10 Popular Artificial Intelligence APIs for 2022

Editor's Note: This article was published in it's original form in September, 2019. It has been updated to provide the current most popular Artificial Intelligence APIs based on page visits to ProgrammableWeb.

Artificial Intelligence ( AI) is simulated human intelligence accomplished by computers, robots, or other machines. Categories of AI include language processing, visual recognition, decision-making, speech recognition, conversation, translation, pattern matching and categorization, Machine Learning, and task accomplishment.

Though there are concerns about AI, it is probably the hottest trend in computer science at the moment, with most of the major technology companies, and thousands of startups, offering platforms for AI development.

Developers looking to add intelligence to applications can check out the ProgrammableWeb Artificial Intelligence category for the best choices of AI APIs to tap into and create smarter apps.

What is an Artificial Intelligence API?

An Artificial Intelligence API is an Application Programming Interface that developers can utilize to add AI functions to applications.

In this article, we highlight ten of the most popular AI APIs according to page visits on ProgrammableWeb during 2021. These APIs cover everything from visual recognition for apparel to creating deep learning -based color schemes from art and content. Have a look below to see if any of these AI APIs can make your application more intelligent.

1. Endless Medical API

EndlessMedical is a free API that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide diagnostic information. The EndlessMedical APITrack this API connects a user's symptoms and complaints, with test results and doctor's examination. It provides a list of possible diagnoses, incorporates test results and findings of physical examinations.

2. SummarizeBot API

SummarizeBot provides artificial intelligence and Blockchain-powered solutions for text and multimedia analysis. The SummarizeBot APITrack this API allows applications to scrape web articles, summarize text from documents or the web (or audio and video content). Use the API for sentiment analysis and extraction of text, videos, and images. More than 100 languages are included and supported file types include .doc, .pdf, .epub, .csv, .pptx, .rtf and others.

SummarizeBot application screenshots

SummarizeBot application screenshots. Image: SummarizeBot

3. SpeechText.AI API

Speechtext AI APITrack this API enables applications to transcribe audio from media files into text. The API can recognize multiple speakers in many languages and add word-by-word timestamps, punctuation, and casing to transcription results. SpeechText AI supports almost all common media file formats and can transcribe audio/video files stored on a hard drive or files accessible over public URLs ( HTTP, FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

4. Colormind API

Colormind generates color schemes via deep learning technology. Colormind can provide color styles from photographs, movies, and popular art. The Colormind APITrack this API can return a random color palette, offer color suggestions with input, and show current color models. The API is free for personal use.

5. Deepomatic Fashion Apparel Detection API

The Deepomatic Fashion Apparel Detection APITrack this API supports the detection and location of clothes in images. A developer can recognize the different pieces of apparel present in an image by simply sending the image's URL or base64. The API provides deep learning and computer vision capabilities that enable users to identify the bounding boxes that specify the exact location of each piece of apparel.

6. Personal Remedies API

Personal Remedies provides nutrition and lifestyle tools for helping patients with chronic conditions. The Personal Remedies Nutridigm APITrack this API gives users access to a knowledge base that contains information about the helpfulness or harmfulness of a given food to any given illness. The API can identify the best food choices for an individual based on their multiple illnesses, health risks, allergies, food preferences and medications they might be taking.

7. Qloo API

The Qloo AI APITrack this API detects trends in user preferences and personalizes related items within a database of culture and entertainment. The API generates matching recommendations for user-to-item or item-to-item searches on a variety of media and lifestyle categories, in addition to mapping related entertainment spots in particular geographic locations. Books, fashion, film, music, podcasts, and television are some of the API's categories for media and lifestyle items.

Qloo API

Screenshot: Qloo

8. Blogcast API

Blogcast is a service that enables users to convert blogs from text to audio. Blogcast generates audio versions of your articles, then gives you the raw audio for embedding it as a podcast back into your blog or elsewhere. The service offers human sounding voice via AI. The Blogcast APITrack this API enables developers to manage articles and retrieve users and voices.

9. ArtPI API

ArtPI APITrack this API that utilizes artificial intelligence for users to discover fine art for viewing, buying or selling. The technology is based on deep learning models of pattern matching and trend recognition, trained on over one million artworks. The API enables users to tap into a database of public artworks at artpi.io, or enables museums & owners of private collections to display visual search on their own websites. Recommended related content will be offered with search results. Interested developers should contact the provider for access.

10. Intento API

Intento (Inten.to) provides a single interface to several cognitive AI models and vendors. The Intento APITrack this API provides JSON responses translating text, tagging images, sentiment analysis, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and speech transcription. It works with AI APIs from many service providers including Baidu Classify, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Computer Vision, Algorithmia Sentiment Analysis, Ayien Text Analysis, AWS Rekognition, Twinword Sentiment Analysis, Salesforce Einstein, Google Cloud Vision, IBM Watson Cloud Visual Recognition and others.

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