10 Most Popular Insurance APIs

Editor's Note: This article was published in it's original form in March, 2019. It has been updated to provide the current most popular Insurance APIs based on page visits to ProgrammableWeb.

The Insurance industry had a later start to the Digital Transformation game than some other financial industries, likely due to providers' reluctance to invest in costly updates of hefty legacy systems. But also possibly due to brokers being reluctant to agree to automate the selling and buying of insurance, which tends to be a very personal transaction.

However, in the past few years, customer expectations and emerging competitors have demanded disruption, so insurers have been rolling into the future head on. Once shying away from "InsurTech", brokers, companies and other insurance organizations are now embracing the use of chatbots, artificial intelligence, cloud storage, mobile applications, Blockchain, and other technology already commonly used in financial services to connect better with customers, increase efficiency, and keep up with compliance regulations.

Driving this transformation are APIs, which are now available from several insurance providers for Auto, Home, Rentals, Financial, Travel, Property & Casuality, Health And Life insurance. APIs for insurance-related services, such as provider aggregation or management platforms are also popping up.

Standards such as FHIR have recently paved way for interoperability in healthcare, and APIs will be the driving factor to that endeavor. (Dive deeper into how APIs can enable the health insurance industry, in this interview with USDS product manager Kelly Taylor, who spearheaded the Blue Button initiative for Medicare.)

Already aboard the InsurTech bandwagon are several insurers and other insurance related providers that are listed in the Insurance category of our API directory. Here is our list of ten Insurance API highlights, chosen by unique characteristics and popularity based on ProgrammableWeb's user traffic.

1. Lifeguard API

Lifeguard is, as stated on its website: "for Insurance APIs what Plaid.com is for financial services." The Lifeguard APITrack this APITrack this API is a REST interface that allows Integration with transaction and account data from major insurance institutions. Connected third-party applications can retrieve merchant names, street addresses, geo-coordinates, categories, and more.


Screenshot: Lifeguard.insure

2. Vericred API

Vericred provides an API that operates as a data translation layer between carriers and insurtech companies by delivering structured health insurance and employee benefit data to tech companies. The Vericred APITrack this APITrack this API returns health insurance data including medical plans, dental plans, vision plans, coverage, drugs, networks, and providers. Autogenerated SDKs for Ruby, Java, Perl, Go, .NET, Python and other programming languages are available from the Vericred Developer Portal.

3. AXA Insurance API

AXA is a global insurance provider. The AXA Insurance APITrack this API allows quoting to travel, home, and car insurance policies. Developers can deliver instant insurance cover to customers through partner mobile applications, portals or automated chatbots in the right context. The APIs contain methods for distribution, customer service, claims management and more.

4. GuideWire API

Guidewire Software exclusively serves the P&C (Property and Casualty) insurance industry. They build and implement the core systems on which insurance carriers run their businesses. Guidewire provides a variety of integration mechanisms, including a web services API. The InsuranceSuite REST APITrack this API provides functionality to make outbound HTTP calls to internal or third-party REST services.

5. Qover API

Qover is an Insurance-as-a-Service Platform that offers insurance products from open APIs. The company is based in Brussels, Belgium. Qover provides three APIs: HomeTrack this APITrack this API, MotorTrack this API, and LifeStyleTrack this API (which includes jobless coverage). The Qover API can be integrated into any digital ecosystem and enables users to sell insurance to customers.

6. Better Doctor API

BetterDoctor provides a database of doctors and insurance networks. The BetterDoctor APITrack this API offers programmatic access to doctor descriptions, ratings, photos, contact information, insurance providers and specialties. Use BetterDoctor to search for a physician or specialist by name, location and known condition.

7. Eligible

Eligible provides health insurance eligibility services so physicians and healthcare providers can protect patients from receiving surprise medical bills. The Eligible Health Insurance APITrack this APITrack this API is a service that lets users lookup information on over 700 insurance companies. Information available includes patients active versus inactive status, coinsurance, copayment, deductible, health spending balance and specialty specific information such as MRI and diagnostic labs.


8. Lemonade

Lemonade, Inc. is a licensed insurance carrier offering homeowner and renter insurance that is powered by AI, behavioral economics and social good. The Lemonade APITrack this APITrack this API allows developers to offer home insurance services to users. Lemonade insurance can be integrated into any app or website, with specific features for Commerce, Financial Services, Real Estate, Smart Home Security and other applications.


A unique feature of Lemonade is its Giveback program, which donates unclaimed money to nonprofits

A unique feature of Lemonade is its Giveback program, which donates unclaimed money to nonprofits

9. Nationwide

Nationwide offers insurance and financial services across the United States. It provides a collection of APIs that enable developers to integrate its services into third-party applications. Here we are featuring the Nationwide Auto Quote APITrack this APITrack this API, which allows users to get a rate for an auto policy based on minimal inputs of personal information: name, address, date of birth, marital status, gender etc., plus car information and garaging address to receive a quote.

10. CoverWallet

CoverWallet provides a platform for small business to understand, purchase, and manage insurance online. The CoverWallet APITrack this APITrack this API is an "Insurtech as a Service" API, and it provides a way to bind policies, ACH or credit card payments and download Documentation. The API allows applications to offer insurance services without exiting the app or workflow. CoverWallet anticipates future integration with commercial real estate companies, financial institutions, accounting software providers, and other services.

But this is just a short list of available APIs in our Insurance category. There are 64 Insurance APIs in our directory. There are also 14 Insurance SDKs, and more than 25 code samples.

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