10 Tips To Becoming A Better Programmer

Becoming a complete programmer involves building experience across a range of development tasks, including algorithms, data structure and OOPS, to name a few, over many years. In this post on Javarevisited, Java programmer Javin Paul gives his Top 10 Tips for becoming a better programmer.

  1. The first point seems obvious, but when you write more code, you expose yourself to your shortcomings and can begin to recognise your common errors and account for those accordingly, improving your ability.
  2. Read Books. Since many authors are accomplished programmers themselves, their experiences are represented in their books and being shown these examples of good code can help you recognise potential problems in your own code.
  3. Getting active in the open source community means you can learn by being involved in meaningful discussions between programmers around problems and how they approach them.
  4. Like anything, by dedicating time to practicing data structure, algorithms and design related problems, you iteratively develop your skills and naturally become a better programmer.
  5. Similar to reading books, reading good blogs provides valuable access to the real-world experiences of developers, in bite-size chunks, which will help to refine your skills.
  6. Reading code may not seem like the most enjoyable pastime, but by reading other people’s work and trying to understand how they think can go a long way to developing your own ability.
  7. While it may be a difficult task for average programmers, writing unit tests helps improve overall code quality by forcing you to think through scenarios and potential gaps in your code.
  8. Conducting code review is a good way for the reviewer to improve their code sense and offer meaningful advice while the author gets the benefit of fresh eyes looking over the code to pick out mistakes.
  9. As a more active version of engaging with the open source community, talking to other programmers allows thoughts and ideas to flow more freely, often leading to better code solutions through shared knowledge.
  10. Sharing your knowledge by participating on Stack Overflow, forums and blogs helps provide information for other programmers, as well as revise your own knowledge and understanding of practices you may not use every day.

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