10 Examples of What API Developers are Working on Right Now

Running as a side event within APIdays Paris, local startups have been encouraged to create and share an API product based on their core business model. The idea was to show the dynamic startup environment in Paris and the potential new services and products that can be created using APIs. Presenters were judged on their API-related products by the audience and the top five competitors were awarded with a Microsoft Surface.

Entrants included:

Anatec: This financial portfolio management software company created an API that provides a composition of a customer's portfolio drawing from realtime data on their financial assets.

Jellynote: Jellynote provides interactive sheet music in a browser to enable faster music learning. Their new API allows searching for music content and creating the sheet music from it directly with an API.

MangoPay: Providing all inclusive payment solutions and white label e-wallet systems, MangoPay created a developer-friendly API aimed at allowing developers to integrate payment gateways into their B2B web services.

Import.io: UK startup Import.io helps businesses convert any website into an API in less than 4 minutes. Like a "data browser for the web", they are able to use a click-and-focus approach to help identify where the data is located on a website and then data is extracted into a spreadsheet table, which in turn is made accessible via API.

Evercontact: Evercontact automatically imports all contact details into a CRM. Their new API allows users to submit any type of text and the API extracts the contact information directly from the text.

Jaccede: Jaccede maps the accessibility of public places in order to ensure participation by people with limited mobility. The Jaccede API feeds information on the accessibility of places so that it can be layered into maps and shared with other third-party apps. The API allows Integration of accessibility data into other place guides such as travel websites.

Track.TL: This social media music service created an API to allow streaming of music to a jukebox type service (you can check it out by seeing who is adding music tracks to apidays.track.tl).

Vroom Vroom: Allowing comparison of driving schools in Paris (where it is notoriously difficult to get a driving license, this service is currently using a private API to make comparisons on the effectiveness of local driving schools and is considering ways to make the API public.

Sush.io: Connects all data from a businesses SaaS applications in order to create a business intelligence dashboard that shows business costs, sales, churn rate, and marketing outcomes all in the one dashboard. The business is powered by aggregating APIs while also making the datasets available to API end users.

Smart Notify: Smart Notify uses API Request calls and algorithms to help businesses identify the best channel to communicate with target market segments.

Evergreen: Apparently Evergreen has an API payment gateway for asset management of ethical investments. However, the presentation was a little unclear for me to understand, which may have to do with the presenters needing to demonstrate their API in English.

Algolia: Algolia offers search-as-a-service by providing an API to end customers, who are then able to integrate the API into their Web Service or mobile application.

The winners were Jellynote, Import.io, Jaccede, SmartNotify, and Algolia.

Cécile Tevet, International Business Development Director for the Paris Region was unsurprised by the level of sophistication amongst most entrants. "In Paris, we have a convergence of a very active development community, market traction for new usage in technology, and a real innovation-driven consciousness supported through public policies and private entrepreneurship. You can see this in the proliferation of incubators and accelerators here providing a strong support environment for new startups to operate in", Tevet told ProgrammableWeb.

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