10 Top Payment APIs

Most people probably didn't think they'd be paying for goods and services with their phones ten years ago. But thanks to tech innovation and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), many have done just that. APIs are driving the way people pay, providing Integration with online payment platforms such as Stripe or Square, bank-backed digital card services, industry specific payments (such as Cannatrac), subscription payments, cryptocurrency digital wallets, order-ahead services, or autonomous technology.

And though there are still some security concerns, it looks like the Payments industry is going to continue to disrupt old-fashioned bank systems with mobile transaction innovation, cross-border payment services, autonomous "payments everywhere" features (such as rewards and Authentication-as-payment services), and other customer convenience-driven tech.

Even banks themselves are on the bandwagon, as various open banking standards, initiatives, and rules, drive them toward releasing Payment APIs and creating developer portals.

For developers interested in adding Payments functions to applications, there are plenty of options. The Payments category in the ProgrammableWeb directory has grown to a whopping 1005 APIs in the past few years. Here we highlight some top Payment APIs based on traffic from ProgrammableWeb visitors.

The Venmo Developer APITrack this API enables applications to accept payment and send receipt data. Though the orginal API is still offered to partners, Venmo is now operated by Braintree/Paypal, which also provides payment integration services.

PayMaya Checkout
PayMaya is a financial company located in Philippines that develops online payment solutions. PayMaya tailors its services to businesses that cannot accept credit card payments, and functions as an intermediary. The PayMaya Checkout APITrack this API offers merchants a way to accept online payments, and also offers an express checkout feature. This API is REST based, and it supports Webhooks. The developer will require an API Key.

PayTM is an e-commerce company based in India that processes mobile payments of electronics, men's and women's apparel, home and kitchen items, cars and bikes equipment, musical instruments, and books, music, and movies. The PayTM API integrates payments features into mobile e-commerce applications. It is available with JSON formats to verify and manage transactions, refunds, 2FA.

Chase Paymentech
Chase Paymentech is an online payment system that provides credit card processing and online merchant services. They specialize in Card-Not-Present (CNP) payments for businesses of all sizes. The Chase Paymentech payment APIsTrack this API are accessible for registered users to the Chase / J.P. Morgan developer center, which includes services for E‑commerce Card Not Present, Chase Pay & Other Digital Wallets, Retail Card Present and International Payments.

PayPal offers online payment solutions and has more than 153 million customers worldwide. The PayPal APITrack this API makes powerful functionality available to developers by exposing various features of the PayPal Platform. Functionality includes but is not limited to invoice management, transaction processing and account management.

Stripe APITrack this API enables developers to accept payments online. With the Stripe application, users can keep track of payments, search past payments, create recurring charges, and keep track of customers. Some example API methods include sending invoices, accepting payments, managing subscription billing, and editing and managing account information.

Stripe Payments for developers

Screenshot: Stripe

ADP Payroll
ADP provides payroll services to businesses in the U.S. The ADP Payroll APITrack this API brings developers tools for payroll services including pay statements and distributions, tax statements, ATM Locators, paycard funding initiation, and more. The ADP APIs are currently only available in the US, but will be opened up to the rest of the world soon.

Payoneer is an online payment platform that allows companies to pay and receive payments cross borders and sell things in local currencies. The Payoneer REST APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Payoneer with other applications. Interested developers should sign up for access through the Payoneer website.

Coinbase is an electronic service and "wallet" for bitcoins and digital currency. Users can transfer currency, pay merchants, and make other payments instantly. The Coinbase APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Coinbase with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving account information and balances, sending money, requesting money, and managing user information.

The Razorpay REST APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Razorpay with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving payments, capturing payments, and retrieving refunds of a payment. Razorpay is an online and mobile payment platform for individuals and businesses in India.

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