10 Top APIs To Help Prevent Spam

Besides being a tasty canned meat product, "spam" can be defined as unwanted messages sent via email, text messages, instant messages, social media, search listings, phone (robocalls), direct mail (junk mail), internet forums, and blog or article comments. Though the name originates from a Monty Python sketch, spam is no joke.

Not only is spam a nuisance, but spam messages can contain threats for content providers, consumers and other innocent users. Spammers have been known to unleash malware, phishing attacks, DoS attacks, NSFW content, and other egregious behaviors.

Although many companies, organizations, and even governments have stepped in to curb spam, it remains a massive problem since its first conception from a computer company marketer on ARPANET in 1978.

Developers wishing the help quell spam within new or existing applications can use APIs to integrate with spam-fighting services.

What is a Spam API?

A Spam API is an Application Programming Interface that developers can use to interact with services that identify and fight spam.

The best place to find these APIs is in the Spam category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory. In this article, we list the ten most popular Spam APIs as determined by ProgrammableWeb's visitors.

1. Google reCAPTCHA API

Google reCAPTCHA APITrack this API is a CAPTCHA implementation that distinguishes humans from computers without user interactive tests. reCAPTCHA works via a Machine Learning-based risk analysis engine and determines a user validity score.

2. PhishTank

PhishTank is a free community site where anyone can submit, verify, track and share phishing data. The PhishTank APITrack this API returns data in JSON or XML formats. Data returned includes phish id, phish detail URL, submission time, verification, target and more.

3. OOPSpam API

The OOPSpam Anti-Spam APITrack this API allows developers to identify and score spam content using a variety of tools including a machine learning algorithm, a list of blacklisted IPs, language detection, and identification of spam words within the content. The more information provided to the API, the more accurate the results will be. Results are returned in structured JSON.


Screenshot: OOPSpam

4. Email Checker API

Email Checker APITrack this API from Email Verify Ltd ensures that email addresses are accurate and active. It is useful to prevent false emails and retain customers, and provides real-time results and typo correction. V3 of the API provides responses in JSON, XML and JSONP.

5. Google Safe Browsing API

The Google Safe Browsing APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Google Safe Browsing with other applications. The Google Safe Browsing API allows applications to download an encrypted table for local, client-side lookups of URLs. The Google Safe Browsing Lookup API allows applications to send URLs to check their status. It can identify unsafe web resources such as phishing sites, malware, spam and other unwanted software. This API is for non-commercial use only.

6. Temp Email Address API

The Temp Email Address APITrack this API supports the creation of temporary email accounts for specific purposes such as website service verification procedures. The API allows users to minimize exposure to spamming by deploying decoy temporary email accounts. Developers use the API to facilitate the programmatic management of webservice verification requests.

7. Google Abusive Experience Report API

Google Abusive Experience Report APITrack this API allows users to view Abusive Experience Report data, and get a list of sites that have a significant number of abusive experiences. An abusive experience is anything designed to mislead website visitors, such as automatic redirects, fake error messages, simulated dialog boxes. or ads designed to trick readers.

8. AHEM Ad Hoc Email API

AHEM Ad Hoc Disposable Temporary Email service deletes messages received after a predefined time period. AHEM REST APITrack this API can be used to get lists of accounts, configuration files, manage accounts, and download attachments. This service is free of charge.

9. Whitepages Pro Phone Reputation API

The WhitePages Pro Phone Reputation APITrack this API blocks and filters spam. It knows in real time when a number is behaving badly across the voice and SMS channels in real-time based on reputation level of 1 – 4. By using a RESTful GET API Request, developers receive a reputation level and details including what spam, scams and fraud activities are associated with the phone number.

10. Mail-Tester API

Mail-Tester is a service to test the "spamminess" of newsletters. The Mail-Tester APITrack this API returns email data including main objects, message information, spam probability, blacklists, and messages. Developers can choose JSON and iFrame CSS to implement email testing into applications.

Find more than 50 APIs, along with SDKs and Source Code Samples in the Spam category.

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