10 Popular APIs for Addresses

Getting accurate, validated address data is crucial for businesses and organizations that reach out to customers for shipping, marketing purposes, property , social programs and other reasons. In addition to correct house number, street name, city, zip or postal code, address data can also be geolocation data, such as latitude/longitude. The best way for developers to get correct address data for their applications is to use a suitable Addresses API.

What is an Addresses API?

An Addresses API is an Application Programming Interface that enables developers to access data about addresses and integrate it into their own applications.

The best place to find these APIs is in the Addresses category of the ProgrammableWeb directory.

This article details the ten most popular Addresses APIs in the directory, as determined by web page visits.

1. Bing Maps Locations API

The Bing Maps Locations APITrack this API can be used to get location information associated with map coordinates. The API also provides functionality to get coordinates for a location based on values such as postal code and address and also get coordinates for a location provided in a query string. The API uses both REST and SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

2. findAddress API

FindAddress APITrack this API enables developers to add services to applications for lookup, validation and autocompletion of addresses in the United Kingdom. This REST API enables finding UK addresses from a postcode.

findAddresses API

Screenshot: findAddress

3. Mac Address Lookup API

A Mac Address (media access control address), or physical address, is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment. The Mac Address Lookup APITrack this API allows for search to get vendor contact information.

4. OpenAddresses GeoLocated Address Search API

OpenAddresses is an open data repository of worldwide localized postal addresses. The OpenAddresses APITrack this API uses a RESTful interface and responses are formatted as either JSON or CSV. A reverse geocoding service is also available.

5. Google Maps Geocoding API

The Google Maps Geocoding APITrack this API provides programmatic access to geocoding and reverse geocoding services for addresses. Geocoding converts addresses to geographic coordinates, and reverse geocoding converts coordinates to human-readable addresses. Developers can also use this API to find the address of a given place ID (a place ID is a unique identifier that is used with Google APIs).

6. Zimbra API

Zimbra is a secure, open source collaboration Platform that provides services for handling email, address books, calendars, file-sharing, and tasks. It can be accessed anywhere from any device and offers high availability. The Zimbra API allows developers to access functions provided by Zimbra's collaboration platform programmatically via RESTTrack this API or RPCTrack this API calls.

7. DataNerds Property Data API

The DataNerds Property Data APITrack this API integrates real estate data into social applications. integrate site, structure, ownership, tax, assessment, mortgages, market status, estimated market value, permit history, and comparables from 130 million addressed properties in the United States.

8. French Address Search API

The French Address Search APITrack this API returns GeoJSON data with addresses, postal codes, city codes, streets, and house numbers in France.

9. Geoapify API

Geoapify APITrack this API integrates location intelligence features with third parties. The API enables location suggestions through Geocoding, routing between 2 or multiple locations, isolines, point of interest information, and calculated geometries. This API features REST architecture.

10. Walk Score API

Walk Score calculates the walkability of an address based on the distance from a house to nearby amenities. The Walk Score APITrack this API uses a RESTful interface and returns the Walk Score for any latitude and longitude in the U.S. in XML or JSON format.

Add Walk Score data to applications with this API

Add Walk Score data to applications with this API. Image Credit: Walk Score

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