1 Weekend, 3 Great Twitter Applications Built on Infochimps

Data marketplace Infochimps is enabling devs to build more interesting Twitter-powered applications. Recently, the three new apps below were built in a weekend. But the speed to produce Twitter apps isn't the only thing that's fast. So is the Infochimps Twitter API, according to one developer.

"Infochips API has a response time of 0.2-0.4 seconds, where other industry leaders are as long as 2-4 seconds," Andreas Krohn, API Specialist at Dopter, said. "When handling 60K Twitter users this difference is a major factor to consider."

So what kinds of apps will we see with this level of speed and power backing an application? Well, check these three examples out.


Using the Links, TrstRank, Conversations, and Qwerly API calls, Austin-based developer Steve Odom built Plum.ly. Plum.ly lets you do profile keyword searches, making it easy to find people to follow and other users in your field that you may be worth following. Plum.ly, while it has a number of uses, is great for finding people for potential meetups. Just throw a keyword and your location in and let Plum.ly do its thing.

Plum ly Find plums in twitter bios 1


Flip Kromer (Infochimps' CTO) put this together to instantly gauge the Twitter community to find out which topics are more popular. Simple enter two topics and hit the button. You are then shown a breakdown of how popular each topic is and a declared winner. I've used this to settle 2 disputes today, alone. Very handy and a very fun Resource to keep in the bookmarks.

Tweeple Fight Go


There are a lot of tools for finding people to follow on Twitter, including Twitter's own "Who to Follow" section. Developer group Taecho uses InfoChimps' Strong Links and TrstRank APIs. The way TweetDegree works is that you simply enter a Twitter username and then you are shown a comprehensive breakdown of the top people they follow and essentially what their Twitter relationship is like. Using this information, you get a better idea of who people aren't just following, but interacting with and "trust" more.

Tweet Degree Results

These three applications are an excellent use of Infochimp's APIs and a powerful example of just how fast the data gets around. If you're looking to build a Twitter-driven app, Infochimps is the way to go.

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