10 Most Popular APIs for Names

"I don't care what you say about me, just spell my name right." - P.T. Barnum

When it comes to creating applications, savvy developers know how powerful names can be. Offering custom user names, generating random names, spelling names correctly, pronouncing names correctly, generating suitable nicknames, determing gender and nationality from names, checking identification from names, assuring names are correct and other name related tasks can all be accomplished via Names APIs.

What is a Names API?

A Names API is an Application Programming Interface that developers can use to integrate with services for names, such as those listed above.

The best place to discover these APIs is in the Names category in the ProgrammableWeb API directory. In this article, we provide details of the 10 most popular APIs for Names, determined by ProgrammableWeb's web page visits.

1. Fun Generators Name Generation API

Fun Generators supports access to a full set of generators to integrate into workflows, websites or applications. This Fun Generators API provides provides access to a random name generator. Developers can use it to get the supported categories for name generation, generate names in a given a category and more.

2. Uinames API

Uinames allows developers to generate fake names and other information for design, testing, and mockup purposes. The Uinames API returns JSONP data over HTTPS requests with name, surname, gender, and region. Other data includes age, title, phone, birthday, email, password, credit card, expiration, number, pin, and security.

3. University Domains and Names Data List API

The University Domains and Names Data List API from Hipo Labs retrieves JSON files with domains, names, and countries of national and international universities.

4. UZBY Name Generator API

UZBY offers a free name generation service based on the desired criteria. The UZBY Name Generator API returns pronounceable names based on minimum and maximum length parameters. The API is useful for application testing and other reasons.

5. NameCoach API

NameCoach is a tool designed to facilitate proper name pronunciations, enabling businesses to promote corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion, and foster employee retention and better customer relationships. The NameCoach API is a REST-based interface used to request name recordings by name page, email, by individual params, and to search name recordings by their emails or institution IDs.

6. FriendlyRobot Nickname API

FriendlyRobot is the "world's first nickname API". The FriendlyRobot Nickname API provides existing chat bots with personalization capabilities. After each call, the API transforms names into nicknames. American nicknames, European nicknames, and diminutives are included.

Increase engagement with FriendlyRobot Nickname API

Increase engagement in chat apps with FriendlyRobot Nickname API. Image: FriendlyRobot

7. VeriSign NameStudio API

The VeriSign NameStudio API provides relevant domain suggestions in 13 languages and across a wide range of TLDs. It provides intelligent domain name suggestions based on data such as a customers existing online presence, and uses a combination of methods including word segmentation, related, creative, name-shortening, and more.

8. Name Parser API

The Name Parser API splits a complete name into useful information such as first name, last name, gender, and nationality. The API allows to access name validation, gender by first name, fake name detection, nationality prediction, and randomization.

9. Checkmarks API

Checkmarks offers a social media username API. The Checkmarks API enables users to find out if a username exists on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

10. Namey API

The Namey API can access the U.S. Census Bureau to combine last and first names to create randomized names. The API can be applied to random user profile generation in a social network setting. The request can be customized by gender, rarity of name, number of names to return, and other considerations. The API is accessible for free using a JSON request.

More Names APIs are available in the Names category, along with SDKs, Sample Source Codes and other developer resources.

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