100 Twilio Mashups: a Look at Three with Funding

Today's mashup of the day, the crowdsourced playlist creator, marks telephony-as-a-service provider Twilio's 100th mashup added to the ProgrammableWeb directory. The tremendous interest in the Twilio Platform put it in the top five APIs of 2010 by mashup count. In this post, we'll look at three Twilio applications that have recently received funding.

In September of this year, VC firm 500 Startups announced the launch of the Twilio Fund to invest $250K in start-ups that use Twilio. Via the Twilio Fund, 500 Startups would offer investments of $10,000 in up to 10 companies for a 1% stake in the company. In addition, one or more of these companies stood a chance for a $50,000 investment and invitation to participate in their accelerator program at the 500 Startups space in Mountain View, CA.

The 500 Startups Blog announced the first 3 startups to receive $10,000 from the Twilio fund. The companies are TextaurantOrderMapper, and Voicendo.

Textaurant is focused on restaurants and patrons. It allows customers to wait online and not in line. Patrons can see wait times from any computer or smartphone and can join the queue from anywhere, and receive a text or voice message (powered by Twilio!) when their table is almost ready. Textaurant restaurants lose fewer patrons because of long waits thereby increasing overall revenue.

OrderMapper is a cloud based ordering and marketing API called OrderWiki. Any business can use their simple REST based API to enable mobile ordering either via simple applications or even integrate them into any of the current application offerings on iOS, Android, etc. Restaurant owners get full control over menus, pricing, opening hours, delivery areas and reservations. Using Push Notifications, they can even do their own marketing. Their API processes orders via fax, e-mail, POS, or to any phone number using Twilio.

Voicendo provides a User Interface for small businesses and independent professionals to manage their incoming phone calls (even SMS) routed according to their easily configured routes, all powered by Twilio. Businesses can configure their numbers and setup call schedules, simple call forwarding, SMS notifications, voicemail, conferencing to multiple callers at once, “find me” type functionality that rings all phones until one answers, custom menus to route calls (using text-to-speech or recorded messages) and more.

The post also mentions that 500 Startups is still in the midst of finalizing the others who made it to the list. It is also likely that a some of these companies would be offered a larger investment out of the Twilio fund, as initially stated when admissions were invited.

Now with over 100 Twilio Mashups listed, Twilio is recently one of the most popular APIs in our directory.

Disclosure: Twilio is a ProgrammableWeb sponsor.

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