10 Most Popular APIs for Books

The Books category on ProgrammableWeb contains dozens of Application Programming Interface (or API) listings in which developers may use to create applications with book data. These include APIs for libraries, textbooks, book sharing, book reviews, literacy, book printing and publishing, storytelling, photo books and more.

In this article, we highlight the most popular books APIs listed on ProgrammableWeb according to user page views.

1. Google Books API

Google Books is a repository that Google maintains with digitized books from around the world. Developers can use the Google Book Search Data APITrack this API to submit full-text searches for books and get book information, ratings, and reviews. Also users may get individual users' library collections, public reviews. Users may also submit authenticated requests to create and modify library collections, ratings, labels, reviews, and more.

2. Goodreads API

Goodreads has 10 million book reviews across 700,000 titles. The Goodreads APITrack this API lets users display these reviews on their websites and applications. Use the Goodreads API to get the books on a shelf, get your friends' updates, link to a book by ISBN or other method, get the url for a book or author, get a members' friends, look up a member by email address, and get reviews by ISBN.


SHOP.COM is an online store offering a wide range of products. The SHOP.COM APITrack this API allows developers to integrate SHOP.COM services and content into their applications. This enables users of the developer's applications to search and view product details for exclusive SHOP.COM products, and 1000s of major and specialty brand products. Return data includes pre-formatted referral links for publishers that are registered with the SHOP.COM Affiliate Publisher Network (APN).

4. Harry Potter API

The Harry Potter APITrack this API can enable applications to return spell routes, character routes, house routes, and sorting hat routes from the popular children's book series by author J. K. Rowling in JSON format. Parameters for characters include patronus, bloodStatus, school, wand, animagus, ministry of magic and others. The API is provided by developer Kristen Spencer.

Harry Potter API

Screenshot: Harry Potter API

5. Opinionated Quotes API

The Opinionated Quotes APITrack this API returns JSON formatted quotes from the requested author's personal collection. This is a REST interface and supports random outputs. Parameters include author, tags, and language.

Opinionated Quotes API

Screenshot: Opinionated Quotes

6. IT Bookstore API

The IT Bookstore APITrack this API enables users to search the IT Bookstore database for available books. IT Bookstore is a California-based IT, Programming, and Computer Science bookseller.

7. Marvel Comics API

Marvel Comics is the publisher of comic books featuring superheroes such as Captain Marvel, Spiderman, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and hundreds of other characters. The Marvel Comics APITrack this API provides developer access to metadata describing Marvel's 70+ years of comics. The RESTful API delivers JSON formatted information about creators, characters, series, storylines, individual issues, and crossover events.

8. Game of Thrones Quotes API

The Game of Thrones Quotes APITrack this API allows developers to create a platform for searching the quotes attributable to different characters of the TV series based on the A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin. It filters search results and matches a quote against the corresponding character assigned to it.

9. Open Library API

Internet Archive is a non-profit that offers free online library and repository with free books, music, movies, software, and websites. The Internet Archive's Open Library is an open repository of millions of books and book information. The Open Library REST APITrack this API allows developers to interact with book records, cover images, subject listings, user lists, search-inside and more.

10. Poemist

Poemist is an online database of poets and poems. The Poemist APITrack this API allows developers to access poetry data, including information on poets and poems. Currently the only completed API method is one that allows users to retrieve random poems.

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