101 Currency APIs: 50 BTC, HashRack and PayNetEasy

Our API directory now includes 101 currency APIs. The newest is the Taurusbit API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Bit-Pay API. We list 1 Bit-Pay mashup . Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of currency APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 73 currency REST APIs and 14 currency SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 26 currency XML APIs and 64 currency JSON APIs.

The most common tags within currency are 74 currency financial APIs, 63 currency bitcoin APIs and 54 currency exchange APIs

On the mashup side, we list 1 currency mashup. We profiled the Currency Converter mashup back in March.

For reference, here is a list of all 101 currency APIs.

50BTC API: Bitcoin Mining Service

AidData USD-2009 Deflator API: Currency value conversion service

Alpari API: Algorithmic Trading Service

AlphaPoint API: Digital Currency Exchange Service

BIPS API: Bitcoin Payment Service

Bit-Pay API: Bitcoin payment processing

Bitcoin 24/7 API: Bitcoin Exchange and Merchant Service

Bitcoin-Contact API: Bitcoin Messaging Service

BitcoinJS Wallet API: BItcoin Wallet Service

Bitcurex API: Bitcoin Trading Service

BitInstant API: Bitcoin transfer service

BitMarket API: Bitcoin Exchange Service

BitMinter API: Bitcoin currency service

BitMyMoney API: Bitcoin Payment and Holding Service

BitStamp API: EU bitcoin marketplace

Bitx API: Bitcoin Exchange Service

Block Chain Roulette API: Bitcoin Game Service

Blockchain Block Explorer API: Bitcoin and block chain information service

BOP Enterprise Bitcoin Server API: Bitcoin Currency Service

BTC to X API: Bitcoin Exchange Rate Calculator

BTC-e API: Bitcoin Trading Service

BTCmerch API: Bitcoin Merchant Services

BTCMine API: Pooled Bitcoin mining server

Btct API: Virtual Currency Exchange Service

Bter API: Bitcoin Exchange Service

CampBX API: Bitcoin Trading Service

Central Bank of Armenia Exchange Rates API: Armenian exchange rate service

Cloanto Currency Server API: Currency exchange rate and information service

Coinbase API: Bitcoin wallet and management service

CoinCard API: Bitcoin to Giftcard Service

CoinChoose API: Crypto-Currency Tracking Service

CoinDesk API: Bitcoin price data service

CoinJar Checkout API: Merchant Payment Service

CoinJar Trade API: Bitcoin Wallet Service

Coinkite API: Bitcoin Exchange Service

Coins-E API: Crypto-Currency Exchange Service

CoinSetter API: Bitcoin Trading Service

Coinworld Lotto API: Crypto-Currency Lottery Service

Cryptank API: Crypto-Currency Information Service

Crypto-Change API: Crypto-Currency Exchange Service

Crypto-Trade API: Crypto-Currency Exchange Service

Crypto::Stocks API: Crpyto-Currency Crowdfunding Service

CryptoTrader API: Crypto-Currency Trading Platform

Cryptsy API: Crypto-Currency Exchange Service

Daenet CurrencyServer API: German exchange rate quote service

Dukascopy FIX API: Swiss foreign exchange quotation and trading service

Easywallet API: Web-based bitcoin wallet

Eclipse MC API: Eclipse Bitcoin Mining Service

EgoPay API: E-currency payment system

Euro Bill Tracker API: Currency Tracking Service

Euro42 Euro to Gulden API: Currency conversion service for Euros and Guldens

Exchange Rate API: Simple Currency API

FraudLabs IP2Currency API: Currency exchange rate service

Gama System Exchange Rates API: Currency exchange rate reference service

Get Exchange Rates API: Exchange rate information service

HashRack API: Bitcoin Mining Service

HaveLockInvestments API: Bitcoin Trading Service

Historical currency converter API: International currency conversion service

InfoValutar Rate API: Romanian currency exchange rate service

Inputs.io API: BItcoin Wallet Service

Israel Airports Authority Utilities API: Israeli airport currency information service

Kraken API: Bitcoin Trading Service

Litecoin Global API: Virtual Currency Exchange Service

Litecoin Scout API: Litecoin Information Service

Litehosting API: VPS Hosting Service

Litepay API: Litecoin Payment Service

LiteTree API: Crypto-Currency Exchange

LocalBitcoins API: Bitcoin Trading Service

LTCchain API: Litecoin Blockchain Service

Ltcoin API: Litecoin Mining Service

MavaIQ Currencies API: MavaIQ Currencies

MaxBTC API: Bitcoin Mining Service

mcxNOW API: Crypto-Currency Exchange Service

MintChip API: Royal Canadian Mint digital currency

MNB Exchange Rate API: Hungarian currency exchange service

Mondor Currency Exchange XML API: Currency exchange rate conversion service

New York Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange API: Currency exchange rate data service

Nomisma API: Numismatic information resource

Open Exchange Rates API: Real-time/historical currency exchange rates for developers

Open Source Currency API: Virtual currency platform

Open Source Exchange Rates API: Currency exchange rates service

PayNetEasy API: Secure Payment Service

Paysius API: Bitcoin Payment Service

PicoMoney API: Currency and Economy Creation Service

Pin Payments API: Multi-Currency Payment Service

Pool-X API: Litecoin Mining Service

RTBTC API: Universal Front-End Trading Service

SpotPrices.biz API: Precious metal prices and currency rates

Styfee API: Internalization and localization services

TaurusBit API: Crypto-Currency Trading Platform

The Currency Cloud API: Financial transaction payments service

TheRockTrading API: Virtual Currency Exchange Service

Transporeon Currency Conversion API: Currency conversion service

Unocoin API: Bitcoin Payment Service

Unofficial Google Currency Converter API: Currency conversion service

Vicurex API: Cryptocoin exchange platform

VirCurEx API: Currency Exchange Platform

VirWoX API: Virtual world currency exchange services

WalletBit API: Bitcoin Storage and Payment Service

Xchangeonline API: Currency Conversion and Rounding

ZuluTrade API: Currency trading platform

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