10 Popular APIs for Words

With all the changes in technology in the last half century, a main form of communication remains relevant: the written or spoken word. Words are powerful, dramatic, inspiring, expressive, meaningful, and a very important part of our society.

Developers may want to create applications that offer word definitions, synonyms, word data, word translations, quotes, word visualizations, grammar and spelling corrections, pronunciations, NSFW word detection, cyberbulling word detection, words for games, keywords, semantic functions, and many other word-related functions. To get the most suitable words functions into applications, developers need Words APIs.

What is a Words API?

A Words API is an Application Programming Interface that developers can integrate with their own applications for words data and words functions.

The best place to find these APIs is in the Words category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

In this article, we provide details of the ten most popular Words APIs, determined by web page visits on ProgrammableWeb.

1. WordReference API

The WordReference APITrack this API provides access for word lookup and English-language definitions. It also provides word pairs to match equivalents in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, other European languages and some Asian languages. A thesaurus Function is also available for synonyms. The API returns an English language definition or an equivalent word in the non-English language specified by the request. For some terms, it will provide alternative translations in addition to the primary translation.

2. Words API

The WordsAPI is a RESTful API that allows a user to query a database of definitions for over 150,000 words in the English language. The API can also respond with specific details for a word, including part of speech, derivative form, antonyms, synonyms, and other morphological word-specific information.

3. FavQs

FavQs is a website that allows users to collect, discover, and share their favorite quotes. The FavQs APITrack this APITrack this API returns data about users of the service, as well as data about quotes, quote of the day, favorite quotes, vote on quotes, user activity, follows and themes.

4. Word Cloud API

The Word Cloud APITrack this API allows a user to create word clouds based on text input, either as a block of text or an array of words and importance. The word clouds can be customized through a range of options, including size, language, colors and more. This API has one free plan and two paid plans.

This is an example of a Word Cloud using Star Wars terms

This is an example of a Word Cloud using Star Wars terms. Image: Word Cloud API

5. Wordnik API

Wordnik APITrack this API offers definitions the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, the Century Dictionary, Wiktionary, the GNU International Dictionary of English, and Wordnet. The API covers more than 10,000,000 words, audio pronunciations, word of the day, random words, example sentences for words, spelling suggestions, word auto completion, and more.

6. Perfect Tense API

The Perfect Tense APITrack this API uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically correct spelling and grammar in one API call. Provide a piece of text and the Perfect Tense API will automatically return a proofread version of the text, along with all spelling and grammar mistakes.

7. Neutrino Bad Word Filter API

The Neutrino API platform (NeutrinoAPI)Track this API provides tools for developers to address problems ranging from simple to complex that may crop up on software projects. The Neutrino Bad Word Filter API can be used to detect bad words, swear words, and profanity in a given text.

8. Datamuse API

The Datamuse APITrack this API is used to integrate a word-finding query engine. Use the API in applications to query words that match constraints like meaning, spelling, sound, and vocabulary. It features autocomplete on text input fields, search relevancy ranking, and more.

9. Keyword Tool API

Keyword Tool helps users discover thousands of new long-tail keywords related to any topic by automatically generating Google's search suggestions. Developers can use the Keyword Tool APITrack this API generate up to 750+ keyword suggestions for any search term.

10. Twinword Word Associations API

The Twinwords Word Associations APITrack this API gets word associations with semantic distance score. Because it aims to work with more than just synonyms, users can get related words of the same family like "cats" and "dogs." This API allows to find synonyms and related words for one word or a phrase.

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