10 Top APIs for Rentals

These days consumers can rent just about anything. Homes, cars, vacation villas, offices, boats, RVs, furniture, art, solar panels, clothing, garages, sports equipment, garden spaces, party supplies, bikes, scooters, storage, wedding venues, rooms, cameras, smartphones, games and text books are all available to rent for a fee. And for good reason, renting things is generally a more affordable, and sustainable way to get use out of items and property.

Developers wanting to create applications to take advantage of the rental market would need APIs to accomplish the task.

What is a Rentals API?

A Rentals API is an Application Programming Interface that allows developers to connect to data about rental properties or other information normally found in rental marketplaces.

The best place to find these APIs is in the Rentals category of the ProgrammableWeb directory. In this category developers can discover dozens of resources including APIs, SDKs, news and how-to articles, and Source Code samples for creating applications.

In this article we highlight 10 top Rentals APIs based on ProgrammableWeb readers' interest.

1. Airbnb API

Airbnb is a vacation rental and room service that allows users to rent out their houses or rooms to travellers. The Airbnb APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Airbnb with other applications and to create new applications. Recently Airbnb declared TypeScript to be its standard language for Web development. Public Documentation is not yet available, and interested developers need to apply for access.

2. MyBuilding API

RealPage's MyBuilding is an online Platform that enables users to manage residential buildings. The MyBuilding APITrack this API provides functions for rental property management and communications. API methods support management of resident accounts and profiles, along with assignment of residents to rental units, reassignment to different units if they move, and terminating tenancy when they move out. Methods also support submission and tracking of maintenance requests. The API also supports community interaction among residents and listings of events on the property.

3. Smoobu API

Smoobu offers tools for vacation rental providers. The Smoobu APITrack this API enables access to reservations, rates, apartment IDs, and listing details. Data is available in JSON format. Smoobu functions as a channel manager, reservation system, and booking system and features automatic synchronization, no commissions on bookings, and customized rental homepages.

4. HousingAnywhere API

HousingAnywhere is a rental accommodation platform with payments services. The HousingAnywhere APITrack this API enables data interoperability between HousingAnywhere and its partners. Developers can use the API to connect an inventory to the HousingAnywhere platform. Bookings take place on the HousingAnywhere platform and the API will ensure that partner systems are updated in real-time.

HousingAnywhere is a home rental marketplace that includes and API for listings data

HousingAnywhere is a home rental marketplace that includes and API for listings data. Screenshot: HousingAnywhere

5. Avis Rental Car Suite API

Avis Budget Group operates mobile solutions for Avis, Budget and Zipcar. The Avis Rental Car Suite APITrack this API allows developers to access rental car product catalogs, reservations, and locations offered by Avis, Budget, and Zipcar. The API enables request flows for car renting on behalf of users.

6. Skyscanner Car Hire API

Skyscanner is a global travel search engine offering a comprehensive and free flight search service, as well as instant comparisons for hotels and car hire. The Skyscanner Car Hire APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve live prices for car hire providers, by making requests to the Car Hire API. With the API developers can allow their application users to retrieve live prices for car hire providers.

7. Chegg Textbook Rental API

Chegg rents out textbooks and distributes etextbooks at subsidized rates through its online Library Portal. The Chegg Textbook APITrack this API allows access to the book rental portal for users to search textbook titles and pricing details. The API is ideal for Chegg-affiliated developers that run shopping sites that compare rental prices of textbooks and other stationery items. Access to the API's documentation must be requested through email and is restricted to developers with approved Chegg affiliate accounts.

8. HomeAway API

HomeAway is a service that helps users choose and book a vacation rental and pay securely online. The HomeAway APITrack this API allows developers to get information on vacation home rental listings, access their accounts, and post reviews. Users can search for rentals at their desired location for their anticipated arrival/departure dates from among more than a million listings. Note: HomeAway has recently been consolidated into Expedia's other rental brand, VRBO, and this API is scheduled for retirement during August, 2020.

9. Knock API

Knock is a CRM for property managers. Knock features channel management, customer reminders, engagement score monitoring, collaboration tools, and goal tracking. The Knock APITrack this API enables prospect management and property details.

10. Vacasa API

Vacasa offers a vacation rental platform that includes community association management, 3D virtual tours of every property, local staff, interior design, and more, and booking. The Vacasa APITrack this API enables developers to integrate rental management and booking functions in applications. API methods are available for available units, unit lists, photos, contacts, addresses, countries and more.

Vacasa API enables vacation rental booking for applications

Vacasa API enables vacation rental booking for applications. Screenshot: Vacasa

Look to the Rentals category on ProgrammableWeb for more than 60 APIs, SDKs, and Source Code Samples.

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