10 Popular Agriculture APIs

Like nearly everything else, the agriculture industry is undergoing a digital transformation. Farmers have recently adopted technologies such as robotics and sensors, plant science, "smart" farm equipment, predictive tools for rain & irrigation, indoor agriculture, satellite imagery, crop monitoring, food tracking, data collection and analysis software. This "AgTech" enables farmers and ranchers to work more precisely, efficiently and sustainably.

Developers who like to create applications for the agriculture industry will need to discover suitable Agriculture APIs.

What is an Agriculture API?

An Agriculture API is an Application Programming Interface that enables developers to interact with data and services pertaining to agriculture.

The best place to find these APIs is in the Agriculture category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

In this article, we provide details about the ten most popular APIs in that category, based on web site page visits.

1. Plant.id API

Plant.id enables users to identify plants from images. The Plant.id APITrack this API returns plant identification data in JSON format, using photos recognizable by deep machine learning.

Get plant recognition from a photo via this API

Get plant recognition from a photo via this API. Image: Unsplash/mioitophotography/PlantID

2. UrtheCast Geosys API

UrtheCast provides satellite remote sensing technology for the agriculture industry. The Geosys Bridge APITrack this API provides programmatic access to Geosys remote sensor data processing tools. The API allows a business to access weather and agriculture imagery from satellite, integrate analytical data, optimize data flow, and filter options for complex requests.

UrtheCast Geosys API provides remote sensor data for crops

UrtheCast Geosys API provides remote sensor data for crops. Screenshot: Geosys

3. tropicalfruitandveg API

tropicalfruitandveg.com provides useful information on tropical fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices. The tropicalfruitandveg APITrack this API provides data about tropical fruit and vegetables. Results display name, image URL, description, uses, health, climate, soil, and propagation. Developers can integrate indirectly with PHP and JavaScript.

4. FarmBot API

FarmBot is an open source robotics system for tending backyard farms. The FarmBot APITrack this API does not control FarmBot itself, but instead handles image uploads, email delivery, and data storage, validation, and security. Data is stored in a centralized database to prevent data loss between reflashes. This also allows users to edit information when the device is offline.

5. Greenbook API

Greenbook is an independent crop protection database. The Greenbook APITrack this API provides access to a database of plant protection chemical datasets for farmers, researchers & consultants. It includes all the information available on pesticide, herbicide and fungicide manufacturers labels returned in JSON or XML format. It also provides SDS, SARA Title III, Mode of Action, DOT, and supplements information. The data is useful for fulfilling crop maintenance needs.


BrAPI Breeding APITrack this API provides access to a plant database with plant phenotype and genotype data. This open, shared API returns information associated with crops, germplasm, attributes, programs, locations, and genome maps.

7. Farm Market iD

Farm Market ID provides agribusiness data servies. Farm Market iD's database covers more than 310 million acres of crops. The Farm Market iD APITrack this API returns land details, logs, geospatial information, and bin data.

8. ARMS Data API

USDA's Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS) provides information about America's farms and ranches. The USDA ARMS APITrack this API returns data to create apps that search, display, analyze, retrieve, view, and access agricultural information including production practices, resource use, and economic well-being of farms and ranches in the USA.

9. Agword API

Agworld is a farm management platform. The Agworld APITrack this API retrieves collaborative farming solutions for farmers and agronomists. Data available in read-only mode includes farms, fields, seasons, collections, and companies. Developers can can implement chemical costs, cropping methods, fertilizer costs, harvested areas, plant spacing, seed costs, and yield price into applications.

10. Vinsight API

Vinsight Winery Software will track and trace grape and growing, monitor fermentation data and trace bulk wine through to bottled labelled product. The Vinsight APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Vinsight with other applications. The API returns stock and sales information.

Check out the Agriculture category for more APIs, plus SDKs, Sample Source Codes and more resources.