100 Apps in 100 Days Winner Helps When Running Late

Back in September we announced the 100 Apps in 100 Days competition that we co-sponsored with Alcatel-Lucent (ProgrammableWeb's parent company) and Top Coder. The challenge was to build and app which used an API from Alcatel-Lucent Open API or Open API Lab and an API from our API directory. The winner of the competition helps notify your meeting-mates of your location when you're running late.

200 developers from TopCoder participated and 160 entries were submitted. Winners were announced in for a number of categories and platforms including healthcare, travel, financial, media, retail, web, iOS, and Android.

The Grand Prize winning app was Late Runner which shares and uses network location information to keep others informed when you are running late for an appointment or meeting. It won due to its "unique blend of network APIs, usability and overall polish on the final application." There were three runner up apps. SMS Geo Notify which would send you task reminders from your TODO list based on your location. Smart Redirect and GPS Now, both by the same developer, the first for routing your calls based on your location and the latter for GPS directions. Finally, Cheapee, which allows the user to find the best three prices for a product by texting a product UPC code, which is really handy for older mobile phones.

Full details of the winners for each category and Platform can be found on the 100 Apps In 100 Days - Developers "Change the World" blog post on the Alcatel-Lucent Open API Service blog.

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