101 Text APIs: Alchemy, Semantria and Cheddar

Our API directory now includes 101 text APIs. The newest is the InnovativeTxt API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Alchemy API. We list 3 Alchemy mashups . Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of text APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 69 text REST APIs and 14 text SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 43 text XML APIs and 55 text JSON APIs.

The most common tags within text are 37 text tools APIs, 24 text messaging APIs and 21 text semantic APIs

On the mashup side, we list 6 text mashups. We profiled the Magneto Mediaburst SMS Notifications mashup as mashup of the day in August.

For reference, here is a list of all 101 text APIs.

5star SMS API: Bulk SMS service provider

ABBYY Cloud OCR API: Optical character recognition service

Aiaioo Labs VakText API: Text Analysis Service

AlchemyAPI API: Artificial Intelligence as a Service

AT&T In-App Messaging API: SMS and MMS messaging service

Attempto RACE API: Text-based logical reasoning service

Bacon Ipsum API: Lorem Ipsum generator tool

Baseball Ipsum API: Baseball themed lorem ipsum generator

BBAW Places API: German text analysis and place name service

Bitext API: Multilingual Semantic Service

Call Loop API: SMS messaging and voice broadcasting

Cequens API: Text messaging provider for Africa and the Middle East

Cheddar API: text-based task management Platform

CinchCast API: Content sharing service

ClearForest Semantic Web Services1 API: Natural language processing tools

Club Texting API: Sending and Receiving SMS

Coginov API: Information interpretation and analysis service

Commzgate Gateway API: Online SMS text messaging service

Connection Software SMS API: Bulk SMS messaging service

Convey API: Social media sentiment analysis service

Copyto API: Clever bookmarking service

Cortica API: Image to text service

dataTXT by SpazioDati API: Data and text extraction and linking service

DatumBox API: Machine Learning platform

Deepax SMS API: SMS text messaging service

Diffbot Article API: News article text extraction tool

Diffbot Frontpage API: Web page content extraction tool

eCoComa Convert API: Various text conversion services

Extractiv API: Semantic text extraction service

Fasilkom Text Processing API: Text processing and translation service

FeedsAPI API: RSS feeds service

Ferret go Sentiment Analysis API: Text and sentiment analysis service

Fietstas API: Document and text processing service

FireText API: SMS marketing service

Free SMS Gatway API: Bulk SMS service

Frengly Translation API: Text translation service

Gistpoint API: Internet article summary service

GlobalQuran API: Quran text and audio

Group Texting API: SMS Messaging Service

GroupFlier API: Group messaging service

HipsterJesus API: Lorem Ipsum generator tool

Hisign API: SMS text messaging service

Idilia Sense Analytics API: Assigns precise word senses to text

Illocution Upzilla API: Language analysis service

IMG4Me API: Text to Image Service

Influence Explorer Text API: Textual analysis tool

InnovativeTxt API: Global Text Messaging Service

Ivona API: Text to speech service

kikin EasySearch API: Embedded search service

Kudos Flockworks API: Semantic text analysis service

Layer API: Communications platform for web & mobile applications

Lorem Ipsum Me API: Placeholder text generator

Loripsum.net API: Placeholder text generator

MECAPI API: Japanese language morphology analysis service

NaCTeM Geniatagger API: Academic text mining service

Need Tagger Social Signals API: Mine social media for commercial intent (buying signals, questions, life events, et al).

Network Norway Content Provider API: Norwegian web content and SMS text messaging service

Nimbuzz API: Mobile chat, text, and voice application

OCR Web Service API: Content scanning and digitization service

OCR-IT API: Image processing service

Online OCR API: Web based OCR service

Opuss API: Word and text creation and sharing application

ParsCit API: Citation and logical structure parsing service

PDF2Data API: File data extraction service

Performant Juxta API: Textual criticism tool

Preona Readability API: HTML text scraping tool

RandomText.me API: Dummy text generator

Readability Metrics API: Reading level measure estimation service

RouteSMS API: SMS messaging service

SalsaDev API: Semantic search and text analytics service

Saplo Text Analysis API: Text Analysis Tool

Scrapinghub API: Web crawling and data processing services

Semantria API: Text and sentiment analysis service

SendHub API: Text messaging service

Sent.ly API: Text messaging service for Android phones

SentiRate API: Sentiment analysis service

Simple Texting API: Text message marketing service

SimpleTexting API: Text marketing service

Skate Ipsum API: Skateboarding themed text generator

SourceSMS API: Bulk text messaging service

Stamplin API: Text extraction API

Stremor Liquid Helium API: Language heuristics tools

Summarity API: Web page text summarization tool

Supertext Translation API: Online copywriting service

Synapsify API: Content management service

Sysomos API: Social media monitoring and analytics service

TagFinder API: Tag extraction service

Talkray API: Phone call and text message application

TauYou T-Image API: Translation technology service

Text-Processing.com API: Text Processing Service

Tinychat API: Video chat service

TinyPaste API: Long Text Shortening Service

tldr.it API: Content Extraction & Summarization

Trustlinker API: Text formatting and linking service

TTS-API.COM API: Text to speech service

TYPOGRAFFIT API: Text to Image Converter

ViewText API: Online text scraping service

Voice RSS API: Free text-to-speech service

VoiceCloud API: Cloud based voice services

VoxSigma API: Speech-to-text conversion service

WebKnox Text-Processing API: Text analysis tool

Word Cloud Maker API: Word cloud creation tool

World Text API: International SMS services

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