10 Popular APIs for Tickets

There was a time in history when scoring tickets to a popular event meant lining up at the ticket broker the night before they went on sale. And although buying tickets can still be an arduous ordeal, at least we can do it from the comfort of our (broadband-wired) home.

But the ticketing industry has evolved in many other ways as well, including a rise in the resale (secondary market) industry, more ticket subscription and package services, robotic customer service agents (chatbots), the use of social media and location tracking and other data to change how ticketing agencies market to fans, the growth of Unique Individual ( UI) tickets and Known Individual (KI) tickets, Blockchain ticket solutions, dynamic pricing, and the inevitable succession from paper tickets to the adoption of mobile ticket technology such as RFID tickets & biometric solutions.

Developers wishing to add ticketing functions to applications would need APIs to capitalize on the features mentioned above.

What is a Tickets API?

A Tickets API is an Application Programming Interface that developers can interact with to add ticket functions and ticketing data to their applications.

The best place to discover these APIs is in the Tickets category in the ProgrammableWeb API directory. In this article, we cover the ten most popular Tickets APIs, based on web site page visits.

1. Eventbrite API

The Eventbrite APITrack this API allows developers to create users and events as well as pull the associated events into an application. Using the API, developers may access Eventbrite data and create, update, and get events. The API can be used to retrieve a list of attendees, transactions, venues and much more. Developers can also sign up for a referral program to earn a revenue share.

2. SeatSeller API

SeatSeller is a bus ticketing application for travel agents. The SeatSeller APITrack this API enables applicatons to check availability of bus seats, book tickets and cancel tickets for more than 700 bus operators and 10,000+ routes all over India. SeatSeller is the official API for redBus India. Interested developers need to contact SeatSeller for API use.

3. StubHub API

StubHub is an online Platform for people to buy and sell tickets (a reseller marketplace). The StubHub APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of StubHub with other applications and to create new applications. API methods are available to manage account information, access the event catalog, manage orders, manage sales and manage inventory.

4. movieXchange API

movieXchange is a platform for the real-time distribution of movie media, tickets and showtimes. The movieXchange APITrack this API returns movie data including cinema chains, showtimes, ticket types, booking, refunds, and membership card. Developers can authenticate with a token to create applications buying tickets.

5. Pyton Flight Portal API

The Pyton Flight Portal provides an APITrack this API for searching and booking flight tickets. Pyton's focus is on "low cost" carriers. This API can be integrated into a travel website or reservation system, and also provides Back-end tools for booking review and statistics. Pyton is an amadeus company.

6. SeatGeek API

SeatGeek is a ticket search site that aggregates sports, concerts, and theater ticket listings from StubHub, eBay, TicketsNow, and many more. The SeatGeek website displays seating information with interactive seating charts to allow for easy assessment of ticket quality. The SeatGeek APITrack this API provides developers with access to the company's dataset of live events, and provides detailed information on venue geocoordinates, average ticket price, seating location, and more with JSON, JSONP or XML formats.

SeatGeek offers Android and iPhone apps for buying tickets

SeatGeek offers Android and iPhone apps for buying tickets. Image: App Store/SeatGeek

7. International Showtimes API

The International Showtimes & Ticketing APITrack this API provides cinema information, listings, ticketing links, film synopsis, trailers and movie metadata for 25 markets worldwide. Use the API to deeplink directly to theater ticketing, find theater locations and much more.

Get ticket information for movies shown around the world via this API

Get ticket information for movies shown around the world via this API. Screenshot: Internationalshowtimes.com

8. Viagogo API

Viagogo is a ticket marketplace that operates in countries around the globe, helping customers access tickets to their favorite events in the language, currency and on the device of their choice. The Viagogo APITrack this API connects users with Viagogo's ticketing services and marketplace, with methods for searching and viewing events, and purchasing or listing tickets.

9. TryBooking API

TryBooking is a ticket selling service. The TryBooking APITrack this API retrieves booking information for reporting purposes, and allows developers to get data about events, tickets, ticket scans, and fundraisings.

10. Goldstar API

Goldstar offers half-price tickets for activities and events such as theater, dance, concerts, film screenings, and sporting events. Goldstar also offers member reviews and a customized suggestion service for members. Using the Goldstar APITrack this API, developers can build functionality into applications including deal of the day, listing feeds, OAuth, will-calls, images, territories, and categories. The API is aimed at affiliates, partners, suppliers and venues.

Find more APIs for Tickets in the Tickets category, along with more than 60 SDKs, Source Code Samples and other resources for developers.

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