10 Most Popular Travel APIs for 2022

Editor's Note: This article was published in it's original form in April, 2019. It has been updated to provide the current most popular Travel APIs based on page visits to ProgrammableWeb.

Looking to build a travel application? ProgrammableWeb provides over 665 APIs to enable developers to create and enhance applications for travel.

What is a Travel API?

A Travel API is an Application Programming Interface in which developers can use to integrate with travel data and travel services.

Developers can tap into data about flights & hotels, search for tours, get reviews, manage travel expenses, enable booking services, share itineraries, and so much more with the large variety of travel APIs that are available.

Here we highlight the ten most popular APIs that are in our directory under the Travel category.

1. Booking.com Content API

The Booking.com Content APITrack this API allows developers to build and maintain multiple listings on Booking.com. This API includes functions for uploading property photos and information about facilities and policies programmatically, which allows developers to push information for thousands of properties to Booking.com's system in a matter of hours. Access to the API is currently restricted to Booking.com partners, however developers register to become certified providers at no cost. After being certified, they can use the API.

2. Sygic Travel API

The Sygic Travel APITrack this API offers global tourism and travel data available as a consumable database. Over 20 million places from around the world are available. The places are ranked by popularity among travelers. Information such as location, description, photos, admission fees, tags and opening hours is offered from the API in 18 languages. Points of interest are matched to relevant tours and activities which can be offered to end-customers in order to earn ancillary revenue. Tourism businesses can benefit from the Sygic Travel API by building trip planner and travel guide integrations.

Sygic Travel API provides places data for your website or app

Sygic Travel API provides places data for your website or app. Image: Sygic

3. Hotwire Car Rental API

The Hotwire Rental Car Shopping APITrack this API delivers data describing rental car shopping results similar to those that can be obtained when shopping for rental car rates on Hotwire.com. Each result returned includes a URL that can be used to view additional details and complete a purchase on Hotwire.com.

4. Airbnb API

Airbnb is a vacation rental and room service that allows users to rent out their houses or rooms to travellers. The Airbnb APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Airbnb with other applications and to create new applications. Airbnb offers TypeScript as its standard language for Web development. Public Documentation is not yet available, and interested developers need to apply for access.

5. Flightstats API

FlightStats provides commercial aviation data. FlightStats aggregates commercial airline flight data from many sources and gives developers access through its Flex APIsTrack this API. The Flex API suite provides data about flight status, delays, schedules, alerts, airports, weather, schedules and flight tracking. The APIs are REST (as well as SOAP), with JSON, JSONP, XML formats supported, and available in multiple languages.

6. TripAdvisor Content

TripAdvisor is one of the world's largest travel sites featuring reviews and advice on hotels, resorts, flights, vacation rentals, vacation packages, travel guides, and more. TripAdvisor-branded sites operate in 30 countries worldwide, have more than 50 million monthly visitors, and contain more than 60 million reviews and opinions. The TripAdvisor APITrack this API enables applications to retrieve traveler photos, detailed reviews and rating data for accommodations, attractions, and restaurants and destination content. It is only available to partners.

7. Ola Cabs Ride Tracking API

Ola is a taxi cab aggregator and ridesharing service located in India. The Ola Ride Tracking APITrack this API allows developers to enable their users to track their ride on Ola. By making calls to the API, users can access this information directly from the application.

8. Skyscanner Live Pricing API

Skyscanner is a travel search site that helps users find flight, hotel and car rental deals anywhere in the world. The Skyscanner Live Pricing APITrack this API allows developers to access live pricing information on prices for different flights, by making requests to the Live Pricing API.

9. TripIt API

TripIt is an online trip planner that facilitates Integration of travel information from many different sources. The TripIt APITrack this API allows third parties to easily interface with this Platform, and allows users to access information about travel and itineraries. Developers can accomplish tasks such as send TripIt flight arrival details to schedule airport pick-ups or "Add to TripIt" link on a travel booking confirmation page with the API. TripIt is a subsidiary of SAP Concur.

10. Concur API

SAP Concur provides online tools for business organizations to manage travel and expense reporting and reimbursement. The Concur APITrack this API allows integration for partners and third-party developers, including mobile app developers. API methods support submission and tracking of travel requests and booking of transportation and lodging, either for individuals or for groups completing the same travel. Methods also support creating, updating, and submitting expense reports as part of a reimbursement process. Concur is an SAP Company.

But this list is just a small sample of the hundreds of APIs available for applications in ProgrammableWeb's Travel category. Check out all 668 APIs, 164 SDKs, and 194 Source code samples.

Additional FAQs

ProgrammableWeb currently has 668 Travel APIs in its directory.
Amadeus APIs and Travelport APIare both examples of APIs that offer flight pricing data.
The Flightstats APIsare REST and support JSON, JSONP and XML formats.
The Tripadvisor API architectural style is REST, and the Authentication model is an API Key.

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