10 Most Popular Gambling APIs

Since May of 2018 when the Supreme Court struck down PASPA (or the Bradley Act) as unconstitutional, online sports betting has been alive and kicking in many U.S. states. Developers wishing to get in on the action and add sports betting functions (or other gambling functions), into applications need to find the most suitable Application Programming Interface, or API, in which to integrate.

But finding the correct data for an odds-making application can be daunting. The Gambling category on ProgrammableWeb can help. There, developers can find dozens of APIs to look over.

In this article, we highlight the 10 most popular Gambling APIs found in our directory. These APIs return all kinds of data such as schedules, player statistics, odds, and even poker hand probability. They are listed in order of popularity based on page visits on the ProgrammableWeb website.

1. Betfair API

The Betfair Exchange APITrack this API is the Platform on which developers can build customized betting tools and interfaces to use with the Betfair Sports Exchange for themselves or for other Betfair customers. Find markets, place bets, check current bet details, betting history and account statements with this API.

Integrate betting functions into applications with Betfair API

Integrate betting functions into applications with Betfair APIs. Screenshot: Betfair Developer Program

2. Pinnacle Sports API

Pinnacle Sports is an online service that offers information on betting on multiple sports i.e. football, soccer, baseball, rugby. The Pinnacle Sports APITrack this API allows developers to integrate the functionality of Pinnacle Sports with their applications. Some API methods include retrieving lists of sports, retrieving lists of leagues, and retrieving sports feeds.

3. Betable API

Betable is a platform that handles the regulation of the online gambling industry. The Betable APITrack this API lets developers to legally incorporate gambling with real money into their gaming applications. There is a wide range of games that developers can incorporate gambling into using this API.

Betable API

Image: Betable

4. eOddsmaker API

eOddsmaker provides sport betting odds compilation and analysis services using the Oddsmaker engine. eOddsmaker also provides users with information that will enable them to stay up to date with the global market on the sports gambling industry. With the eOddsmaker APITrack this API, developers will be able to integrate this database into their applications. Data including pre-match odds, live feeds, live scores, and payouts feeds can be returned in XML or JSON.

5. Sportradar API

Sportradar is a provider of sports data and content for over 60 sports, including official partnerships with NBA, NFL, NASCAR, and NHL. Other sports include Rugby, Racing, Tennis, Cricket, Combat sports, Olympics, and others. The Sportradar APIsTrack this API allow developers to integrate their applications with the Sportradar service using RESTful methods. Data provided includes schedules, matchups, live scores, odds, player statistics, standings, rosters, editorial content, track & driver, medals and much more. On ProgrammableWeb, we have profiled each API by sport, with the most popular being the Sportradar Tennis APITrack this API.

Screenshot: Sportradar

Screenshot: Sportradar

6. Bets Bet365 API

The Bets Bet365 APITrack this API provides programmatic access to all markets and odds available on the Bet365 website. Developers can retrieve all markets and odds or just prematch markets and odds. Bets API covers 32 feeds from soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, cricket, squash, and water polo.

7. SharkScope API

SharkScope is a service that provides users with information on poker tournament results. The SharkScope's database has information about players in tournaments, and their winning records over time. The SharkScope APITrack this API allows users to compare, evaluate, and rank between poker tournament players and integrate this information into their applications.

8. Sportmonks Soccer API

Sportmonks is a provider of data feeds for a variety of sports disciplines including Soccer/Football, Formula 1, Tennis, Basketball, and American Football. The Sportmonks Soccer APITrack this API provides data feeds for live scores, full season fixtures, video highlights, and in-play odds among other features. Users can access historical data back to 2005.

9. Poker Odds Calculator API

The Poker Odds Calculator APITrack this API calculates the odds and percentages of winning a poker game, as well as the odds of winning and possible scenarios at various points in the game, including the flop, river, and turn.

10. The Odds-API

The Live Odds APITrack this API offers real-time information about UK and Australian sports. Odds are no older than a few seconds to a few minutes. Data is provided as JSON formatted information and Google Sheets and Excel compatible data. Available bookmakers include Unibet, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Betfair, Pinnacle Sports, Bet Victor, Von Bets, Nordic Bet, Paddy Power, and 1xBet for the UK. Australia's Sportsbet, TAB, William Hill, Crownbet, Ladbrokes, Betfair, Unibet, Ubet, and Pinnacle Sports are covered.

If developers can't find the right API for their gaming applications in this list they can check out the whole Gambling category on ProgrammableWeb, where they will find more than 130 APIs, plus several SDKs and Source Code Samples.

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