10 Top Messaging APIs

In recent years, messaging has become a primary means of communication for much of the world. The Asynchronous convenience of text messaging (SMS), web instant messaging, and in-app messaging, has driven this rise in popularity, along with a slough of enticing features within messaging applications to keep us hooked.

Engaging features in messaging applications include cross platform operation, Artificial Intelligence chatbots, anytime/anywhere usage thanks to WiFi or mobile network operators, file transfers, free international "calls", business communications, audio messages, aggregated services, group chat, Encryption, self-destructing messages, instant payments, and automatic alerts. Fun additions such as emoji, stickers, image & video support, avatars animations, "story" creation, games, cute bubbles and screen effects, contextual keyboards and even handwritten text lure customers to use messaging applications.

It's not unusual to see applications with built-in custom messaging services, and developers who create applications have a vast amount of choices for delivering messaging technology. In order to integrate with these services, developers need APIs.

What is a Messaging API?

A Messaging API, or Application Programming Interface, is a means for developers to connect to specific messaging services programmatically.

The best place to discovery APIs for adding messaging capabilities to applications is in the ProgrammableWeb directory in the Messaging category. This article highlights the 10 most popular messaging APIs based on website traffic in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

1. Telegram

Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app that focuses on speed and security. The Telegram API allows developers to build their own customized Telegram clients and applications. API methods are provided for dealing with spam and ToS violations, logging in via QR code, registration/authorization, working with GIFs, working with 2FA login, working with VoIP calls, working with deep links, working with files, and much more.

2. Bulk SMS Gateway API

The Bulk SMS Gateway APITrack this API allows developers to integrate bulk SMS services into their applications and portals. This API is suited for sending both promotional and transactional SMS to clients. API Documentation is not publicly available. This service is provided by KAPSYSTEM, a company in India that provides bulk SMS and messaging solutions.

3. WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business APIs allow businesses to interact with and reach customers all over the world, connecting them using end-to-end encryption to ensure only the intended parties can read or listen to messages and calls. A REST APITrack this API and Streaming (Webhooks) APITrack this API are available.

WhatsApp Business API

Screenshot: WhatsApp

4. Twilio SMS API

Twilio is a cloud communications Platform that provides tools for adding messaging, voice, and video to web and mobile applications. The Twilio SMS APITrack this API allows developers to send and receive SMS messages, track sent messages, and retrieve and modify message history from their applications. This API uses a RESTful interface over HTTPS.

5. BDApps Pro SMS API

BDApps is an application development platform that provides Robi network tools for monetization and messaging. The BDApps Pro SMS APITrack this API allows developers to send and receive SMS using JSON objects over HTTP. This API can also be used to check the delivery status of sent SMS, receive SMS with a short code, and more. BDApps is based in Bangladesh.

6. Verizon ThingSpace SMS API

The Verizon ThingSpace SMS APITrack this API lets applications send time sensitive information to users phones about devices or sensor readings,such as temperature threshold warnings, gas leakage, smoke, fires, outages, and more. The ThingSpace SMS API allows users to check the delivery status of messages, and receive other notifications about messaging.

7. Telenor SMS API

Telenor is a mobile carrier based on Norway. The Telenor SMS APITrack this API provides access to the company's text messaging service for business-to-business and business-to-consumer bulk messaging needs. The company provides short and whole numbers for sending and receiving text and MMS messages. There are various options for using the API, including SOAP and XMPP protocols.

8. waboxapp API

waboxapp is an API that allows users to integrate systems and Instant Messaging (IM) accounts. The waboxapp APITrack this API simplifies the Integration of IM accounts such as WhatsApp in chat applications.

9. Twitter Direct Message API

The Twitter Direct Message APITrack this API allows developers to create engaging customer service and marketing experiences using Twitter Direct Messages (DM). Developers can send and receive direct messages, create welcome messages, attach media to messages, prompt users for structured replies, link to websites with buttons, manage conversations across multiple applications, display custom content, and prompt users for NPS and CSAT feedback with the API.

10. Mirrorfly API

Mirrorfly is a real time chat and messaging solution. The Mirrorfly APITrack this API allows developers to integrate chat, video, and voice functionality into their mobile and web applications. This service is customizable, comes with built-in WebRTC, and can be used for enterprise communication, in-app messaging, broadcasting, streaming, customer support, team chat, social chat, and personal chat. Both cloud-based and on-premises versions of Mirrorfly are available.

Build custom chat applications with MirrorFly API and SDK

Build custom chat applications with MirrorFly API and SDK. Screenshot: MirrorFly

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