10 Top Environment APIs

Sustaining or even improving our environment weighs heavy on the minds of many of us. Technology has an environmental impact, but it is as important to the environment as it is detrimental to it. Technology is used to address environmental education, degradation, disappearing species, climate change, air and water purification, watershed and other conservation, and waste management, among other things.

Developers hoping to make a difference by creating applications with data about the environment around us need the correct APIs to get the job done.

What is an Environment API?

An Environment API is an Application Programming Interface that allows developers to connect applications with data about the environment.

ProgrammableWeb's Environment category contains a wide variety of APIs offering data about climate, pollution & air quality, temperature, noise, light, nature, trees, wildlife, water, energy, emissions, oceans & sea ice, global warming and much more.

In this article, we detail the ten top Environment APIs, based on ProgrammableWeb's website user traffic.

1. ReliefWeb API

ReliefWeb is a humanitarian information service provided by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). Content on this site including the latest disaster information, relief reports, maps, and infographics from trusted sources, is delivered through the ReliefWeb APITrack this API.

2. World Air Quality Index API

The World Air Quality Index project provides air pollution awareness and air quality information for places around the world. The World Air Quality Index REST APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate applications with air quality information for more than 70 countries, including 9000 stations in 600 major cities. Some example API methods include geo-based queries, retrieving air quality data for cities and regions, and retrieving current weather conditions.

World Air Quality Index API returns map tiles for real-time Air Quality index on a Google, Bing or Openstreet map

This API returns map tiles for real-time AQI on a Google, Bing or Openstreet map. Screenshot World Air Quality Index

3. Meteomatics Weather API

Meteomatics is a meteorological software provider based in Switzerland. The Meteomatics Weather APITrack this API offers global forecast (and historical) model and observational data. The API supports point queries, time series queries, and areal queries from all major weather offices.

Get industry-specific weather data such as flight weather forecasts with Meteomatics API

Get industry-specific weather data such as flight weather forecasts with Meteomatics API. Image: Meteomatics

4. FishWatch API

The FishWatch APITrack this API provides access to information on seafood sustainability. For a given fish species, the FishWatch API Track this API can return information on population, fishing rate, habitat impacts, by catch, availability, source, taste, texture, and more. This service and its content are provided by NOAA Fisheries to help spread information about the science behind U.S. sustainable seafood.

5. iNaturalist API

iNaturalist.org is a website that allows naturalists, scientists, and citizens to record, share, and discuss their wildlife observations with others. iNaturalist hosts more than 28 million observations of more than 80,000 species around the world and is a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society. The iNaturalist APITrack this API allows developers to integrate wildlife sighting data into their applications.

6. Open AQ API

OpenAQ uses a combination of open data and open source tools as well as a global, grassroots community to fight air inequality in different locations across the world. Use the Open AQ APITrack this API to build apps that power a variety of air quality measurement tools. The API convey responses in JSON format.


AMEE provides data and solutions for sustainability and an intelligent supply chain. The AMEE APITrack this API provides data about 20 million companies including financial risk, carbon emissions, carbon efficiency ratings, company contact information and environmental ratings. The AMEE API also provides modeling for energy consumption and carbon emissions for activities such as transport, electricity, manufacturing processes.

Earth911 Search API

Earth911 specializes in providing people across the country with useful and accessible recycling information. Among other site features, they also boast the largest and most accurate recycling directory in the U.S. The Earth911 Search API enables developers to add the ability to search this directory to any website, mobile application, or phone number. The API uses REST calls issued in JSON format.

9. Brighter Planet CM1 API

Brighter Planet CM1 APITrack this API provides models for environmental impact including CO2 footprint calculations, emissions calculations and analysis, greenhouse gas modeling for electricity and many others. Sources for modeling include car trips, bus trips, diet, lodging, flights, fuel purchases, shipments, residences and more. The API returns JSON formatted responses with modeling characteristics, time frames, timing, compliance, locations.

10. BreezoMeter Air Quality API

BreezoMeter provides global, real-time air quality data that can help individuals make better health decisions based on their local air pollution levels and their personal sensitivities. The BreezoMeter Air Quality APITrack this API allows developers to request air quality information for a specified location (given in latitude and longitude coordinates) including indexes, pollutants, and health recommendations. Developers can request a location's current conditions, hourly forecast for up to four days, and hourly history going back up to 30 days.

Get accurate AQI numbers via this API

Get accurate AQI numbers via this API. Image: BreezoMeter

Check out the Environment category for more than 180 APIs, SDKs, and Source Code Samples.

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