10 New APIs: Twitter Search, URL Shortening and Weather Forecasts

Already this week we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a book sharing service, URL shortening service, local events search services, school finder, weather forecasting service, e-signature and agreement execution service, status message search engine, e-commerce CMS, shopping cart service and money management Platform. Below is more detail on each of these new APIs.

aNobiiaNobii API: aNobii is a book sharing service that helps book lovers explore books. Users can create bookshelves to track what they've read, what they're currently reading and what they plan to read. The API provides access to aNobii users, items and shelf collections.

BudURL.ProBudURL.Pro API: BudURL.Pro is a fee-based custom URL shortener that allows you to use your own domain name to shorten links. It also has advanced features, like analytics about how much a link was clicked and where the user came from. The API allows you to shrink and expand BudURLs, as well as access the detailed click statistics. We looked in-depth at the service in URL Shortening Goes Enterprise with BudURL.Pro.

Fizber EventsFizber Events API: The Fizber Events API searches for events by city name. The service returns the latitude and longitude of an event, so it's easy to embed in a map. The response also includes a category identifier and a link to more information about the event on the web.

Fizber SchoolsFizber Schools API: The Fizber Schools API lets your applications search for schools by city. The results show school names, addresses, phone numbers. Also includes the precise location via latitude and longitude, for easy inclusion of local schools into a map.

ForecaForeca API: The Foreca API gives users access to three types of raw weather data feeds. Foreca is a provider of digital weather data for business use. The three feeds include:

* NaviFeed - lat/lon coordinate based on-line queries for forecasts, current conditions and maps
* NameFeed - name based on-line queries for forecasts, current conditions and maps
* BatchXML - batch files containing forecasts and optional current conditions for a fixed location list

The feeds uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML and delimited ASCII.

SertifiSertifi API: Sertifi provides the leading E-Signature API enabling organizations to quickly and easily integrate E-Signature and Agreement Execution capabilities into existing applications including CRM systems, websites, and Back-end systems. Sertifi's E-Signature API enables organizations to configure applications to send signature requests to customers or provide an "Inssesion" signing experience for your users directly from your web Portal.

Social ArchiveSocial Archive API: The Social Archive contains historical tweets and other status messages. Using its API you can retrieve a real-time stream, as we as search Twitter by keyword.

The Social Archive, as the name suggests, aims to be a place to store messages permanently. It also aims to be as open as possible, providing access to its data and information. Using the service you can search by keyword, user, location or hash tag. You can also specify Twitter-only results, another service, or receive results from any service archived by The Social Archive.

We recently compared the Social Archive to three other Twitter search APIs.

UGALUGAL API: The UGAL API is an interface to some of the features provided by the UGAL web interface. UGAL is a web based e-commerce content management system allowing users to create web pages. With the API, users can access information about the product catalogs available on a website and retrieve and manipulate information on orders, items and published products. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML or JSON.

Wazala StoreWazala Store API: Create an online store using Wazala, a hosted service that lets you embed a JavaScript widget in your site. The simple JavaScript API lets you interact with the shopping cart, then the user makes a purchase via Paypal or Google Checkout.

Yodlee FinApp StoreYodlee FinApp Store API: Yodlee offers a set of APIs built which allow external developers approved access into the Yodlee platform. The Yodlee FinApp platform gives users the ability to build applications that help people figure out how to manage their money. Applications built on the Yodlee SDK will use these REST APIs to read and update Yodlee platform information. This includes account summary information for banking accounts, investment account, credit cards, loans and more. To get the complete API Documentation requires sign up to become a developer. The API uses REST protocol and responses are formatted in XML.