10 Top Coupons APIs

Retailers and eCommerce providers know that coupons are effective marketing tools for engaging customers and building loyalty to brands. Developers who create applications that are wishing to cash in on the coupon craze can look to ProgrammableWeb to find the best Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, to distribute coupons, rewards, promo codes, and vouchers.

The Coupons category on ProgrammableWeb provides scores of resources for developers including APIs for coupon distribution, coupon data, coupon campaigns, membership programs, daily deals, coupon aggregation, rebates, referrals, coupon management, and many more.

This article highlights the ten most popular APIs for creating Coupons functions in applications, based on web page visits on ProgrammableWeb.

1. Groupon API

Groupon features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in a variety of cities across the United States. Groupon gets discounts you won't find anywhere else through the power of group buying. The Groupon API enables applications to directly interact with Groupon via a REST API, providing data results based on location, deal type, channels and categories.

2. Discount API

The Discount APITrack this API allows developers to include interesting local deals and discounts on their app or website. These deals come from a variety of sources to ensure that there are options appropriate for many different audiences, and developers can choose what kinds of deals they want to be displayed using a web interface. Deals that match the user's location can be retrieved using the user's IP address, GPS coordinates, or street address.

3. Information Machine API

The Information Machine APITrack this API automatically & passively collects users' purchase data from online and loyalty card purchases at most healthcare, grocery, takeout and major stores (such as Amazon, Costco, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc.). The API connects this raw purchase data to product and pricing data. An example of a use case could be a developer can create a food or dieting application that remembers everything the user purchased to make food logging easier. Or the developer can add coupon recommendations based on a user's past purchasing data.

4. Overstock Shopping API

Overstock is an online retailer based in Salt Lake City. The Overstock Shopping APITrack this API provides CMSP (Channel Management Service Provider) applications with a retail database. The Shopping API returns details on several types of data include product status, order processing, cancellations, and returns.

5. Vouchery API

Vouchery is a coupon and promotion automation APITrack this API. Developers can use it to run promotional campaigns, use coupons, add loyalty point services, retrieve customers' behavioral information, and more. The service includes an engine to define rules based on basket data, customer history or anything else, and give different types of rewards to customers.

Create personalized discounts via Vouchery API

Create personalized discounts via Vouchery API. Screenshot: Vouchery

6. OfferDaddy API

OfferDaddy is a mobile or website "offer wall" of discounts earned by users for taking surveys, installing apps, taking quizzes or or other actions. The OfferDaddy APITrack this API returns monetization features like coupons, surveys, videos, and tasks data to implement into mobile applications. API responses in JSON format include tracking link, amount, image URL, countries, categories, and devices.

OfferDaddy API

Screenshot: OfferDaddy

7. Talon.One API

Talon.One promotion engine enables users to create and manage coupon codes, discounts, loyalty programs, referral rewards, and product bundlings in one system. The Talon.One APITrack this API includes the Integration Endpoint to create customer profiles, track actions with custom events, and more; plus the Management endpoint, which returns all information about user applications, campaigns, rulesets, and attributes. Targeted industries are eCommerce, eSports, marketplace, telecommunication, travel, car rental, and airlines.

8. 8coupons API

8coupons brings together all the deals from neighborhood restaurants, bars, salons, and stores so that users can find the best deals nearby. The 8coupons APITrack this API gives developers access to the full feature set of the 8coupons site. The API provides methods such as retrieving dealer types, getting deals by location, getting deals by store ID and more. Developers must sign up and pay up front for access.

9. Coupomated Coupon DataFeed API

The Coupomated Coupon DataFeed REST APITrack this API is an automated coupon content distribution Platform based in India. It provides coupon website development, price comparison website, & affiliate products from 2000+ Indian merchants.

10. PassKit API

PassKit is a pass and ticket generator for Apple Wallet and Google Pay. PassKit offers templates and designs for event tickets, coupons, giftcards, and boarding passes. The PassKit API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of PassKit with PassBook and other applications.

PassKit API

Screenshot: PassKit

Find more than 105 APIs, 35 SDKs, and 38 Source Code samples in the Coupons category.

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