10 Top Logistics APIs

Logistic service providers can all agree: recent innovations in technology have been beneficial to improving the supply chain.

Wireless tech such as radio frequency identification (RFID), mobile applications, SMS messaging, the Internet of Things (IoT), route optimization, fleet management & tracking, ridesharing, dashcams, and even Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV, or drones) are all playing their parts to create more efficient logistic experiences.

All of this technology has to be connected to streamline logistics operations, and the best tools for that process are Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs. Developers looking to enhance shipping or supply chain services can check out the Logistics category on ProgrammableWeb to find dozens of APIs to help.

1. Seametrix API

Seametrix is a voyage estimation and port distance calculator with a network that contains over 1,000 routing points. Seametrix API provides a REST API to enable applications to provide sea distances and sea routing between ports and waypoint. The API comes with a complete database of sea and inland ports and terminals, canal and straits bypass options, navigation method customization, and can return traveled mileage within a Sulfur Emission Control Area (SECA).

Seametrix API provides voyage estimations

Seametrix API provides voyage estimations. Image: Seametrix

2. Omnitracs Scheduler API

Omnitracs provides fleet management services for transportation logistics. The Omnitracs Scheduler REST API allows developers to access modules for modeling tools, real-time schedules, and continuous optimization of routes and schedules at point of sale. API access comes with account service.

3. Lufthansa Partner API

Deutsche Lufthansa AG is an international airline that is based in Germany. The Lufthansa Partner API provides partner services to access certain endpoints for the Lufthansa Open API. It will authenticate partner data, retrieve best prices for a given origin and destination, access static directories of codes and objects, request fare information, subscribe to fares information, create deep links to the airline booking engine and more.

4. Expeditors Shipment Tracking API

The Expeditors Shipment Tracking API returns shipment information, tracking references and event milestones in JSON format. Developers can use this API to enable tracking for shipments, retrieve vessel, freight, and port details and more.

5. Royal Mail Shipping API

The Royal Mail Shipping API provides a simple and low cost method for customers to integrate with Royal Mail, a postal service and courier company in the United Kingdom. The API allows for the creation, update, cancellation of a shipment, printing of a label, printing of international Customs documents, requesting 2D bar code ranges, requesting 1D Item ID ranges, creation and printing of a manifest.

6. Flexport API

Flexport is a freight forwarder focused on air, ocean, truck, and rail carriers. The Flexport REST API offers global air and ocean freight and shipping data through their online Portal. Developers can access shipments, purchase orders, invoices, and products in JSON format. Features of the service include an all-in-one dashboard, global logistics offices, advanced freight tracking, transparent pricing, collaboration tools, and supply chain analytics.

Flexport API

Screenshot: Flexport

7. Targomo API

Targomo provides a web based Platform for geographic network analysis, data, visualisation and route planning. The Targomo REST API provides a way to return mapping data and precise routing calculations or cars, bikes, walking and public transport in JSON format. The API returns a list of points of interest for a given source coordinate, optimal subsets of source points, fleet planning, statistics and more. Data is sourced from OpenStreetMap-project, the General Transit Feed Specification, and other public data sets via third party providers. Targomo was formerly known as Route360°.

Targomo API

Screenshot: Targomo

8. FreightCenter API

FreightCenter API aggregates freight and shipping information from over 25 freight carriers, with freight class rating, shipping cost quotes, and shipment booking functions. It can be integrated with e-commerce checkout functions, OMS/WMS/TMS software, or act as a standalone transportation Function. Shipment tracking is also supported. API methods support submission of a shipment size and contents along with point of origin and destination. Methods can return class rating and real-time quotes from up to 25 providers, with ability to book the shipment and arrange for pickup and delivery.

Keep Truckin API

Keep Truckin provides electronic logs and fleet management software for drivers and fleets. The Keep Truckin API returns transportation data in JSON and XML formats for drivers and fleet managers. With the API, developers can access users information, vehicles, ELD devices, locations, messages, inspection reports, and driver performance events.

Blik API

Blik offers tools and features to track inventory and manage logistics. The Blik REST API allows developers to accessand integrate the functionality of Blik's end-to-end process tracking solution with other applications. Developers can request API access directly from the provider for more details.

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