10 Top Events APIs

Events applications are useful for many reasons, including finding relevant events, managing participants, sending reminders to participants, allowing participants to communicate with one another, locating and booking tickets, adding schedules to calendars, monitoring happenings (such as live scores at sporting events), and much more. The best way for developers to enhance applications for events is by using Application Programming Interfaces or APIs, and the best way to find these APIs is by looking in the Events category on ProgrammableWeb.

This article highlights the ten most popular events APIs on ProgrammableWeb, according to user page visits on the website.

1. StubHub API

StubHub is an online Platform for people to buy and sell tickets (a reseller marketplace). The StubHub API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of StubHub with other applications and to create new applications. API methods are available to manage account information, access the event catalog, manage orders, manage sales and manage inventory.

2. Cvent API

Cvent provides event management software and hospitality solutions. The Cvent APITrack this API provides tools for communications and management around events. The API enables developers to integrate event management and attendee management services with third-party applications such as CRM, accounting systems, donor management, learning management, ERP, and more. This is a SOAP API with a Sandbox environment provided for developers.

3. Active API

Active Network provides information about fitness events, group sports, and outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. The Active.com APITrack this API provides read-only access to data produced by systems within The Active Network including baseball, basketball, soccer, football, hockey, lacrosse, softball, running events, tennis tournaments, triathlons, outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking, sailing, plus fitness and dance, and high school sports data.

4. MotorsportReg.com API

MotorsportReg.com is a membership management and event registration service for motorsport driving and social events. The MotorsportReg.com API makes it easier to manage motorsport events, members, and calendars by automating tasks and helping users find great events to attend. Events include autocross, driving schools, HPDE, club races, test days and rallies organized by groups like the SCCA, BMW CCA, PCA, Audi Club, Miller Motorsports Park and Circuit of the Americas.

5. Songkick API

The Songkick APITrack this API gives users access to a large live music database covering over 6 million upcoming and past concerts. The API returns data about upcoming and past events, and a user's tracked events. Responses are JSON or XML.

6. SeatGeek API

SeatGeek is a ticket search site that aggregates sports, concerts, and theater ticket listings from StubHub, eBay, TicketsNow, and many more. The SeatGeek website displays seating information with interactive seating charts to allow for easy assessment of ticket quality. The SeatGeek API provides developers with access to the company's dataset of live events, and provides detailed information on venue geocoordinates, average ticket price, seating location, and more with JSON, JSONP or XML formats.

7. Sport Fixtures API

The Sport Fixtures APITrack this API provides the latest fixtures in the Premier League English football league. The API supports lists of sports, lists of tournaments, specific tournament information, events in a tournament, and specific events. JSON is the preferred response format.

Get events data about Premier League soccer with this API

Get events data about Premier League soccer with this API. Screenshot: Sportfixturesapi

8. Google CalDAV API

CalDAV is an open standard Google developed for accessing calendar data all across the internet. The Google CalDAV APITrack this API uses this standard to grant users programmatic access to Google Calendar content. The API lets client applications create, edit, delete and search for calendar events using REST calls issued in JSON format. The Google CalDAV API has been integrated with the Google APIs Console so that developers can add it to their projects simply by enabling it on the Console.

9. Cronofy API

The Cronofy Calendar APITrack this API provides a unified calendar API for all major calendar services. The service features one Integration point for developers to maintain links to several scheduling services. Use the API to manage enterprise calendars, events in users' calendars, smart invites, user identity, and more.

10. PredictHQ API

PredictHQ provides intelligence services including aggregation of historical, scheduled and unscheduled events data. The PredictHQ APITrack this API enables users to filter events and integrate relevant data into their target products or applications. Depending on a user's needs, it filters through public holidays, school holidays and observances, concerts, festivals, performing arts, community, sports, conferences, expos, daylight savings, airport delays, severe weather, natural disasters, and even terror events. The API returns data about accounts, scopes, durations, locations, times, rank of relevance, and more in CSV or JSON formats.

PredictHQ API

Screenshot: PredictHQ

If you don't see the correct API for your application, check out the Events category on ProgrammableWeb, where there are more than 303 APIs, 153 SDKs, and 84 Source Code Samples listed.

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