10 Top APIs for Screenshots

Taking screenshots of websites or applications can be useful for many reasons. Marketing, categorization, marketplace merchandising, advertising, social media posts, website performance optimization, testing purposes, troubleshooting, references to previous content, sharing content, design purposes, and many other reasons come to mind.

Developers wishing to enable their own applications to create and manage screenshots need appropriate APIs to accomplish this task.

What is a Screenshots API?

A Screenshots API is an Application Programming Interface that developers can use to interact with, and avail their own applications with screenshot services.

In this article, we give details about ten popular APIs in ProgrammableWeb's Screenshots category that developers may find useful.

1. Docmatic API

Docamatic is an APITrack this API that allows developers to convert HTML files to PDF. Additionally, the Docamatic API supports creating documents from templates, send via email, generate barcodes, and capture screenshots.

2. Page2Images API

Page2Images is a website thumbnail creator optimized for mobile devices. Page2Images exposes its service through a REST APITrack this API. The API allows websites and applications to generate thumbnails of a given URL. The API is able to specify image size, device, screen size, and more.

3. WhoisXML Screenshot API

WhoisXML API provides APIs for various types of WHOIS, IP, and DNS data for subscribers. The Whois XML Screenshot APITrack this API allows users to get screenshots of a web page as a JPG, PNG, and PDF file with embedded links.

4. Screenshotmachine API

Screenshot machine is a website screenshot generator with APITrack this API that provides online screenshot rendering for full web page screenshots, custom size screenshots or thumbnails. Screenshot dimensions are fully customizable within this simple Integration. All parameters are adjustable, with your choice of device, to render for Desktop, tablet or phone.

5. Web Shrinker API

The Web Shrinker Thumbnail APITrack this API allows developers to capture how a website or URL looks inside of a real web browser. The API returns PNG images that can be configured in different sizes, screen resolutions, and viewport sizes. This service also integrates with the Website Category APITrack this API for retrieving Machine Learning-enabled website categorization.

6. Pikaso API

Pikaso is a service for creating clutter-free screenshots of Twitter posts. The Pikaso APITrack this API can be used to automate creating Tweet screenshots. Users post the URL of the tweet with parameters for layout style, theme, and size and get a screenshot image in return. This API is available to Pikaso Business plan subscribers.

Pikaso provides an API or browser extension for Twitter screenshots

Pikaso provides an API or browser extension for Twitter screenshots. Image: Pikaso

7. Pipe API

Pipe is a video recording Platform for websites and applications, providing 4k to UltraHD quality, bandwidth independent, MP4 conversion, snapshots, and device rotation. The Pipe APITrack this API integrates screen video recording service data into applications. Developers can use the API to get data from archived video recording projects, with methods for video, environment, account, AWS S3 related information, FTP, and dropbox information.

8. Site-Shot API

Site-shot is a screenshot capture engine. The Site-shot APITrack this API allows developers to specify an URL in order to create website screenshots within applications. Several parameters are supported including zoom percentage, format, and delay time. Responses can be JSON objects or images.

9. Microlink API

Microlink provides an APITrack this API for automating any browser action. The Microlink API converts links into information in order to enrich content, obtain palette colors, take screenshots, and more. The API detects the following information: author, date, description, image, logo, favicon, publisher, URL, and title.

10. Pikwy API

The Pikwy APITrack this API enables users to capture a website screenshot. Parameters such as width, height, full-page, image format (jpg, png), response (JSON, HTML, or image), headers, and more can be supplied in the request.

The Screenshot category contains dozens of APIs, SDKs, and Source Code samples, along with other developer resources.

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