience has never been more important. That means integrating homegrown and third-party functionality into a single, seamless experience is no longer optional in many cases; it’s a necessity. At the same time, companies are becoming more sophisticated, meaning they’re increasingly capable of and interested in taking third-party functionality and integrating it into their applications using SDKs and APIs.

Companies such as Zendesk are embracing the role of platform with solutions like Embeddables, and other service providers should take note. In certain markets, a platform-centric approach may be required for continued success. 

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