10 Top Tourism APIs

Creating a tourism application can involve dozens of data sources. Developers may want to include maps, reviews, places of interest, transportation options, air travel booking, tour booking, weather reports, food and beverage choices and other information tourists can use.

Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, for tourism information can help. And the best place to find them are in the Tourism category of ProgrammableWeb. There, developers can find suitable tourism APIs, as well as SDKs, how-to articles, and Source Code samples.

This article highlights the top ten tourism APIs from the ProgrammableWeb directory, based on page visits from our readers.

1. Skyscanner Live Pricing API

Skyscanner is a travel search site that helps users find flight, hotel and car rental deals anywhere in the world. The Skyscanner Live Pricing APITrack this API allows developers to access live pricing information on prices for different flights, by making requests to the Live Pricing API.


BARZZ.net is an online bar, restaurant and nightclub directory. The BARZZ APITrack this API allows users to retrieve detailed bar and nightclub venue information including bar type, location, amenities, hours, daily specials, and more. Data is available for bars and venues in over 60 cities and regions across the USA and growing daily.

3. Moovit API

The Moovit APITrack this API offers transit directions for 800 cities in 60 countries. Information is combined from public transportation operators and the user community to provide travelers with live transit data. Moovit features OmniSearch to discover the best routes, arrival times, and personalization for instant trip planning. Users can get a variety of transit options to reach specific destinations and deep linking is available for one-tap results.

4. Sygic Travel API

The Sygic Travel API offers global tourism and travel data available as a consumable database. Over 20 million places from around the world are available. The places are ranked by popularity among travelers. Information such as location, description, photos, admission fees, tags and opening hours is offered from the API in 18 languages. Points of interest are matched to relevant tours and activities which can be offered to end-customers in order to earn ancillary revenue. Tourism businesses can benefit from the Sygic Travel API by building trip planner and travel guide integrations.

Sygic Travel API provides interesting places data for applications

Sygic Travel API provides interesting places data for applications. Image: Sygic

5. OpenTripMap Places API

OpenTripMap is a map based on cooperative processing of different open data sources (OpenStreetMap, Wikidata, Wikipedia, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation) and encompasses over 10 million tourist attractions and facilities around the world. OpenTripMap Places API allows you to get objects data from the OpenTripMap database and easily integrate it into an external application or website. The OpenTripMap API is listed under the Mapping category.

OpenTripMap API is available

OpenTripMap API is available. Image: OpenTripMap

6. TripLocator API

TripLocator is an online travel company focused on booking exotic tours and other travel services. The Triplocator REST APITrack this API provides developers with access to TripLocator's trips in real time. The API is allows programmers to create applications that consume, create, display and otherwise interact with TripLocator data. A TripLocator Webhooks APITrack this API is also available to enable notifications for the TripLocator service.

Enable applications to book exotic tours with TripLocator API

Enable applications to book exotic tours with TripLocator API. Screenshot: TripLocator

7. GetYourGuide API

GetYourGuide is a website service in which users can book travel tours and activities by geography and location, categories, and activity type. The GetYourGuide API allows developers to access and integrate the content and functionality from GetYourGuide with other sites and applications. The API returns lists of activities from GetYourGuide based on location. Interested developers can contact the provider for API access and Documentation.

8. Meteomatics Weather

Meteomatics is a meteorological software provider based in Switzerland. The Meteomatics Weather APITrack this API offers global forecast (and historical) model and observational data. The API supports point queries, time series queries, and areal queries from all major weather offices.

Get industry-specific weather data such as flight weather forecasts with Meteomatics API

Get industry-specific weather data such as flight weather forecasts with Meteomatics API. Image: Meteomatics

9. Travelopro API

Travelopro provides XML API Integration services for travel applications. The Travelopro APITrack this API includes methods for flight, hotel, car, transfer and sightseeing. With the API, developers can build booking systems from multiple GDS and consolidators, taking products and various functions from the other sources and to receive data feeds in XML format. Documentation and access is available by contacting the provider directly.

10. Leezair Partner API

Leezair enables users to discover and book adventure travel experiences. The Leezair Partner APITrack this API allows developers to source unique experiences, tours and activities around the world, check availabilities in real time and process bookings for customers or existing audience.

More than 65 other APIs, SDKs, and source code samples are available in the Tourism category.

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