10 Notable eCommerce APIs

A successful eCommerce enterprise relies on cutting edge innovation for showcasing and delivering goods, plus consumer-friendly interfaces to keep both merchants and customers happy. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are an important part of any eCommerce strategy, as they provide essential integrations with all facets of the eCommerce experience.

The ProgrammableWeb eCommerce category has hundreds of APIs for application developers to browse through. Services are available for adding coupons, searching auctions, getting products on targeted ads, viewing, buying and selling, shipping, and even creating merchandise, and plenty of other tasks. In this article we highlight some notable eCommerce APIs, chosen by unique qualities, usability and overall popularity.

1. eBay
eBay's large suite of APIs provide access to the giant auction site's web services including all services required for buying and selling goods. eBay also provides a Commerce catalog APITrack this API and a Taxonomy APITrack this API for discovering categories in the eBay marketplace, an Image Search API, plus access to innovative technologies such as English-to-Mandarine translation, a Feed Platform for third-party applications, and SWIFT Library for HeadGaze, which provides a way to monitor a user's head motions to navigate an iPhone's User Interface. Check out the entire list of eBay APIs available on ProgrammableWeb.

2. Groupon
Groupon features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in a variety of cities across the United States. Groupon gets discounts you won't find anywhere else through the power of group buying. The goal of Groupon APITrack this API is to allow applications to directly interact with Groupon via a REST API. The Groupon Deal API provides results based on location, deal type, channels and categories.

3. Amazon
We can't mention notable eCommerce APIs without mentioning Amazon, and the company provides plenty of web services to choose from. The Amazon Product Advertising APITrack this API exposes Amazon's product data and eCommerce functionality. With the API developers can retrieve product information to advertise products and make money as an Amazon affiliate. This API consistently ranks high on the most popular on ProgrammableWeb list, as more than 1000 ProgrammableWeb users keep track of it on their watchlists.

Another notable eCommerce API from Amazon is the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) APITrack this API, which helps sellers automate listings, orders, payments, reports, and more. By using Amazon MWS API, sellers can integrate Amazon marketplace into their current applications, and increase efficiency, reduce labor requirements, and improve customer response time.

4. Shopify
Shopify is an eCommerce platform for merchants. The platform features services for all facets of eCommerce from setting up a domain, creating a brand, setting up a store, selling tools, marketing tools, and analytics. Shopify has several APIs for Integration, but here we are featuring the most recent addition, the Shopify GraphQL Admin APITrack this API. This API allows users to build applications and other integrations for the Shopify admin using GraphQL. It provides a way to create applications for various stages of a store with support for triggers and actions, shipping, fulfillment and product management.

5. Violet
The Violet APITrack this API is a unified API for any product on the internet. The API provides a simple way to buy any product from any website or application, without clicking out of the application. It provides a four section API--product catalog, checkout, orders, and Webhooks-- to access to the Violet product catalog to search for products, and add them to an app. Once a buyer clicks on the product, the checkout Function kicks in, and allows online retailers to populate and submit a card where the items are converted to an external order and submitted to the merchant. Finally, the webhooks portion will provide order notifications to buyers as well as inventory alerts to merchants.

6. Google Shopping
Google allows merchants to list their products for web searchers to be able to access on Google or via the Google Shopping Search APITrack this API. The Google Shopping Content APITrack this API helps merchants and those whose clients are merchants manage their product data programmatically. Using this API, developers can post new items, edit existing items, or delete items, so that the current inventory remains searchable.

7. Voucherify
Voucherify is a voucher distribution platform that offers campaign plans for both small and large customer bases. The Voucherify APITrack this API features tracking for campaign effectiveness, campaign management, and same day support. The service features campaigns from SMS, e-mail, push notifications, live chat and landing pages, plus API methods for creating, managing campaigns, managing customers, orders, rules and more.

Voucherify API

Screenshot: Voucherify

8. Returnly
Returnly is a service that allows merchants to make the customer return experience customizable and simple. The Returnly APITrack this API allows merchants to easily retrieve details on customer returns and refunds and to integrate this data into other eCommerce applications. Specific retrievable data includes package tracking, restocking fees, shopper refunds based on package information, and more.

9. Zazzle
Zazzle provides a simple API to generate a customized product with dynamic images and text. The Zazzle Create-a-Product APITrack this API can be used to automatically generate over 200 different types of customized products, including t-shirts, mugs, iPad cases, cards, postage, and posters.

10. Etsy
Etsy is a global online marketplace for buying and selling handmade and vintage things. The Etsy APITrack this API allows developers to build third-party applications using data from the Etsy platform. API methods are available for listings, payments, seller tools, shipping, images, translations, merchandising, and more.

The list above only scratches the surface of the APIs available in ProgrammableWeb's eCommerce category. Check out the more than 1200 eCommerce APIs, more than 890 SDKs and 542 Source Code Samples.

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