105 Entertainment APIs: Rovi, Dailymotion and Sony Online Entertainment

Our API directory now includes 105 entertainment APIs. The newest is the Boxfish API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Rovi Cloud Services API. We list 10 Rovi Cloud Services mashups. The Rovi Cloud Services API was also our most popular movies API. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of entertainment APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 62 entertainment REST APIs and 23 entertainment SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 55 entertainment XML APIs and 51 entertainment JSON APIs.

The most common tags within entertainment are 35 television entertainment APIs, 26 movies entertainment APIs and 23 social entertainment APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 5 entertainment mashups. We named Mapify.us as mashup of the day in November.

For reference, here is a list of all 105 entertainment APIs.

  4chan API: Image pasteboard and forum

  Abundant DeadOrAlive API: Celebrity mortality status database

  Advice Slip API: Random advice slip generator

  Alagad Fortune API: Random phrase retrieval service

  All The Rage Faces API: Meme faces download service

  Allociné Movie API: French-language movie and TV information service

  AniDB API: Anime information database

  Athlinks API: Endurance athlete race results service

  BeThereNYC API: New York City event listing

  Bookleteer API: Craft booklet creation service

  Boxfish API: Television program search application

  Bypass API: Commerce solution for sports and event merchants

  California Lottery API: State lottery game information service

  CG General Store Auto 3D Head API: photo 2 avatar : 3D reconstruction service

  Cineworld API: UK cinema information

  Clay.io API: HTML5 Game Development

  CoveritLive API: Live event publishing Platform

  Culture24 API: Cultural publishing organization

  Dailymotion API: Video sharing site

  DayDetails API: On-this-date lookup service

  Democracy Game API: Dutch Parliamentary System Simulation

  Derpibooru API: My Little Pony photo sharing service

  Dress Code Finder API: Restaurant, bar, and club dress code directory

  DVDXML API: DVD collection management service

  eCoComa Video API: Online video search service

  Edinburgh Festival API: Scottish festival events information service

  EIDR API: Unique media identifier service

  ERMAHGERD Translator API: Meme translation service

  Everyman Theatre Autocomplete API: Performance title autocomplete service

  fanart.tv TV API: TV and movie fan art repository

  Fanatix API: Gamified social sports TV

  Flingo API: Video sharing service

  Follw.it API: Social TV and movie community

  Free Content Articles API: Syndicated content service

  FullerData Fortune Cookie API: Random message generator

  Getty Images Moodstream API: Mood-based multimedia streaming service

  GigMasters API: Entertainment booking service

  Gopress API: Belgian online newsstand

  iDreamBooks API: Book review application

  IMDBAPI.org API: Unofficial IMDB data retrieval service

  Infinigag API: Meme and photo sharing platform

  Inveni API: Movie and TV show recommendation service

  ItaScan API: Italian manga scanlation service

  Kamcord API: Video game recording and sharing service

  LottoCaptcha API: CAPTCHA solving game service

  MenuMania API: New Zealand restaurant information service

  MoviePosterDB API: Movie poster service

  Muvi API: Movie and celebrity database

  My Movies Collection API: Movie and TV show collection management service

  MyFlame.at API: Fractal flame sharing service

  MyMovies API: Movie and DVD collection management service

  MyShowroom.TV API: Live broadcasting service

  Myxer API: Mobile entertainment media service

  Nokia Music API: Music content service

  Numote Live API: TV and video engagement platform service

  OpenMedia.io API: Entertainment content service

  PBS TV Schedules API: TV schedule data service

  pho.to API: Online photo editing and presentation platform

  Plings API: Places and Activities Database

  Pollstar API: Concert industry information

  Quotes Daddy API: Great quotes database

  RankMyTyping API: Typing game statistics service

  Rovi Cloud Services API: Digital entertainment technology

  Schedules Direct API: Television program listing feeds

  SellsBrothers Excuse API: Random excuse generator

  Semetric API: Entertainment trends and data platform

  SendMe Mobile API: Mobile entertainment service

  Shakespeare API: Shakespearian play quote origin identification service

  SharkScope API: Poker tournament data service

  SimSimi Conversation API: Multilingual Artificial Intelligence chat program

  SnappyTV API: Real-time video and social media advertising platform

  Sonic Notify API: Audience and customer engagement platform

  Sony Online Entertainment Data API: Online gaming data service

  Stochastic IMDb API: Unofficial IMDb service

  SubDB API: Video subtitle database

  SubsMax Movie Subtitles API: Movie and television subtitle service

  Subtitleseeker API: Movie and TV subtitle service

  SubtitleSource API: Swedish movie and TV subtitle service

  Swanand Mokashi Quote Of The Day API: Funny random quote retrieval service

  syncrhonize.tv API: Video device monitoring and synchronizing service

  Taboola API: Video discovery and recommendation service

  take.io API: Brazilian mobile content and communications service

  Talk Like A Pirate Translation API: Pirate Speak Translator

  The Internet Chuck Norris Database API: Chuck Norris joke database

  The TV API: TV show and episode information database

  They Said So API: Daily and random quotes service

  Thumbs Up API: Social television application

  TicketLeap API: Ticket information service

  Ticketscript API: Event Ticketing Software

  TitanTV API: Online TV guide and recording scheduling service

  TraitPerception API: Personal assessment app

  Tribune Media Services OnConnect API: Mobile device entertainment data service

  TVRage API: Television information service

  Umano API: Audio content creator

  Univision API: Spanish language content provider

  Unofficial AlloCine API: Cinema and movie information service

  Unofficial IMDb API: Unofficial search interface for Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

  Unofficial JeuxVideo API: Video game news and information site

  Viggle API: Social TV reward service

  Watch API: Sports bar finder

  West World Media API: Movie and event information service

  WorldStream TV API: Multicultural video and audio content service

  xkcd API: Comic metadata retrieval service

  XML ME Video Games Finder API: Video game search service

  Yodaspeak API: Text translation service

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