101 Biology APIs: BioCatalogue, BioGRID and Synergizer

Our API directory now includes 101 biology APIs. The newest is the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Global Biodiversity Information Facility API. We list 2 Global Biodiversity Information Facility mashups . Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of biology APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 52 biology REST APIs and 51 biology SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 82 biology XML APIs and 18 biology JSON APIs.

The most common tags within biology are 96 biology science APIs, 31 biology genetics APIs and 30 biology research APIs.

On the mashup side, we list one biology mashups. We named Photos of Life as mashup of the day in January.

For reference, here is a list of all 101 biology APIs.

ALTER Reflective API: Genetic notation conversion service

BIOBASE API: Biological research data repository

BioBricks Public Agreement API: Biotechnology in the public interest

BioCatalogue API: Life sciences web registry service

BioCyc API: Biological and genome data service

BioDB Hyperlink Management System API: Life sciences link database

Biodiversity Heritage Library API: Digital biodiversity Library

Biofab Data Access API: DNA sequence data repository service

BioGRID API: Biological reference search service

BiologicalNetworks API: Biological pathways analysis and visualization service

BioMOBY API: Plant genome reference service

BioMortar API: Biological modeling service

Brain Maps API: Brain section images

cBio Cancer Genomics Data Server (CGDS) API: Cancer-related scientific information service

ChEBI API: Chemical entity search service

ChemBank API: Biomedical database

ChEMBL API: Chemical compound search service

ChemGPS API: Chemical analysis and mapping service

CIPF RENATO API: Genetic regulatory network information service

COILS predict protein coiled-coil regions API: Genetic structure prediction service

Conservation Scorer API: Homologous protein sequence similarity calculator

CoPub API: Medical research text mining service

Cornell eBird API: Bird sighting and identification service

Crop Ontology API: Agricultural crop description service

DAVID Bioinformatics API: Bioinformatics and genetics database

DIALIGN API: Multiple protein and nucleic acid sequence alignment service

Divide-and-Conquer Multiple Sequence Alignment API: Amino acid, RNA, or DNA sequence alignment service

DSC protein secondary structure prediction API: Genetic structure prediction service

EBSCO Host API: Biomedical reference and research service

EcoSystemData API: Biological system data warehouse service

EMBL-EBI Gene Expression Atlas API: Gene expression research database

Encyclopedia of Life API: Biology Encyclopedia

EnrichNet API: Gene and protein analysis service

Epidemic Marketplace API: Research data sharing and collaboration service

EU-nomen PESI API: European species taxonomic information service

European Alien Species Information Network API: Invasive species listing service

EvoIO Phylotastic/TNRS API: Biological taxonomic name resolution service

FastA protein similarity search API: Genetic structure comparison service

FloraBrasil API: Brazilian biological Resource information service

FlyMine API: Research animal genetic data service

GeneCoDis2 API: Genetic structure matching service

GeneProf API: Genetic research data service

GenomeQuest API: Biological data managment Platform

GeomaxService API: Naturalis data retrieval service

Global Biodiversity Information Facility API: Species datasets

GlobPlotter API: Protein structure prediction service

GMOD API: Remote Querying of Biological Databases

GOR protein secondary structure prediction API: Genetic structure prediction services

H-InvDB API: Human genetic structure data service

Index Fungorum Fungus API: Fungal organism name index

IndExs API: Index of mycology specimens

INOH Pathway Database API: Biological molecular pathway information service

InterMine API: Biological information database management service

iPlant Semantic Web HTTP API: Botanical linked data/semantic web data service

ITIS Web Service Description API: Species taxonomy data

JasparDB API: Biological genetic data service

KDF Billion-Ton API: Bioenergy information service

Madeline API: Human genetic linkage information service

MetNet API: Biological database access service

MiMI/Metabolomics API: Protein interaction information service

MitoMiner API: Biological research service

MMPC API: Mouse-based medical experiments information service

MultAlin API: Genetic structure prediction service

National Institute for Geographic Information and forestry API: French forestry information service

Natureserve species API: Biological data service

NCBI Conserved Domain Database (CDD) API: Molecular protein research service

ncRNA fRNAdb API: Functional RNA sequence search service

Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre API: Norwegian species and ecosystem information database

Pacific Biosciences SMRT Pipe API: Biological molecular sequencing service

PaleoDB API: Fossil record information service

Pathway Commons API: Biological pathway research data service

PcProf predict physico-chemical profiles of proteins API: Genetic structure analysis service

PhyloBox API: Phylogenetic tree creation and sharing service

PREDATOR protein secondary structure prediction API: Genetic structure prediction service

Pseudoviewer API: Genetic structure visualization service

PubMLST API: Biological database

pyMantis API: Collaborative life-science data management service

QuickGO API: Genetic science taxonomy service

RCSB Protein Data Bank API: 3D protein database

Reputer API: Genomic repeat detection service

Retrotector API: DNA sequence and genetic data service

RNAfold API: RNA secondary structure prediction service

RNAforester API: RNA secondary structure comparison service

RNAshapes API: RNA shape prediction service

SBML Validator API: Biology markup language validation service

SEGUID API: Protein sequence ID generation service

SignalP/SignalP4 API: Genetic structure prediction service

SIMPA96 API: Genetic structure prediction service

SMART API: Protein domain identification and annotation service

Spire ITIS API: Taxanomic serial number and scientific name database

SSearch protein similarity search API: Genetic structure comparison service

Synergizer API: Biological identifier translation service

TMHMM API: Genetic structure prediction service

uBio Namebank API: Animal scientific naming and search service

UK Biodiversity Action Reporting System API: Biodiversity project information system

USDA Soil Data Access API: U.S. agricultural soil survey service

VisANT API: Biological network visualization service

WebScipio API: Biological gene identification service

World Register of Marine Species API: Marine animal scientific naming service

WormBase API: Nematode genetic and biological information service

xeno-canto API: Bird song recording service

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