10 Top Restaurants APIs

Developers looking to create applications that provide data about, or for, restaurants have plenty of sources to choose from. There are Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, available for restaurant menus, location finders, nutritional information, staff hiring, staff scheduling, reviews, reservations, POS and other operational software, and more.

The best place to find these APIs is in the Restaurants category in the ProgrammableWeb directory. There, developers can see a huge list of APIs, news & how-to articles, Software Development Kits (SDKs) and more.

In this article, we highlight the top ten APIs from that category based on page visits from our readers.

1. spoonacular Food API

spoonacular's Food and Recipe APITrack this API provides access to over 360,000 recipes and 80,000 food products. The API enables users to search for recipes using natural language (such as "gluten-free brownies without sugar"). Users can visualize recipe nutrition and ingredient lists, analyze recipe costs, find recipes by nutritional requirements, favorite ingredients, or what's in the refrigerator, classify recipes, convert ingredient amounts, and even compute an entire meal plan. The service covers ingredients, recipes, food products, and menu items.

spoonacular Food API returns recipe, ingredient, product, menus, and much more

spoonacular Food API returns recipe, ingredient, product, menus, and much more. Image: spoonacular


2. ScheduleFly API

Schedulefly provides hiring, staffing, and shift scheduling specifically intended for restaurants and similar establishments. The ScheduleFly APITrack this API enables third party Integration with API methods for retrieving listings of staff, staffing categories, and scheduled shifts assigned to current staff. Methods also support management of job postings created through the service and retrieval of job applications submitted for posted openings.

3. Zomato API

Zomato is a restaurant, food and lifestyle guide. The Zomato Foodie Index APITrack this API lets users access most updated content available on Zomato in real time directly from within their apps. Users can get information such as restaurant listings, location coordinates, reviews, discounts, photos, menus and more. The API lets users search over 1.5 million restaurants across 10,000 cities globally, based on various criteria.


BARZZ.net is an online bar, restaurant and nightclub directory. The BARZZ APITrack this API allows users to retrieve detailed bar and nightclub venue information including bar type, location, amenities, hours, daily specials, and more. Data is available for bars and venues in over 60 cities and regions across the USA and growing daily.

5. Toast API

Toast is a restaurant management Platform that offers point-of-sale (POS) and inventory solutions for restaurants. The Toast REST APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Toast with other applications. API access comes with account service and partner approval.

6. XYZ menus

XYZ menus offers an APITrack this API to access a database of over 350,000 restaurant menus and restaurants. Additionally, the interface provides information on over 30,000,000 individual menu items.

Search restaurants by geolocation, state, menu items, specific fields with XYZ menus API
Search restaurants by geolocation, state, menu items, specific fields with XYZ menus API. Image: XYZ menus


7. TripAdvisor Content API

TripAdvisor is a global travel site featuring reviews and advice on hotels, resorts, flights, vacation rentals, vacation packages, travel guides, and more. TripAdvisor's Content APITrack this API allows access to business information on travel destinations. The API returns rich data on ratings, prices, location, and reviews of travel-themed accommodations, restaurants, transportation, hotels, and more. The API is free to use for any developer that requests an API Key and is approved.

8. Revel Systems

Revel Systems is a point-of-sale (POS) solution for the iPad, web, and mobile. Revel Systems POS system works with other applications and provides customized reports. The Revel Systems APITrack this API allows partner developers to access and integrate the functionality of Revel with other applications. Some example API methods include managing accounts, managing items, and managing payments.

9. EatStreet API

The EatStreet APITrack this API allows developers to get information and menu data for local restaurants as well as place and track orders for takeout and delivery. EatStreet's database includes menu information for more than 12,000 restaurants. The API can also be used to create and manage user accounts, including information such as credit cards and addresses.

10. Unofficial OpenTable API

Open table is an online restaurant reservation service. With the service users can make online reservations, read restaurant reviews from other diners, and earn points towards free meals. The Unofficial OpenTable APITrack this API allows developers to access the data from OpenTable. Methods are available for finding single or multiple restaurants, along with finding information about that restaurant and URLs where reservations can be made. This API is provided by a developer independent of OpenTable, Inc.

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