100 New APIs: Google Commerce Search, Intel and Human.io

This week we had 100 new APIs added to our API directory including a geographic mapping features service, online store and e-commerce product search service, mobile games discovery and marketing service, micro-Apps for Android and iOS and phone conversation management app. In addition we covered an API that helps users stay safe, how to simplify visual communication with Lucidchart, and the Avocado couples app. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Accuity IBAN ConnectAccuity IBAN Connect API: IBAN Complete offers a single solution for IBAN (International Bank Account Number) conversion, validation, and routing BIC (Bank Identifier Code) identification. The IBAN is an international standard for identifying bank accounts across national borders with minimal risk of propagating transcription errors. The latest version of IBAN Complete is designed to enable banks and corporations to comply with European mandates. The IBAN Connect API provides programmatic access to the functions of IBAN Complete via SOAP calls.

AddressDoctorAddressDoctor API: The service verifies street and delivery addresses as submitted and corrects them to standard format used by shipping services. Addresses as entered are compared against updated reference data to confirm that the delivery location actually exists, and format correction helps to expedite shipments by maintaining compliance with package handling systems. Available supplemental content includes geodata or demographic information for the specified location.

API methods support interactive verification of a delivery address specified in the request and return confirmation that it exists and its correct format, including basic geocoding information. Batch verification methods provide the same functions, plus checks against records of deceased persons and change-of-address filings along with consumer classification information.

AdyenAdyen API: Adyen provides hosted payment pages for merchants. Their solution supports multiple currencies and accepts over 100 payment methods across Europe, USA, Asia and Latin America. Some of the functionality of the service includes one-click payments, single screen payment pages, A/B testing of payment pages and more. This functionality is supported by the API as well as using single-click without the need to store payment details, alternative payment methods, support for hybrid models in combination with hosted payment pages, and full 3D-Secure support. Full Documentation is not publicly available.

Affiliate SpiceAffiliate Spice API: Affiliate Spice is a technology that helps affiliates monetize online content. The Affiliate Spice toolkit provides tools for creating content units across multiple affiliate networks and tools for automatically converting links into affiliate links. The technology is available as JavaScript widgets and as a RESTful API.

The Affiliate Spice API allows developers to use the technology in their own applications such as in web apps, mobile apps, Android apps, iPhone apps and iPad apps. Affiliates can quickly build links inside their own application or website to thousands of advertisers and millions of products via the API.

amoCRMamoCRM API: amoCRM is an online sales and relationship management service designed to help users manage and pursue sales leads. The amoCRM API allows users to retrieve, search, edit and add contacts, deals, notes, and tasks. The service is available over HTTPS GET and POST calls, and returns XML for all responses.

AppboyAppboy API: Appboy is a mobile CRM SDK that assists developers in boosting app usage, increasing downloads and interaction with their users. The internal on-line share API also included with Appboy's SDK allows developers to integrate sharing throughout their app. Behind the scenes, mobile developers put the Appboy SDK directly into their apps and recieve data, insight, and diagnostic information about their users served through Appboy's web dashboard.

AppLiftAppLift API: AppLift is a mobile games discovery and marketing service. Their goal is to be a mobile affiliate network that is soley focused on games. Advertising affiliates can use the API to track, analyze and optimize mobile game app installs and post install events. The API or an SDK can be used to track conversions to any traffic source, marketing channel, creative type or other variable.

AppNexusAppNexus API: AppNexus is an open and customizable advertising Platform that specializes in real-time advertising. AppNexus offers a proprietary gateway to premier ad exchanges and ad inventory aggregators as well as an online auction infrastructure and technology for data management, optimization, financial clearing and support for directly negotiated advertising campaigns. This platform is exposed via a set of RESTful APIs. Documentation is available to customers.

AthlinksAthlinks API: The service compiles results of endurance races for access by the athletes themselves and others interested in the outcomes. It accumulates race completion times and other results by competitor and provides complete listings along with athlete profiles and social networking functions for interaction between them.

API methods support streaming of race results, either for the race as a whole or all races entered by a specified athlete. Methods also support retrieval of results for specified competitors and rivals, including head-to-head matchups, with athletes specified by name, email address, or system ID value. The API also allows retrieval of results for specified races and any "unclaimed results" by competitors not tracked by the system.

AvocadoAvocado API: Avocado, a company catering to couples, provides couples with a private space to collect and share messages, photos, and ideas in their own unique way. The Avocado API provides documentation showing how to build apps and services for couples using Avocado. This allows couples, or developers, to add to and customize their Avocado application.

Backplane JavaScriptBackplane JavaScript API: The Backplane JavaScript Library runs in an end user’s browser and mediates communication between Backplane-enabled Widgets on the page and the Backplane Server. The Backplane JavaScript Library provides an API for developers that assures it will be the first library to load on the page to make it possible for other scripts to use its subscription functionality.

Backplane ServerBackplane Server API: The Backplane Server is an independent orchestrator of the message interchange between Backplane Clients and may serve multiple independent buses. Once the Backplane client has been recognized as authenticated and the buses specified then the server will continue through the authorization grant. The API uses OAuth2 and HTTP basic Authentication and returns messages in JSON format.

Blip A DealBlip A Deal API: Blip A Deal is a comprehensive group buying and daily deals site, offering services such as deals watchlists, coupon storage, alerts, language translation, and personalized filtering. The Blip A Deal API enables developer access to worldwide deals data via location, keywords, and free text.

CADECCADEC API: Computer Aided Design Environment for Composites (CADEC) is an online application that performs composite materials analysis. Users can store and manipulate data about fibers, matrices, laminas, laminates, loads and more. The CADEC API exposes this functionality for use in third party applications. It uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

CampusCash MobileCampusCash Mobile API: CampusCash Mobile is a mobile marketing service that combines SMS mobile text, Email, Myspace, Facebook, Instant Message, and Twitter. The CampusCash Mobile API allows users to synchronize a contact list or database with a user account. Functionality also includes two-way SMS communication, the creation of marketing keywords, and contact management. The API uses HTTP POST and GET and returns XML. To obtain an API Key for use, users must have a full, non-trial, account with CampusCash Mobile and submit a request through the support dashboard.

Canada PostCanada Post API: The service provides delivery services from Canada Post that can be integrated with e-commerce and retailing applications serving Canadian customers. In addition to basic shipping of purchases, it allows online stores to incorporate rate discovery and package tracking. Applications can specify a number of shipping options to customize delivery services.

API methods support specification of shipping location and delivery address, determination of shipping charges, and completion of documentation to send a package through Canada Post delivery services. Methods also support specification of available shipping options and package tracking while en route.

CDYNE Delayed Stock QuoteCDYNE Delayed Stock Quote API: The CDYNE Delayed Stock Quote API allows users to retrieve stock information using a number of SOAP-based calls. Users may retrieve a stock's price, a current stock quote, or a dataset containing information on multiple stocks. For all calls, developers may use a license key of 0 for testing.

ClarityClarity API: Clarity is an app for individuals to network over the phone. It is meant to connect people seeking to impart or receive advice. The Clarity features allow individuals to schedule their conversation by time, subject, and person. Speakers can also use in-built payment functions to charge clients for their time. Others can also use a URL linked to users’ account to schedule conversations with them. The Clarity.fm API exposes user information and profile functionality. It is RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

Colorado TimberlineColorado Timberline API: Colorado Timberline is a manufacturing company that offers normal and customized name brand products. The Colorado TImberline API allows users to place orders for merchandise as well as specify how the item should decorated. The API uses HTTP calls and returns XML. Colorado Timberline offers a PHP client library and is working to make more libraries available.

CommonDataHubCommonDataHub API: CommonDataHub (CDH) is the global repository for data standards such as ISO codes and industry code sets. CDH aggregates and consolidates data sets from multiple sources, provides additional attributes as needed and maps related code sets giving users a full picture of a subject area. The CDH API gives users the capability to retrieve data and use it in their own applications. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Connxys ReClaimConnxys ReClaim API: The ReClaim service offered by Connxys provides customers with an electronic tag to add to their luggage to prevent mishandling. The tag is highly durable and enables airline workers to quickly confirm a bag's ownership and itinerary, even if the original airline tag is missing or unreadable.

ReClaim customers may update their travel information by e-mailing the service or by logging into their profile and updating the information themselves. The ReClaim API provides another option, allowing users to add, update, or retrieve itinerary and flight information programmatically.

CPUsage CirrusGrid GridVidCPUsage CirrusGrid GridVid API: Gridvid is an FFmpeg based distributed video transcoder which allows transmission and processing in the cloud via REST API's. Gridvid was created by CPUsage, a cloud computing service that offers access to idle computers for faster computing needs. These needs cater to motion graphics, life sciences, and finance industries to name a few.

CrossriderCrossrider API: Crossrider is a multiplatform, cloud based extension development tool for the creation of interoperable extensions in a variety of online environments. Utilizing JQuery, users are able to create extensions in minutes with a rapidly growing developer base. Monetize the online experience with a customized browser button or extension.

The appAPI allows for the creation of cross-browser extensions using simple Javascript. Through the API you can utilize features such cross domain requests, local databases and browser buttons. In conjunction with the CrossriderAPI, you can check on the status of the extension online and ensure its proper functionality.

CustomCDCustomCD API: The service provides fulfillment and delivery of orders for information and file-based products sold via e-commerce or other digital retailing operations. It stores the content files that make up the digital product and generates a customized CD-ROM to be shipped in completion of the seller's order. Fulfillment services can complete sales for music CDs, photo or media products, software, and games.

API methods support management of digital product files stored by the system and submission of completed order information specifying product purchased, with ability to customize files included, and customer including delivery address. Methods generate production of a custom CD with required disc artwork and packaging via print-on-demand, followed by shipping to the purchaser. The API also gives summary information about products generated as well as individual orders, including current fulfillment status, history, shipping and re-shipping data.

Daleeli MobileDaleeli Mobile API: Daleeli is a Saudi Arabian directory for all sorts of businesses and services. Visitors can look up restaurants, hotels, contractors, garden supply stores, car dealers, doctors, and more. Business information is not limited to Saudi Arabia; international businesses are represented as well.

The Daleeli Mobile API allows users to integrate access to Daleeli into applications for mobile devices. The API is accessible using SOAP calls in XML format. Relevant webpages and documentation are provided in both Arabic and English.

DAVID BioinformaticsDAVID Bioinformatics API: The service provides tools for functional annotation to discover the implications for biological research of specific genes and genetic markers tracked by its database. Formally named Database for Annotation, Visualization and Integrated Discovery (DAVID), it logs descriptions of genetic combinations found by researchers to enhance understanding of likely biological effects and target research.

API methods support retrieval of annotations listing biological functions for specified individual genes and gene clusters in both tabular and chart form. Methods also support review of full gene reports for wider-scale informatics applications.

DerpibooruDerpibooru API: The website is for uploading and sharing My Little Pony fan art. Derpibooru is an image booru (sharing/commenting/voting system) for fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A JSON API for major site functionality can be freely used by those who want to produce tools for the site or other ways to use the data provided within Derpibooru.

DigitalOceanDigitalOcean API: DigitalOcean provides a simple, cloud based virtual server (droplet) service. With over 13,000 cloud servers currently in operation, DigitalOcean is a well-established provider of online storage solutions with fast, realtime control. With a streamlined interface, users are able to create and start utilizing a virtual server in under a minute.

The API provides all the same services as the web control panel to allow full control over your Droplet virtual servers. Using a simple, REST interface you can make calls for: shutting down, power cycling your virtual server, show all active droplets, take a snapshot, rebuild your droplet, and more. The API supports all major droplet functions allowing you to effectively run your server through the API.

Dropship.comDropship.com API: The service provides inventory management and shipment/delivery services to fulfill orders placed with an e-commerce or other retailing application. The selling platform completes the purchase and sends shipping information to the service, which generates shipping documents, packs the products purchased, and sends them for delivery. Existing integrations with popular e-commerce platforms are available.

API methods support submission of product and customer information, including delivery address, for fulfillment of an order. Methods provide response messages indicating order status, which can be relayed to customers with order confirmation and in response to status checks. Methods also support retrieving and updating product inventory information.

E-CashE-Cash API: E-Cash Systems provides South Africa with a secure online payment platform for online merchants. The E-Cash API is offered in two formats: Direct API through a securely hosted WSDL enabling direct Integration via a Web Service, and redirect API integration that interacts with the E-Cash gateway via HTTPS. The API is available after contract setup and an application has been submitted and approved.

EducreationsEducreations API: Educreations is learning tools platform. It allows users to create and share lesson plans with their mobile devices. Educreations was built for iPad but users can also draw lessons plans on web browser platform. Users can set their lesson plans to be available for public consumption on Educreations Showcase page. Otherwise they may embed them on personal sites or provide private links for their students. The Educreations API is available to their web and mobile clients.

eKim eKart Fraud BustereKim eKart Fraud Buster API: The service, headquartered in Vietnam, provides a check for fraud in a pending e-commerce transaction and returns results including a recommendation to proceed with the transaction or close it out uncompleted. It analyzes information about the purchaser, including billing and shipping addresses, in comparison to IP address, bank identification number, and other variables. A component for IP-to-location helps to verify consistency of information provided by the purchaser.

API methods support fraud analysis for a transaction based on submitted customer email, phone, and shipping and billing addresses, as well as IP address and bank identification number of the payment card. Methods can return results of the fraud check with a recommendation to complete or block the transaction. Options include verifying the phone number and bank identification number and matching IP address to the purchaser's location.

Eligible Health InsuranceEligible Health Insurance API: The Eligible Health Insurance API is a service that lets users lookup information on over 700 insurance companies. Information available includes patients active versus inactive status, coinsurance, copayment, deductible, health spending balance and specialty specific information such as MRI and diagnostic labs. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

eShopWorldeShopWorld API: The service integrates with e-commerce and other retailing applications to manage fulfillment and shipping, especially for international transactions. It calculates taxes and shipping rates in effect for cross-border sales and helps to manage delivery options and selection.

API methods support interaction with HS-rated product catalogs to define tax rates in effect for the selling and delivery jurisdictions. Methods also give access to shipping options available between sending and delivery locations with rate information and finalization of shipments. The API also provides for tracking international shipments and authorization of returns.

eStore AdvancedeStore Advanced API: eStore Advanced is an E-commerce Software that allows businesses to quickly set up their online storefronts. eStore gives users the ability to create an online shop with a secure shopping cart, website hosting, online marketing tools, free support and more. An API is avaialable that allows developers to accept payments on their merchant sites or on their NTPnow payment gateway. Documentation is not publicly available.

Gain Capital AutoEx TradingGain Capital AutoEx Trading API: GAIN Capital is a leading provider of online forex trading. The GAIN Trading platform gives members an environment where they can conduct trading in an anonymous fasion with direct access and trade execution capabilities using streaming prices that provide a transparent view of both price and order book depth. The platform functionality is available via a SOAP API for integration into third party systems.

gdgtgdgt API: gdgt is a consumer electronics review site. They provide consumers information on gadgets and apps culled from numerous other sources on the web. The reviews, from reputable sites such as CNET and TechRadar, are aggregated and their scores averaged to provide balanced score. Users can browse by type of gadget and popularity or search by keyword. Their API exposes their data to developers by requrest for partnership.

Google Commerce SearchGoogle Commerce Search API: The service provides hosted functionality for product search to meet the needs of e-commerce retailers. It gives online store managers a customized search engine against their own specific product catalog and related product information materials. It includes familiar Google search features like sophisticated relevance ranking that can be adjusted by the store owner, query expansion to match synonyms of users' search terms, complex variant spelling of search terms, and targeted promotions based on result sets.

API methods support submission of a user search query and retrieval of matching listings from an online store's own product catalog. Methods work with the [/api/google-shopping-search Google Shopping API] to support definition of product categories for the store's catalog, specification of spelling rules to ensure retrieval of the right results for similar query terms, control of promotions and product recommendations linked to search terms, and complex guidelines for filtering and sorting relevance ranked results. The API also allows clickthrough tracking to reveal customer behavior patterns based on search results.

GREENCLOUDSGREENCLOUDS API: GREENCLOUDS provides an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) that uses excess space in large companies' datacenters. It aggregates this space into one big cloud and redistributes it to users through local sellers. The GREENCLOUDS API allows GREENCLOUDS customers to manage and monitor the life cycles of their virtual machines using either SOAP or REST calls.

GuardlyGuardly API: Guardly is a mobile personal safety application that lets smartphone users push a single button on their device to connect and alert friends, family and authorities in an emergency. The Guardly API gives developers the ability to integrate emergency response notification and collaboration functionality into their own applications. Interested developers should apply with the provider for access to the REStful API, developer key and documentation.

HisignHisign API: The service headquartered in India provides SMS text messaging for integration with other websites and applications. Site actions and application processes can trigger auto-generated SMS text messages for specific mobile phone numbers. The service can also convert email to text message format for flexible communication option.

API methods support submission of simple HTTP requests to generate SMS text messages, picture messages, or Flash messages. Methods also support interaction with the service via XML data files or SMTP email traffic, each of which generates a text message to recipient mobile phone numbers specified in the request.

Hit The DealsHit The Deals API: Hit The Deals UAE Go Deal Crazy is a daily deal site offering vouchers for various products and services. Dubai is currently the only featured city. The Hit The Deals UAE Go Deal Crazy API was designed to provide developer access to local Hit the Deals information and present it to their users in imaginative new ways.

HoseasonsHoseasons API: Hoseasons is a leading UK vacation company. Hoseasons offers access to over 40,000 properties across the UK and Europe through various brands. Visitors can search for, compare prices and book their vacations. The Hoseasons API offers much of the functionality of the site, making it available to affiliates. The data is returned in real-time so that affiliates can offer customers the latest deals. Nearly 30 methods are available via a SOAP API with responses formatted in XML.

Human.ioHuman.io API: Human.io lets developers create micro-apps for mobile devices, specifically Android and iOS mobile devices. The micro-apps run on the Human.io mobile app. Human.io also offers an API for both Python and REST. The API exposes functionality such as interacting with users, presenting a UI, and retrieving feedback.

iGeolise Travel TimeiGeolise Travel Time API: The service provides estimate of travel time from a given location to a list of destinations and a specified travel mode such as walking, driving, train, bus, etc. It also provides a map of the fastest route between specified origin and destination locations, with adjustment for travel mode.

API methods support specification of an origin point by latitude and longitude, a travel mode, a time limit, and the type of destination. Returned data provide destinations of the requested type within the specified travel time range. Methods also allow specification of a point of origin, destination, and travel mode to receive the fastest available route. The API also supports geocoding for specified U.K. postal codes.

Intel Developer Services BetaIntel Developer Services Beta API: Intel's Developer Services Beta introduces a suite of location-based Cloud APIs. The APIs provide an enhanced set of app development capabilities for developers wishing to add location-based features to their app. New and existing applications can be enhanced to be “location aware” with geographic mapping, routing, and point-of-interest location services.

iPointeriPointer API: The service identifies buildings visible to a mobile device camera based on the device location and a search against its database of real estate information. It then returns detailed data on record about the building, derived from information filed for purposes of property taxes and real estate transactions. It identifies buildings by type (single-family residential, multi-family, office, warehouse, etc.), size, and details of prior sales.

API methods support identifying a building via input from a mobile device and return detailed information about the type of property, its size in square feet and the lot size, the count of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the date and purchase price of its last sale on record.

Jupix Jupix API: Jupix is a web-based estate agency management service based in the United Kingdom. The Jupix API covers three functions of the Jupix online management service. The API will provide property details, track property inquiries from external sources, and integrate contacts into property mailing lists.

Keen PrintKeen Print API: Keen is a Software-as-a-Service ecommerce and print shop management tool. Keen can be used to help find prospects, receive their orders and ship their products. Keen allows print companies to set up online storefronts, offer price quotes, tracking info and order updates to their customers. The Keen API lets developers integrate the service with their existing systems. Interested developers should contact Keen for more information.

LawToolBox DeadlineLawToolBox Deadline API: LawToolBox provides real-time, automatic update system to help those in the legal profession to keep up with the legal rule changes for courts across the country. The LawToolBox API allows users to program to the API to query for deadline information, available venues, and rule changes within venues. An account is required with service and pricing is available on request.

LiveOpsLiveOps API: The service provides a cloud-based Contact Center for coordinating communications with customers, field sales people, remote staff, partner organizations, etc. It offers a customizable interface for managing contact information such as phone number and email address to help customer service agents keep in contact and build relationships. Contact management and call tracking functions can be integrated with other applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) packages.

API methods support management of incoming and outgoing calls, including caller, agent assigned, device, transfer, and hangup functions. Methods also support customer Callback and contact tracking over time.

Lord of the Rings OnlineLord of the Rings Online API: Lord of the Rings On-line is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game developed by Turbine and based on JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. The LotRO API provides a RESTful interface to allow developers to integrate data requests into their applications or sites. Available data, returned in XML format, includes information about characters, items, and guilds.

LucidChartLucidChart API: LucidChart is diagram- and chart-making platform. Users can create wireframes, charts, UML, more, and share them easily through an array of integration options. The interface allows users to drag and drop the pieces of their diagrams. For this, users have a large selections and shapes and texts at their disposal. The diagrams can be published as PDFs or shared through various web platforms such as Google Drive and Apps. The LucidChart API exposes the document management functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns XML-encoded data.

Mackinac Center for Public Policy VotesMackinac Center for Public Policy Votes API: The Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Michigan is a non-profit, non-partisan, public educational institution whose intent is to expand the debate regarding the need of government intervention in daily life. Through this site's API, citizens are empowered and allowed the opportunity for a more active part in the democratic process, as well as being provided with resources with which to hold their elected representatives accountable.

Provided by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, Votes is a free public service API informing Michigan citizens about ongoing and new legislation in their communities.

The API utilizes GET requests such as: VoteResult, VoteType, Bills, Category, ChamberSession and more. Interaction with the API requires a browser with the ability to send and receive SOAP messages. After successful registration, users may begin using the API's functions.

MbarMbar API: Mbar is a bar, terrace & café in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. The club offers a free, read only REST API for access to its program data, including event, artist and club series information. No API key is required and the data formats supported are XML, YAML and JSON.

Monexa BillingMonexa Billing API: Monexa provides a subscription billing platform as well as offering electronic bill presentment & payment capability to supplement a company's current billing system. Utilizing a cloud-based, SaaS approach, Monexa helps to streamline a company's subscription billing and payments system.

Monexa Billing utilizes a variety of SOAP and XML APIs. The API allows for complete integration with a client's store, CRM as well as financial services, providing end to end billing automation. The API is meant for users wishing to integrate a client program with Monexa. Requests must be sent using HTTP POST.

Mountain News OnTheSnowMountain News OnTheSnow API: The service provides frequently updated reports of snow conditions, including new snowfall and related weather events, for ski resorts worldwide. It also provides information about resort facilities and activities useful for winter sports enthusiasts and vacation travel planners.

API methods support specification of a location or region to receive listings of ski resorts nearby and retrieval of existing and new snow reported by those facilities. Methods also support retrieval of resort profiles, photos and images, and special deals or promotions offered.

MyBuildingMyBuilding API: The service provides rental property management information functions such as vacancy announcements, rental applications, tenant status tracking, and maintenance requests. It also allows residents to post profiles. Property managers can list events of interest to residents and send announcements.

API methods support management of resident accounts and profiles, along with assignment of residents to rental units, reassignment to different units if they move, and terminating tenancy when they move out. Methods also support submission and tracking of maintenance requests. The API also supports community interaction among residents and listings of events on the property.

Network Solutions Public EcommerceNetwork Solutions Public Ecommerce API: Network Solutions provides the means to jumpstart an online business as well as aid clients in setting up and managing (independently or through Network Solutions) all aspects of an e-store. Services provided include: web hosting, design, ecommerce solutions, security, marketing and email. With constantly available and award-winning 24/7 customer service, Network Solutions provides reliable and simple solutions for clients so that their ebusiness can thrive.

The Ecommerce API is designed to work with the Network Solutions ecommerce offerings. It is designed for developers who care to create applications which utilize their customer’s online store, inventory, order as well as other customer data. Offered in SOAP or XML. CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete), are available,

NextUserNextUser API: NextUser is a subscription services management platform. It provides extensible subscription marketing and order management features for businesses to consolidate their configuration overheard. The platform’s inbuilt features include CRM, accounting, and payment processing. NextUser also allows for simple integration of third party solutions. The NextUser API exposes the platform’s entire functionality and acts as a single integration point for all features.

nSpherenSphere API: The service provides information of interest to local audiences. It gives access to separate content databases related to events, companies, topics, and general content such as reviews, how-to articles, etc. The information is available to be incorporated on websites and applications targeting specific local areas, giving content relevant to the audiences there.

API methods support retrieval of company listings, event updates, topic guides, and general content tagged as applicable to a particular location. Requests specify location and the distance around it, then the APIs return any matching content from the provider's database.

Nuance NinaNuance Nina API: Nuance, the company behind the speech recognition technology used with Apple's Siri, now offers a Siri-like API called Nina. Nina can be integrated into developer applications allowing the use of voice commands like Siri. In order to differentiate applications from others, developers can customize their Nina integration with different voices as well.

NumberLaundryNumberLaundry API: The NumberLaundry website is a service provided by whatcheer.com that provides useful information about phone numbers that are submitted. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. The submitted phone number will be returned "clean" with no dashes or spaces between numbers, with a country icon, and a Twilio calling rate. The API is available free of charge.

NutshellNutshell API: Nutshell is a customer relations management platform. It provides a simple dashboard for carrying out various lead generation and sales tracking procedures. The dashboard includes features for leads, reports, and setup, which allows users to automate workflow. The Nutshell API exposes the dashboard’s data accession functionality. It essentially allows developers to access the database functions of the CRM platform through SOAP, JSON- RPC, and a simple HTTP POST parameters.

Open NotifyOpen Notify API: Open Notify is an open source project to bring digital notifications into the physical world. The software is used to monitor real world events and use them as a means of turning an LED light on and off. The API can track events such as when the International Space Station flies over a particular location, the current location of the International Space Station and a current top down view of the solar system with interplanetary spacecraft positions. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

OverDriveOverDrive API: OverDrive is a digital media platform for retailers, libraries, and users. OverDrive offers features for users to access digital media content, such as eBooks from retailers and libraries, on various devices and applications.

The OverDrive APIs allow developers to access and integrate the functionality of OverDrive with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include searching digital media, managing user accounts, and managing digital media content.

PaymillPaymill API: Paymill is a credit card payment processing API. It allows businesses to develop simple and cost-effective credit card payment solution with their existing technology. Users create an account that gives them a means of processing credit cards and a dealer cockpit that keeps a record of payment transactions. The API is RESTful and returns JSON-encoded data. The website is originally in German.

Performant JuxtaPerformant Juxta API: Juxta is an open-source tool that lets scholars and researchers examine the history of a text from manuscript to print versions. Users can compare and collate multiple witnesses to a single textual work. The desktop version of the software lets users complete textual criticism operations on digital texts. Users can also annotate Juxta-revealed comparisons and save the results. The web service offers a limited set of functionality, uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

PicovicoPicovico API: Picovico is a slideshow creation tool. Its platform allows users to upload photo sets and arrange them in desired order. Users can spiffy up their presentations with Picovico’s themes and styles. Furthermore, users can upload their own audio to add a soundtrack their slideshow. The final product has its own URL for users to share. The Picovico API exposes the entire slideshow creation functionalities for developers to build new applications and servers on top. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

PropertywarePropertyware API: Propertyware is asset management software for real estate. It is intended for landlords, fee managers, and REO asset managers. The software comes in different packages for different sized operations. All of its features enable aforementioned parties to manage their portfolio, payments, and prospects. It also has in-built capacities to integrate with QuickBooks, Outlook, and Google Sync. The Propertyware API is available only Enterprise subscribers. It exposes integrative and developmental functionalities.

Purolator eShipPurolator eShip API: The service allows applications to integrate the provider's E-Ship Web Services to estimate delivery cost and time and to complete shipping documentation. It implements rules and restrictions governing package shipping to allow an e-commerce site or retailer to quote delivery terms and arrange customer shipping upon completion of a purchase.

API methods support submission of a shipping location and delivery address, along with package contents and other details, to generate an estimate of delivery time and cost. Methods then allow booking of the shipment, completion of shipping documents, and scheduling of pickup. The API also supports tracking of packages en route and processing of returned merchandise.

Push IOPush IO API: Push IO is a provider of real-time push notification alerts and mobile data delivery. The API offers methods for sending category-based target broadcasts and test device push notifications to all platform users with a single call. The Push IO API is a simple RESTful API with JSON responses and POST calls.

Quiubas SMSQuiubas SMS API: The Quiubas SMS API allows application developers to send text messages to over 200 countries. With this, developers also receive Two-Way SMS functionality in a variety of different languages all for a small fee. The API is available in PHP, C++, JAVA and HTTP.

Quotes DaddyQuotes Daddy API: Quotes Daddy is an online quote library. It houses great sayings from past and present characters. The site offers a search bar that allows users to search by tag, quote, or author. Users can also subscribe to receive daily updates of quotes from a particular genre, such as Inspirational, Love, Friendship, and more. The Quotes Daddy API exposes the search functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns XML-encoded data.

RatchetRatchet API: Ratchet accepts Items (errors, warnings, etc.) via a RESTful JSON API. Developers can use the API to collect and analyze their applications errors and deploys. Ratchet understands "log levels" from debug to crtitcal and provides a dashboard to take care of the most severe issues first. Requests sent in POST but can also be sent using Python.

RealSatisfiedRealSatisfied API: RealSatisfied increases the opportunities you have to make connections with your clients and customers. Future and present customers can view your testimonials and recommendations online. They provide a platform for gathering user generated testimonials and feedback in a straight forward, simplified manner. You can send your clients surveys, invitations, set up notifications and more.

The RESTful RealSatisfied API utilizes XML or JSON over HTTP using GET,POST & PUT calls. The API can be used to integrate your applications with RealSatisfied's services. The documentation also includes a developer's Sandbox for testing the API functionality and available tools.

RejoinerRejoiner API: Designed specifically for online retailers and merchants, Rejoiner is focused on creating customers by reestablishing connections with users who have abandoned their online cart in an online marketplace. Services include: Shopping cart abandonment capture in realtime, drip email remarketing, subscriber management, analytics, notifications, campaign optimizations and an easy, pain free setup for retailers.

The shopping cart abandonment API is written in Javascript with plugins and integration with other cart software available. Merchants can utilize the API to pass on a large variety of information to Rejoiner such as: cart information (values, number of items) image paths and other important information useful for analysis during a checkout. Available methods include: email, returnURL, totalitems, and value.

RentPostRentPost API: RentPost is a rental property management platform. It serves landlords, building managers, and tenants. For landlords and building managers, RentPost provices a dashboard with rent collection, work order, and payment system management. Tenants can use it to file maintenance requests, pay their rent, and more. RentPost offers a RESTful API that exposes integration and data management functions.

Research.gov Application SubmissionResearch.gov Application Submission API: The service accepts applications for grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) so local applications can initiate grant applications, allow review and modification, and complete final submission for consideration by the agency. It gives access to lists of grant opportunities as well as functions to submit applications and track status through the decision and funding processes.

API methods support retrieval of an opportunity list and detailed information about selected grant offerings. Methods also handle online submissions, with listings of all submissions for a grant and status inquiries for specific applications.

Review TrackersReview Trackers API: Review Trackers is a feedback monitoring system for businesses. Its platform allows aggregation of review sources for small, medium, and enterprise-sized businesses products and services. From there, each review can be resolved, categorized, and tracked. Review Tracker monitors sources for the user daily. The API is available to developers via partnership and exposes the aggregated review data and monitoring functions.

RingCentral RingOutRingCentral RingOut API: RingCentral provides cloud based phone systems which allow companies to break from legacy phone systems and utilize RingCentral's business phone system with fax and voice services. A few of the services offered include: auto-receptionist functionality, a flexible extension structure, multiple voicemail boxes, intelligent call routing, ability to use extension dialing, transfers, and enhanced smartphone integration.

The API allows customers to employ RingOut services from a third party application. Through a GET or POST call, four services: list, call, status, and cancel are accesible. HTTP Cookies must be stored by customers and used on future calls.

SalesKingSalesKing API: SalesKing is an online accounting service that allows users to perform tasks such as creating invoices and automating billing for recurrent charges. It also provides services for managing customers, products, and employees. SalesKing's functions are accessible programmatically using a RESTful API that issues JSON-formatted calls. The website is provided primarily in German.

SavvrSavvr API: Savvr is a data analysis service for local businesses. They aggregate information from over 250 daily deal websites and analyze the data for business opportunities. Businesses can employ Savvr to provide them with competitive analysis and investment insight about how to optimize offers in the daily deal market. Moreover, businesses can use it for merchant lead generation. Savvr offers an API to developers interested in building apps with their data. Developers must provide and request and explanation to Savvr at api@savvr.com.

SEOshop WebshopAppSEOshop WebshopApp API: SEOshop is a search engine optimized webshop service designed to take advantage of all legal SEO techniques. The WebshopApp enables developers to work with and customize their SEOshop. The WebshopApp API provides programmatic access to important store data such as orders, products, customers, categories, shipments, and brands, allowing them to be retrieved and modified as required.

ServiceObjects DOTS Fast QuoteServiceObjects DOTS Fast Quote API: The ServiceObjects DOTS Fast Quote API allows users to retrieve stock index information, international stock information, OTC Bulletin Board Market stock information, or information for a given stock ticker. All stock quotes are delayed by at least 15 minutes, except for NYSE and AMEX quotes, which are delayed by at least 20 minutes. Users may also look up symbols for companies or indexes. All API calls are made in SOAP using the XML format.

ServiceObjects DOTS GeoCashServiceObjects DOTS GeoCash API: The ServiceObjects DOTS GeoCash API provides users with a collection of SOAP-based calls for locating ATMs. These calls can return ATM locations for a given five-digit ZIP code, for a street name within a given ZIP code, for a given city and two-letter state abbreviation, or within a specified radius (in miles) of a given ZIP code.

SkiWhere Global Ski Resort LocatorSkiWhere Global Ski Resort Locator API: The service provides directory listings for approximately 2000 ski resorts around the globe. It generates listings of the nearest skiing facilities for any position on Earth specified by latitude and longitude sorted by distance from the selected location.

API methods accept a request specifying latitude and longitude anywhere on the globe and return listings of the nearest ski resorts, with distance in miles from the specified location. Results come from a database estimated to list 25% of the ski facilities in the world.

Skizmo VINSkizmo VIN API: The service accepts a vehicle identification number (VIN) from a specific car or truck and returns decoded information about the make, model, and features at the time of manufacture. Information returned include the manufacturer and name badge, model name, year of manufacturer, engine and transmission installed, color of exterior paint and interior, etc.

API methods accept a correctly formatted alphanumeric string encoded by the manufacturer and recorded as a tag on the body of the vehicle. Methods decode the elements of this code other than the specific serial number and report basic information about the vehicle's original specifications. Enhanced information elements include fuel mileage (MPG), manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), cargo capacity, etc.

Sprint.lySprint.ly API: Sprint.ly is a project management platform for businesses. It is intended to integrate workflow and collaboration across departments. It does so transparently and informatively. Its dashboard provides spaces for communications, project progress, analytics, and more. Sprint.ly will also email its users daily digests. The Sprint.ly API exposes the information update and retrieval functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

StorenvyStorenvy API: Storenvy assists in developing online stores for clients as well as aggregating independent online stores into a web marketplace with over 18,000 stores at present. You can either open your own online store utilizing their tools and API or browse and shop through the growing directory.

The API is currently in private beta (request a beta invite).

Developers using the API can manage their storefront, monitor and control order fulfillments, and receive event notifications through a REST interface in a JSON format. The API fully supports OAUTH2 and allows you to create useful third-party apps for Storenvy merchants. Utilizing your store’s API key, you can also connect directly with your own store and augment its functionality as you see fit.

Surescripts Million Hearts Risk Check LocatorSurescripts Million Hearts Risk Check Locator API: Surescripts supports a comprehensive ecosystem of health care organizations with a national e-prescription network connecting prescribers and pharmacies. The Million Hearts developer challenge, sponsored by Million Hearts and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, is an outreach initiative and developer challenge to improve awareness of cardiovascular disease and promote cardiovascular screening. The Superscripts Million Hearts Risk Check Locator Service API provides developer access to the Surescripts location based search for affiliated search providers offering screenings.

Systembolaget SystemSystembolaget System API: Systembolaget, the Swedish alcohol monopoly mandated by the Swedish state to help control the medical and social harm caused by alcohol, has released a simple API to retrieve product information. The idea of the API is to fill the void that the monopoly creates as they only provide big XML / XLS files that users have to download and then entertain themselves. This API provides a quick and easy retrieval of Systembolaget's current sales records.

TicketscriptTicketscript API: Ticketscript is a free event ticketing software tool. Developers can use Ticketscript to integrate their website and Facebook page to Ticketscript's platform. From the platform, developers can mange all ticket selling aspects of their event by utilizing sales information, demographic information, and other information recorded by the Ticketscript software.

TraitPerceptionTraitPerception API: TraitPerception is a personality analysis tool. It is intended for businesses to gauge their current or prospective employees. Users connect their Facebook profiles to its analytical engine that will then comb it for quantitatively comparably data. The results are feedback reviews explaining the user’s personal strengths and weaknesses. It will also allow employers to rank prospective employees by trait. The TraitPerception API allows developers to integrate the analytical engine with other informational sources and back end communication systems.

TVSyncTVSync API: TVSync is a media management API platform. It allows developers to build apps for web, mobile, TV, and more. It can identify media content from TV, music, and movies to authenticate and describe a stream’s assets for consumers. It also allows developers to collocate different for unique content delivery. Developers must request access to the closed beta API. The API exposes the essential content identification and delivery functionalities.

UnataUnata API: Unata is a target marketing service. It offers businesses deep and extensive capabilities to monitor and target their online shoppers’ behavior. The shopping experience monitoring and marketing platform can be integrated with numerous mobile, web, and social media apps. This real-time platform is coupled with CRM software that is enhanced with analytical reports. The Unata API exposes the service calls functionality.

UniFlipUniFlip API: Uniflip is a self service publishing system providing epublishing and file conversion services for clients wishing to create and publish a PDF flipbook. Uniflip can convert your personal or company's print resources into an interactive media package that is flippable and can be hosted through UniFlip or the client's own, personal server.

The API allows developers to upload files, utilize publication lists, and gather publication information through a few, simple GET and POST HTTP-based API calls. The user can also create and post and edit publications to UniFlip, activate licenses, and more.

VoiceCloudVoiceCloud API: VoiceCloud is a leading cloud based voice services provider. The VoiceCloud technology converts user voicemails to text and delivers them via email and/or text message. The VoiceCloud API exposes the functionality of the platform for developers to use in their own applications. With the API users can send audio in mp3 or wav format to the service and receive text back. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

WorldDataSourceWorldDataSource API: WorldDataSource is an information provider that gives users access to financial information from markets around the world. The WorldDataSource API is a Java API that provides users with direct access to data feeds from the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Stock Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, New York Mercantile Exchange, New York Boards of Trade, and other financial exchanges.

WriterAccessWriterAccess API: WriterAccess is a marketplace for writers and publishers to connect. As a content marketing platform, it allows businesses the opportunity to employee expert writers efficiently and remotely. Writers have profiles describing their expertise that businesses can browse. Content editors can also be hired. The WriterAccess API exposes integration functionality for developers to build one-click publishing features. It also exposes account management and communication functionality.