108 New APIs: Magisto, CloudWork and Inome

This week we had 108 new APIs added to our API directory including a video editing service, information genome Platform, Integration as a service platform, secure website login service and building and energy monitoring service. In addition we covered an extremely simple blogging service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Archives HubArchives Hub API: The Archives Hub provides a gateway to thousands of the UK’s archives. The Archives Hub enables users to search across archives held at over 220 institutions across the UK. The Archives Hub is used to find unique and often little-known sources to support research. The API uses an SRU protocol for searching the Archives Hub, descriptions of archives held across the UK.

ASIROMASIROM API: ASIROM is a Romanian car insurance company. They provide a SOAP-based API that enables users to retrieve their insurance policies and offers programmatically. This API has little Documentation beyond its WSDL Endpoint. The ASIROM website is provided solely in Romanian.

Australian SynchrotronAustralian Synchrotron API: The Australian Synchrotron is Australia’s largest national research facility. The synchrotron produces extremely bright x-rays and infrared light that can be used to study a diverse range of materials and processes in great detail.

Australian Synchrotron provides several SOAP-based APIs - such as the MyTARDIS interface and the VBL Storage Gateway - to view, manage, and transfer experimental data in a secure manner. Further information on these services requires user log-in or an email to the provider.

Automatton Instant AnswersAutomatton Instant Answers API: Automatton is a search engine that allows users to search for answers to their questions without being tracked. Automatton provides a free open API to access the service with not API Key required. The API allows users to pass in their queries and specify the number of answers to be returned. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Avatarion Portrait3DAvatarion Portrait3D API: Based on the Avatarion's Tethys 3D solution, Portraid3D allows developers to create realistic, 3D, animated avatars from image files. The avatars are web publishable through HTTP embed code or can be used in third party applications.

Depending on your desired use, pricing plans run from free (12 avatars/month) to a $1,500 ultra membership (100,000 avatars/month). Image files should ideally contain only one face with as high a resolution as possible.

The REST API creates avatars from a POST file or GET from a designated URL. Response data is formatted in JSON. An account with Mashape is required for usage of the API.

BandpageBandpage API: Bandpage is an online platform for musicians, bands, fans, and the music industry can connect and interact. BandPage lets musicians manage their online presence by updating and sharing info, music, videos, photos, and shows online.

The Bandpage API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Bandpage with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing account and band information, creating and sharing music and other files, and retrieving information about bands.

BaseKitBaseKit API: BaseKit is a website creation service that provides users with their own domain and the ability to customize their site without the need for coding. Users can start with a template and then customize it by dragging and dropping text, images, and videos. For those who wish to use them, CSS and HTML5 are supported as well. BaseKit includes cloud hosting, so all of the website's hosting needs are taken care of. All of BaseKit's functionality is accessible programmatically using SOAP calls.

Bavarian Authorities SignpostBavarian Authorities Signpost API: Bayerischer Behördenwegweiser (trans. Bavarian Authorities Signpost) provides an API for retrieving information on local services, living conditions, authorities, addresses, and contacts from the City Administrations within Bavaria. This API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format. The Bavarian Authorities Signpost website and API documentation are only provided in German.

BibliotekBibliotek API: Bibliotek is not a Library itself, but rather a database of items held by Danish public libraries. Bibliotek provides online access to the records of all items published in Denmark as well as all items found in Danish public and research libraries. Denmark-based users can place requests for items at their local library, even if the library does not normally carry the desired item. Certain items - such as DVDs and VHS tapes - may be unavailable to non-local borrowers. A warning will appear in the records of any items that may be unavailable.

Bibliotek also allows users to check their loans and reservations at their favorite libraries, as well as ask for renewals and delete reservations. If the user's library doesn't yet provide their borrower data to Bibliotek, a link to the library's website will be provided instead.

Users may also search Bibliotek's item database using either a web interface or a SOAP-based API. The Bibliotek website is offered in both Danish and English, though parts of the site (including the API documentation) are provided solely in Danish.

BODC GEBCO Web Map ServiceBODC GEBCO Web Map Service API: The British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) is a national facility for maintaining and distributing data concerning the marine environment. They provide several web services for implementing this data, including the GEBCO Web Map Service.

This service provides access to the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans' (GEBCO) global gridded bathymetric data set, enabling users to access geo-referenced underwater topographic maps over the internet. These can be viewed in a web browser or a geographic information system and incorporated with other web applications using REST ( HTTP GET) calls.

BODC Marsden Square Translator ServiceBODC Marsden Square Translator Service API: The British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) is a national facility for maintaining and distributing data concerning the marine environment. They provide several web services for implementing this data, including the Marsden Square Translator Service, which is accessible using SOAP calls. Data is returned in XML format.

Marsden Squares are a tool for expressing spatial coordinates by dividing the Earth's surface into indexed squares. They are used primarily for identifying the geographic position of meteorological and oceanographic data. The BODC Marsden Square Translator Service allows users to input a list of Marsden Square references and calculate the geographical coordinates of the rectangular bounding box enclosing them.

BODC NERC Vocabulary ServerBODC NERC Vocabulary Server API: The British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) is a national facility for maintaining and distributing data concerning the marine environment. It provides several web services for implementing this data, including the NERC Vocabulary Server. The Vocabulary Server provides access to lists of standard terms used for oceanographic metadata, including descriptions of data, platforms, instruments, and geographic locations.

Using standardized sets of terms solves the problem of ambiguities associated with data markup and also enables records to be interpreted by computers. This opens up possibilities for computer aided manipulation, distribution, and long-term reuse. The BODC NERC Vocabulary Server can be accessed programmatically using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

CampusLinkCampusLink API: The service provides operational support for the activities of colleges, schools, and other educational institutions. Specific services include custom online admissions forms for new student recruitment and integration of current student record databases and learning management systems (LMSs) such as Blackboard and Moodle for delivery of curriculum. Merchant services support operation of a school bookstore and other direct selling activities.

API methods support creation of applications for student interactions, such as inquiries and applications for admissions and financial aid, with review workflows to process submissions. Methods also support interactions with current students such as student record updates, integration with LMS curriculum management, and ad hoc communications via online chat and phone response.

cashUcashU API: cashU is an online payment service provider that focuses on serving the Middle East and North Africa. They provide global and regional online merchants with a suite of payment solutions designed to cater to the local culture and to Arabic online buying habits. Today, cashU serves online shoppers in all Arabic-speaking and surrounding countries, giving people the opportunity to buy online regardless of age, income, nationality, or banking contacts.

cashU is built on and around sophisticated, up-to-date fraud prevention and AML systems, reducing the risks associated with online payments for both buyers and sellers. cashU's online payment services can be accessed programmatically using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

CG General Store Auto 3D HeadCG General Store Auto 3D Head API: CG General Store sells time saving products to 3D computer graphics professionals and students. These products include High Dynamic Range (HDR) Panoramas, Automated 3D Head Reconstruction, Maya-rigged 3D heads and other 3D models.

The Auto 3D Head API is a neural net based 3D Reconstruction REST API. Users can submit one or more photos of a person and retrieve a 3D animation rigged, photo-real 3D Avatar of that person. The API also does facial photo analysis such as "find face" and recovering skin, hair, and eye colors.

The system has three different geometry targets, and can be trained to output proprietary geometries as well. Also generates skin tone color corrected full body texture maps, so avatars complete bodies match their real world ethnicity. Great for gaming Apps as well as fashion and eCommerce: incorporate user's likeness in the product catalog, and show the consumer experiencing the product and enjoying. System is fast, under a second to generate a new avatar, plus data transfer time from our big fat pipe. The actual API endpoints are private. Each licensee receives their own endpoint, with custom data handling specific to their needs.

Cloud CMSCloud CMS API: This public API provides RESTful support for all objects and data stores within Cloud CMS, including CRUD, query, full-text search and all other operations. Server authorization is via OAuth2 with all supported flows (password, auth code, implicit, etc). Authenticated access checks against all objects featuring role and team-based security.

Cloud CMS provides one-click infrastructure for all of the needs of our mobile and web applications. This includes Enterprise Content Management services like workflow, auditing, content lifecycle management, mimetype transformations and extractions and more.

Cloud CMS also provides multitenancy for managing domains of users and groups, vaults for backup and restore, registrars for integrated billing of subtenants, directories for identity services and data warehouses for real-time analytics capture and reporting.

CloudWorkCloudWork API: CloudWork is an integration as a service platform, iPaaS, that allows anyone to build connections between business and social media apps.

As a result businesses are able to automate repetitive tasks and receive important notifications in a single Feed. CloudWork saves time and increases productivity with just a few clicks.

CloudWork takes a lightweight approach to integration. It pairs an affordable cloud-based integration tool with an exponentially growing library of SaaS APIs.

It instantly connects data from previously siloed cloud apps (Google Apps, Zoho, Highrise, Capsule CRM, Zendesk, Freshbooks, MailChimp, Salesforce, Desk.com, Campaign Monitor, Twitter etc.) to automate crucial business processes and deliver notifications where you need it.

CloudWork offers a large catalogue of pre-built tried and tested integrations. No technical skills, no big upfront investment or complicated setup are required.

Countries and Time ZonesCountries and Time Zones API: Countries and Time Zones is a simple API that is built off data from countries list and TimeZoneDB. With the API, users can retrieve information including countries, country codes, time zones and zones. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML or JSON.

Custom TattooCustom Tattoo API: Custom Tattoo is a social networking and photo sharing site for tattoo artists and enthusiasts. The Custom Tattoo API provides RESTful developer access to Custom Tattoo data. Available calls include friend list access, message updates, user data requests, and adding and retrieving photos. Responses are JSON formatted.

DaWandaDaWanda API: DaWanda is an international, online sales market with a massive collection of handcrafted, hard to find and unique products. Dawanda's market offerings are collected from all over the world with an international focus. You can share your collections with friends and "like" products, publishing wish lists if you choose to. As a seller, you have control over your online marketplace with the ability to create coupon codes and personalized introductions, your own shipping policies and shop terms.

There are currently two APIs ( OAuth, Basic) that let you access different information. The Basic, REST API uses GET calls to return information about shops, public user profiles, products and categories. The OAuth API allows access to more sensitive information: User name, address, gender, order items.

dogado Providerboxdogado Providerbox API: Providerbox offers a unified web-based administration platform for those who wish to offer web hosting services to their customers. Providerbox was designed to be easy to use, requiring neither programming skills nor graphic design experience. After receiving their login credentials, users can thoroughly customize the hosting service, rebranding it to reflect their business's identity.

Providerbox allows users to provide the hosting service to sub-resellers or to end users. Providerbox is a product of dogado, a German hosting solutions provider. Information on Providerbox is available in both English and German.

DuedilDuedil API: Duedil is a provider of private company information for due diligence. Duedil allows users to identify, compare, and screen potential suppliers and clients and track private company performance.

The Duedil API allows developers to access and integrate the Duedil functionality and data with other applications. Some example API methods include searching companies and retrieving company information.

DynmarkDynmark API: Dynmark is a cloud-based system that powers mobile messaging services. It enables users to send single or batch SMS messages, send delayed messages, receive SMS messages, forward messages to email, search message archives, and even set hours appropriate for receiving messages. Dynmark's Cloud Portal is highly customizable and can be readily configured to include the desired widgets and information. The service can also be used and configured programmatically via SOAP API.

Ecato ShoppingEcato Shopping API: Ecato provides price comparison services for ecommerce websites. In your site's product listing Ecato will list (and match your site's formatting) the prices of the same product for various other website's that sell the product with price and shipping included in the estimation. Visitors to your website are now afforded the opportunity to see the prices being offered over the Internet for your product catalog.

The Ecato API uses a simple REST interface with GET calls and JSON and XML data formats. You can return lists of: categories, reviews and product details (top product, prices, rating, user votes). The API is available to all Ecato users regardless of pricing tier.

Ei3Ei3 API: Ei3's Internet applications are used by manufacturers to gather, processes and analyze large amounts of machine data. Users are provided with mobile apps, web pages, dashboards and reports that show key performance indicators describing the performance, uptime and quality of machine output. Actionable information about machine production becomes even more valuable when it is integrated fully into the enterprise. But in traditional implementations there are many technical challenges that make this a daunting task for many companies. Ei3′s Web Service solves this by providing tools that link shop-floor data into ERP, Quality and other enterprise computing platforms.

The API allows clients to communicate with Ei3's cloud servers in order to access information about specific machines. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

EnClout ContentEnClout Content API: EnClout is interested in bringing data together from multiple sources and solve the data silo for businesses. EnClout provides a suite of domain related APIs. The Content API provides basic web site content analysis for a given domain. It extracts category, Language, URL, redirect URL, meta_keywords, meta_description, company, phone and email information in JSON, XML or HTML format.

EnClout DMOZEnClout DMOZ API: EnClout is interested in bringing data together from multiple sources and solve the data silo for businesses. EnClout provides a suite of domain related APIs. This API extracts a DMOZ category for a given domain. Results are returned in XML, JSON and HTML.

EnClout DNSEnClout DNS API: EnClout is interested in bringing data together from multiple sources and solve the data silo for businesses. EnClout provides a suite of domain related APIs. The DNS API takes a URL or domain as input and returns parsed DNS records in JSON, XML or HTML format.

EnClout WhoisEnClout Whois API: EnClout is interested in bringing data together from multiple sources and solve the data silo for businesses. EnClout provides a suite of domain related APIs. The Whois API takes a URL or domain as input and provides parsed whois records in JSON, XML or HTML format.

EpistleeEpistlee API: Epistlee is a blogging application that provides simple blogs. Bloggers can set up and manage their blogs with Epistlee.

The Epistlee API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Epistlee with other applications. Some example API methods include creating a blog, managing blogs, and creating and updating blog entries.

ERMAHGERD TranslatorERMAHGERD Translator API: The ERMAHGERD Translator API changes regular English phrases, words or sentences into the meme-speak of the Ermahgerd meme.

The REST based service with JSON returns is hosted by Mashape and requires an account with the service. Up to 10 daily translations are free, after that you can purchase a basic account for $5.00/month that provides 1.000 daily translations.

Field NationField Nation API: Field Nation is a leading U.S. provider of independent field service technicians to the computer service industry. They provide a self service portal that allows customers to source technicians themselves according to the skills they need for a specific job. Services are paid for up front by funding the account from which Field Nation pays its technicians.

Use the SOAP-based Field Nation API to interact with the site programmatically. It can be used to look up technicians, check messages, check costs, monitor work order progress, get company documents, etc.

FinancialForce AccountingFinancialForce Accounting API: The service provides a hosted platform for configurable, standards-compliant financial accounting functions with capabilities for integration with Salesforce. Configuration options allow designation of custom datatypes suited to specific needs. Context groupings gather financial data related to specific companies or other organizational units.

API methods support standard accounting functions such as defining a chart of accounts and posting accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions. General ledger and journal entries accommodate sales and purchases, invoicing and payment processing, and all related accounting activities.

FoodiniFoodini API: Foodini.pl is a Polish grocery shopping service that allows customers to order their shopping lists online and have everything delivered directly to their homes. Groceries are carefully packed and delivered in specialized vehicles equipped with refrigeration units. Registered customers can create saved shopping lists and define any number of favorite products. Foodini.pl offers frequent promotions and a loyalty program to make shopping more affordable.

The SOAP-based Foodini.pl API enables users to access the website's services programmatically and integrate them with other systems and services. The Foodini.pl website is offered solely in Polish.

GG.com Tipzone ProGG.com Tipzone Pro API: GG.com is an online community for horse racing enthusiasts. Tipzone Pro provides professional tipsters with proofing service and collects professional tipster information for GG.com users. The GG.com Tipzone Pro SOAP API allows tipsters to automate their selections.

GoFax FaxGoFax Fax API: GoFax is focused on provided solutions for internet fax and SMS services through email. A range of services are offered from Fax and SMS integration through APIs, email to fax sending, fax to email receiving and email to SMS sending.

The GoFax Fax API allows you to streamline your business's faxing needs and automate the faxing process. Through the API, developers have access to GoFax's business grade ISDN fax network and reporting logs.

The SOAP based API provides functionality for: sending fax documents, checking sent and cancelled faxes, resending of faxes, querying the legal types, checking your queue position, managing login access and more.

GoFax SMSGoFax SMS API: GoFax is focused on provided solutions for internet fax and SMS services through email. A range of services are offered from Fax and SMS integration through APIs, email to fax sending, fax to email receiving and email to SMS sending.

The GoFax SMS service allows you to send SMS from emails, a third party application or their desktop service. You can send automatic SMS reminders as well as confirmations.

The SOAP based, SMS API allows you to integrate any application with the service that utilizes HTTP calls. Functions include: creating login tokens, retrieving SMS details, sending and resending SMS messages and retrieval of recently sent messages through the service.

GranicaGranica API: Granica is a Polish government website that provides information useful to people crossing the border into or out of Poland. Granica offers two APIs, both of which make use of SOAP calls. One provides users with information on waiting times at the border. The other allows foreign shoppers to calculate the VAT (Value-Added Tax) or GST (Goods and Services Tax) they paid while shopping in Poland so that they can be reimbursed.

H-InvDBH-InvDB API: The service provides access to the H-Invitational Database (H-InvDB) of human genes and genetic structure. The database documents research analyzine all human gene transcripts with annotations from the service provider describing genetic structures, observed variants, and highly detailed interactions of genetic sequences and processes.

API methods support search against the database by individual gene identifier, keywords in description text, location on on a particular chromosome or in relation to other genes, and more. Methods

HelpshiftHelpshift API: Helpdesk is an embeddable support desk designed specifically for native apps. Helpdesk offers developers features such as a searchable FAQ, the ability to privately resolve user issues, a customizable UX to match the look of their app, built in CMS, and the ability to manage multiple apps. The API, accessible via an SDK lets developers show the Helpshift support screen, get notification counts, review requests and more.

HireRightHireRight API: The service provides background screening for prospective employees to help guide hiring decisions. It reviews public and privately available records to verify criminal and arrest history, credit history, drug- and health-related concerns, and industry-specific issues for a potential employee as part of the hiring and human Resource process. The range of screening services can be configured for a particular industry or organization withing hundreds of countries.

API methods support specification of the organization type and specific organization and worksite using the service as well as the candidates to be screened. Screening variables supported include job history, education background and other qualifications, and documentation types accepted.

ImpactStoryImpactStory API: The service provides a number of indicators for the social impact of published works, including traditional scholarly papers but also blog posts and other more casual publications. It is part of a movement for altmetrics intended to indicate affects of an author's publications on a discipline based on statistics like number of times a work is cited by other authors, how often it is downloaded and saved, and the frequency of conversations in social media outlets about the work. Code embedded in the web version of a work updates the service's statistics when that work is accessed, leading to a cumulative measure of its overall popularity and potential influence.

API methods begin with embedded identifiers for the work and the namespace where it is published. Methods allow retrieval of cumulative influence statistics, or altmetrics, by combining data about the work from a number of tracking services. Methods also support grouping of related individual works into collections to be tracked as a whole.

innovaphone PBXinnovaphone PBX API: The service provides a hosted platform for voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone communications. It interacts with network hardware like private Branch exchange (PBX) devices to route telephony traffic using inexpensive internet protocol connections while preserving call quality and flexible, scalable configurations.

API methods support designation of calling groups and devices within a network along with device configuration and routing of calls. Methods manage descriptive information such as recipient description, calling number, time of call, etc. Methods also support designation of availability to receive calls, reasons for unavailability, and handling of voice mail messages.

inome exchangeinome exchange API: Inome is a platform that looks to make information person-centric. Their INXSearch binds a users to a corresponding profile in inome and returns enriched user information. Developers can use the API to create applications built on information genomes that help people connect with each other, control their publicly available information, and make informed decisions. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

instantPay.ininstantPay.in API: instantPay.in is a provider of anytime, anywhere access to users' day to day Mobile & Data Card Top-ups, DTH Recharges and Utility Bill Payments via easy to integrate API. The API is compatible on all platforms. Interested developers can contact the provider for information about partnerships and API documentation.

IRESSIRESS API: IRESS is an international supplier of share market and wealth management systems. They provide an equity information and trading platform along with an extensive suite of financial planning tools. IRESS clients vary and can range from large corporations to independent operators.

The SOAP-based IRESS API provides access to market data, order, and portfolio systems, enabling clients to integrate IRESS with their existing solutions.

ITRPITRP API: ITRP is an enterprise-level cloud-based IT service management application service. In addition to providing user interfaces for service desk analysts and IT specialists, ITRP manages service agreements and facilitates collaboration between IT departments and external service providers.

JoinupJoinup API: Joinup is a collaborative platform created by the European Commission that offers a set of services to help e-Government professionals share their experiences with interoperability solutions. The goal is to help such professionals find, choose, re-use, develop, and implement open source software and semantic interoperability assets. Information stored on the platform can be accessed and managed programmatically using Joinup's SOAP-based APIs.

KompozKompoz API: Kompoz is an online, free, music collaboration service. It allows users to upload music tracks to the community and invite other Kompoz users to add to the track (guitars, vocals, effects and more). Users also have an individual forum for their account where you can share ideas, suggestions and more with the public community about your music.

While public collaborations are free for members, users can also upgrade to the "Plus" tier and enjoy access to non-compressed audio file uploads, desktop file transfer applications and publishing permission to the mobile radio channel along with multiple simultaneous uploads and other features. Monthly prices start at $5 with an annual, yearly subscription available for $50.

The Kompoz API allows utilizes a REST-like structure with GET and POST calls and JSON and XML returns. Developers or other interested users of the API can interact directly with the Kompoz platform to create applications for the Kompoz community. The API allows access to: member, project, project track, song, radio and utility services.

L-Vin PostL-Vin Post API: L-Vin Post is a German service for sending letters to individuals or entire mailing lists. Users submit their letters online, and L-Vin Post then prints, stamps, and mails those letters. L-Vin Post offers a SOAP-based programmatic interface so that users can connect other software to their service. Currently, L-Vin Post only ships letters within Germany, and their website is provided solely in German.

Lexus ConfiguratorLexus Configurator API: The service provides Australian car shoppers to review available models and configurations of Lexus automobiles. It allows selection by model and then designation of options available for that model, including choices for drivetrain, performance, comfort, color, and other features. The service generates pricing effects of configuration choices to guide shopper decisions.

API methods support selection of available models via computer, tablet, and mobile devices. Methods provide for options matching the car model selection and generate purchase prices for a car matching the selected configuration.

Lime CellularLime Cellular API: The service provides services for outbound marketing and promotion campaigns, including mass email and SMS text messaging. Applications can use the services for communication opt-in forms, deliver advertising and manage advertiser relationships, and trigger communications based on user clicks or other selection of keywords.

API methods support one-way, outbound SMS messaging with message body and recipient mobile device numbers specified in the request. Methods also support sending poll or survey messages and processing responses from recipients. The API provides functions for advertiser accounts and for managing opt-in and opt-out requests to update communication preferences.

loginPromptloginPrompt API: loginPrompt is a service that lets developers quickly add secure user login to their websites. Both e-mail/password and social logins are supported.

The UI is placed by the client API directly on a webpage so it can be customized to look like the rest of the site. Registration is not required.

Maa-AmetMaa-Amet API: The service provides address information for real estate and properties in the northern European republic of Estonia. Data are provided by the Estonian Land Board, an agency of the national government, to generate physical and delivery addresses identifying locations within the country. The provider also offers mapping services.

API methods support designation of a location within Estonia with return data specifying an address in standard notation. Methods also support generation of Web Mapping Service (WMS) data to allow mapping of the location.

MagistoMagisto API: Magisto is a video editing application. Users can make videos, upload them to Magisto, and edit their videos with a variety of features.

The Magisto API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Magisto with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include uploading videos and video sources, creating and managing videos, returning videos, and starting and stopping video play.

Maluuba Natural LanguageMaluuba Natural Language API: Maluuba is a phone assistant app that uses natural voice recognition technology to turn users commands into actions. It can work with features such as calendar, reminders, weather, search, voice calls, email and more. The Maluuba API works across two main functionalities; interpreting the meaning of phrases and finding normalized values for dates and times. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Me2dayMe2day API: Me2day is a South Korean microblogging and social networking service. The service is built around users creating friend networks and communicating via messages and status updates. The Me2day API provides a RESTful interface for developers to integrate Me2day. Responses are XML or JSON formatted.

mEDRAmEDRA API: mEDRA is the multilingual European Registration Agency of Digital Object Identifiers (DOI). The DOI is a standard for persistently identifying a piece of intellectual property on a digital network and associating it with metadata in a structured, extensible way.

Web services are provided for uploading files to the registry, registering files for DOIs, and retrieving metadata for files in the registry. These services are accessible using mEDRA's SOAP-based API. The mEDRA website is provided in German, English, and Italian.

MenumixMenumix API: Menümix allows you to view information about restaurants in regions of Germany with an emphasis on: available menu items, distance from your location, deals offered and cuisine type. The service provides a way for restaurants to market themselves online to a wide variety of potential customers.

The Menümix API grants you access to the menu service information about restaurant profiles, current menus with a variety of POST and GET calls. Returns are in JSON or XML. The API primarily caters to restaurateurs wishing to utilize Menümix's information freely or for third party application developers who want to integrate Menümix's regional information into their programs.

New Zealand Ministry of Education DEXNew Zealand Ministry of Education DEX API: The New Zealand Ministry of Education provides the Data Exchange Service (DEX), which is the main automated integration point between the student data systems managed by schools and those managed by the Ministry. One of the Ministry's goals is to increase the number of student-management-system-to-DEX transactions. The DEX can be accessed programmatically using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Nifty CloudNifty Cloud API: Nifty Cloud is a public cloud computing IaaS service featuring server resources that are available on-demand. An hourly fee is charged for using these resources, and users can pay as they go. Nifty Cloud can be run from an online control panel or by using a SOAP-based API. The API enables users to programmatically run program operations such as startup and shutdown, or to check the status of servers and disks that they've created. Nifty Cloud is only available in Japanese.

NovelASPectNovelASPect API: NovelASPect is a leading application hosting provider for small to medium-sized businesses. NovelASPect offers everything from QuickBooks Hosting to Business VoIP services. Their hosted VoIP service includes access to a number of APIs. These APIs include functionality such as creating PBX features, provisioning new customers, buying phone numbers, originating faxes and more. Full documentation is not publicly available.

Oxilion AntispamOxilion Antispam API: Oxilion is a Dutch company that provides domain registration and web hosting services. They provide an anti-spam service free to customers who register domains through them, but the service can also be bought separately. Oxilion Antispam claims to block more than 98% of spam and viruses. Users get to decide what to do with captured spam. Oxilion Antispam can be integrated with customers' existing websites using a SOAP API. The Oxilion website is provided solely in Dutch.

PanoptixPanoptix API: Panoptix by Johnson Controls is a platform and an application marketplace for efficient building control and monitoring. Panoptix offers applications for energy monitoring and other building monitoring activities.

Panoptix offers APIs to developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of Panoptix with other applications and to create new applications. Example API methods include retrieving building data, retrieving energy data, and retrieving meter information.

Papel a WebPapel a Web API: Papel a Web is an advanced, professional method for creating realistic digital versions of publications. It allows users to take advantage of online markets, creating a unique experience for the end user and generating a new sales channel. Papel a Web records numerous statistics to analyze the effectiveness of the user's message and allow for continuous improvement.

Digitized publications are designed to be faithful to the original versions while providing excellent image quality and a high level of readability. Papel a Web is completely customizable, and users can tailor every element on the screen to their needs.

Papel a Web is a very flexible and scalable platform. Its functions are accessible via SOAP API, allowing it to be integrated easily with other processes and systems. Users should note that the Papel a Web website is only offered in Spanish.

paysafecardpaysafecard API: The service provides secure online payments for e-commerce and other online transactions via websites and mobile apps. A buyer establishes a confirmed account balance with the service prior to making the purchase and receives a voucher with a personal 16-digit PIN. The buyer can then enter the PIN to complete the purchase and release funds to the seller. The exchange is completed without entering personal data and storing it on a device or releasing it to the seller.

API methods support identifying a specific customer account with the payment service and submitting a current purchase transaction for payment against the account. Methods also support customer authorization of the payment and processing the transaction through release of funds to the seller. The API provides for notification of transaction completion to both buyer and seller.

Perfect Dating ProfilePerfect Dating Profile API: Perfect Dating Profile provides photo and profile editing services to create a more powerful and descriptive presence through online dating sites. Your online profile can be edited (£49.95) or created for you (£99.95) depending on your preference. You can also have a set of professionally photographed photos of yourself (you pick location) created for £79.95.

The Perfect Dating Profile API allows access to photo and profile information. Using the API, dating sites and developers can integrate the profile and photo creation services: searching for photographer via zip code, order profile services, see photographers profile, order photos.

A demo is available to preview the API's functionality.

PincodrPincodr API: Pincodr is a very simple web service for locating indian pincodes. The user is allowed to search by pincode, area, tehsil/taluk or district. Users can also retrieve a code or name that starts with a given value. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

PirateplayPirateplay API: Pirateplay is a Swedish video streaming service that allows users access to streams of Swedish television (SVT Play, Channel 5 Play, TV3 Play, TV4 play and more) along with a library of useful resources and a downloadable player client for online television services.

The API returns listings of supported content providers and lists of streaming URLs and metadata information using GET with returns in either JSON or XML.

pospsposps API: The posps web service defines an interface between a point of sale (POS) and a pharmacy's IT system (PS). Posps' goal is to reuse the business logic and data storage that exist in the pharmacy's IT systems for new points of sale. This allows a POS that's been newly integrated by the pharmacy to present the full functionality and knowledge of the PS without the need to redundantly store and update data across systems.

The posps interface can be programmatically integrated with pharmaceutical systems using its SOAP-based API.

PostCoderPostCoder API: The service provides lookup and validation of U.K. physical addresses for web applications that accept user input addresses. It compares data entered by a user against continually updated postcode address file (PAF) data from the British Royal Mail service, GeoData, and other authoritative sources of valid physical or delivery addresses. This validation improves delivery performance by ensuring that addresses provided by users actually exist and are correctly formatted. The same functions are available either as an installed product using local data or an interactive web service.

API methods support queries submitting character strings for a postcode and thoroughfare address as entered by the user and validate the address indicated, then return the correct version according to the Royal Mail or other recognized authorities. Where no exact match is found, the API returns an array of valid addresses nearest the entered location, allowing the application to perform further processing to select one of them.

PressbankingPressbanking API: Pressbanking provides online access to Belgian newspapers and periodicals. Most of these are published in French and Dutch, but a couple are available in German and English. Users can search Pressbanking programmatically using SOAP calls issued in XML format. The website is available in French, Dutch, and English. Pressbanking is a member of the Press Database and Licensing Network (PDLN).

ProPublica ForensicsProPublica Forensics API: ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsgroup with the aim of producing investigative journalism in the public interest. Post Mortem: Death Investigation in America, is a ProPublica investigation into coroner and medical examiner systems nationwide. The ProPublica Forensics API provides RESTful access to the Post Mortem data.

ProPublica Free the FilesProPublica Free the Files API: ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsgroup with the aim of producing investigative journalism in the public interest. Free the Files is a ProPublica project to detail political campaign ad filings and track outside interest groups’ ad spending. The Free the Files API provides a RESTful interface for a variety of GET calls, allowing free developer access to the project data.

Pulsepoint Real-Time ClassifierPulsepoint Real-Time Classifier API: The service provides categorization information for web content at the page level. It represents topical context for content located at a specific URL on a website with the goal of linking ads to relevant content and increasing exposure to users who show an interest in the topic. By targeting contextual classifications at the page level, the service seeks to help advertisers identify individual pages of interest to their prospective customers rather than choosing overall websites, which may cover a range of topics.

API methods support submission of a page URL to be classified. The API returns content parameters, including length and time to load, along with up to five contextual "channels" where the content fits best. The advertiser interested in those channels can then decide which specific pages to target with its promotional messaging.

Punkrock.orgPunkrock.org API: Punkrock.org is a online social hub for information about punk rock music. The community offers access to a variety of media (videos, pictures) community polls, personal and band blogs, current event listings, forums and an avenue to promote your band through the site. The social aspect of the site allows you to "like" favorite bands and tracks as well as groups and businesses involved with the community.

Using POST and GET calls, The Punkrock.org API allows developers an opportunity to create apps for the community that access site held information about: users, friend, mail, notifications, and photos. You need to request an API token for access to services. Returns are formatted in JSON.

RadioshackRadioshack API: RadioShack's cloud-based API suite allows customers the ability to create 3rd party applications that utilize the company's online site information about: coupons, store locations and product availability.

The Store Locations API allows you to find the nearest RadioShack store based on a determined location and features a GET request for closest stores and a call for the current API version. Information from the Product Availability API includes: access to current stock levels (by SKU) and nearby stores, locations and distance to the nearest stores. The Coupon API allows consumers access to RadioShack's various coupons.

The APIs are REST based and semi-open (with login keys) and support returns in JSON and XML data formats.

RadMapRadMap API: The service provides a mapped image for U.S. weather conditions as detected by NEXRAD weather radar stations. Also available are GOES imagery created by geostationary weather satellites for inclusion in GIS output, local storm reports, and warnings and watches issued by county authorities.

API methods support submission of a query with URL parameters that specify location, desired image size, and technical specifications for radar data to be selected. Returned data provide a link to a PNG image showing the most recently recorded radar results illustrated as storm cells, cloud cover, and related weather phenomena. Methods allow specification of location by named places according to the list in the 2010 U.S. Census.

RBK GamesRBK Games API: RBK Money is an eCommerce company providing payment solutions for online games, primarily focused on the EU, Eastern European, and Russian markets. The RBK Games API consists of a Site API providing game developers with user data, and a Payments API providing access to user balance data and payment functions. Data may be XML or JSON formatted.

RTRT.meRTRT.me API: RTRT.me provides real-time race tracking and timing services for running events. The RTRT.me API provides developers with RESTful access to event details, participant data, and real-time results information including runners’ pace, speed, and more. Responses are JSON formatted.

RunAlongRunAlong API: RunAlong is a health community for females to join each other on group rins or walks. The RunAlong API allows users to make dozens of calls including creating new user profiles, retrieving lists of users, uploading photos, checking run maps, and connecting with other users. The API uses REST calls and can return XML or JSON. For Authentication, the service uses HTTP Basic Authentication.

SAI Virtual Observatory WCS FixSAI Virtual Observatory WCS Fix API: The SAI Virtual Observatory provides the WCS Fix service to automatically match stars in FITS images with cataloged data and add the correct WCS (World Coordinate System) keywords to the image's header. FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) is the standard data format used in astronomy. It is used for the transport, analysis, and archival storage of scientific data sets.

Users may access the WCS Fix service directly through the SAI Virtual Observatory website or programmatically using either SOAP or REST calls.

SeaZone HydroViewSeaZone HydroView API: The service provides marine mapping with configurable images showing depth and topographic characteristics of the world's oceans based on detailed bathymetric data. Requests to the Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) can be embedded to generate images of a global location and the surrounding ocean. Depth and terrain features of the ocean floor are represented as aids to marine navigation, exploration, and research.

API methods support submission of a global location, stated in the request as global tile row and column plus zoom level. The API generates and returns a PNG image of the land and ocean floor topography at the specified location, represented as a digital terrain model with shaded relief and depth readings (soundings).

Setu InfocomSetu Infocom API: The service provides voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony with a number of features designed to give low-cost voice communications. Applications can schedule and send mass phone calls to recipient lists and play a message recorded in a file uploaded with the request. Applications can initiate VoIP calls with buttons or other controls on a web page or initiate Callback services that reconnect a local call to a remote recipient via inexpensive VoIP connections.

API methods support Voice Blast to deliver a recorded voice message to specified recipients, from one or a few to a long list. Methods also support voice call functions initiated by controls embedded in web page HTML. The SetuBilling API supports resellers in developing their own click-to-call solutions. A callback API allows a voice call to a local number to trigger a new call between the same parties, local or remote to one another, via VoIP.

SMSGateway.caSMSGateway.ca API: SMS Gateway is an SMS messaging provider. Developers can use the service to integrate SMS messaging into their applications. Because the service is based in North America, they claim that messages will not be blocked or filtered. The service can be used to send appointment reminders, provide notifications during critical equipment outages, keep staff informed when traveling, and tell customers about upcoming offers. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

SONoMASONoMA API: SONoMA was designed to perform complex network measurements, handle heterogeneous measurement devices, automatically store results in a public database, and protect against malicious users. Its purpose is to characterize the structure, dynamics, and operational state of the Internet via distributed measurements. SONoMA combines the flexibility of mature network measurement infrastructures such as PlanetLab or ETOMIC with the general accessibility of public services like web-based bandwidth measurement or traceroute servers. SONoMA is a functional prototype system designed to demonstrate these capabilities.

Spark DevicesSpark Devices API: Spark offers a service that enables users to connect their lights to the Internet in order to control them from the computer, a mobile, or tablet.

The Spark API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Spark with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up for more information: http://www.sparkdevices.com/api.

SPOT Shared PageSPOT Shared Page API: The service provides capabilities to upload one-way messaging from remote locations to a feed accessible by others. It transfers message data via satellites of the global positioning system (GPS) to allow hikers and others in remote terrain to report progress and emergency situations to those monitoring the service from distant locations. Messages post to an established feed for access in varying amounts and timeframes suited to specific monitoring needs.

API methods support retrieval of the latest message in a specified feed or all messages uploaded over a specified date range. For more comprehensive access, the API gives access to the most recent 50 messages or the entire feed in pages of 50 messages.

SprawkSprawk API: Sprawk is devoted to providing you with a broad array of online language translation services. Freelance translators all around the globe contribute to the over 3.9 million entries in English as well as other languages. The service allows websites to check for accuracy in their translations as well define your translations by a certain style (Oxford, Chicago, AP) and automatically translate texts from over 20 languages.

The Sprawk Language Detection and Capitalization API allows you to detect the language a website or text file is written in as well as the probability of other languages the text might be written in. The API utilizes GET with returns in JSON.

The service allows up to 2,000 free daily lookups with a premium tier ($9.99/month) that allows up to 10,000 daily lookups.

SRFax Internet FaxSRFax Internet Fax API: SRFax is a service that allows users to utilize all aspects of fax communications in an online, manageable and environmentally friendly manner. Use your email address to send a fax to any number with PGP Encryption. The service also lets you utilize junk fax filters, unlimited fax storage and 24/7 customer support.

The SRFax Internet Fax API utilizes the SOAP protocol and allows third party application developers access to SRFax services. The API accepts over 150 file formats and allows you to scale your fax operations upward. Access is secured through SSL and the API is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant.

Stamps.comStamps.com API: Stamps.com is an online postage vendor that also provides a SOAP-based API for generating USPS shipping labels. Users can make and print labels themselves or e-mail labels to customers for printing. The API also supports address cleansing, calculating USPS rates, package tracking, and more. These services are recommended for integration with web-based e-commerce systems or other web-hosted applications.

SubtleDataSubtleData API: SubtleData is a service that enables applications to "speak" to point-of-sale (POS) systems in a variety of retail settings.

The SubtleData API allows developers to access and integrate the data and functionality of SubtleData with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing prices, managing product information, and retrieving a variety of calls.

TechSavvy TechSavvy API: TechSavvy is a site that aggregates and lists open job positions in the technology industry.

The TechSavvy API allows developers to access and integrate the data from TechSavvy with other applications. The main API method is retrieving the job listings from TechSavvy, which can be done with limits such as the last 100 jobs posted.

Textpresso for NeuroscienceTextpresso for Neuroscience API: Textpresso is an information extraction and processing service for biological literature developed by the California Institute of Technology. Textpresso performs full text literature searches, text classification and mining, and linking of biological entities found in articles to online databases. Textpresso for Neuroscience is a web service that enables users to search the full text of articles and documents for neuroscience information. This service can be accessed programmatically using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

TomTom GeocodingTomTom Geocoding API: The service generates precise geolocation and mapping coordinates and standardized addresses based on user or application input specifying a location in varying formats. It also provides information relevant to the location, including businesses and other organizations nearby, geographic features, and places of interest. The precision of geolocation is influenced by the detail of data submitted to the service. General information about the location will return a neighborhood, postal code, or street, while more specific information can be resolved to a precise physical address.

API methods support submission of known location data, either as free text or structured parameters. Optional parameters include the street or thoroughfare, the section or specific spot along that thoroughfare, the postal code, and the district or neighborhood, city, state or province, and any other administrative zone (e.g., a county). Depending on the completeness of the request, the API returns mapping specifications for either a general area or a precise physical address in standard format. Methods allow either individual submission of a single location or batch submission of a group of distinct locations.

TomTom Map ToolkitTomTom Map Toolkit API: The service provides map images for global locations to be transferred electronically as "tiles" that join together in a grid to display the complete map. Applications can submit location parameters identifying the area to be mapped, and the service breaks down image data for delivery to a single recipient or multiple recipients as a set of pre-rendered tiles allowing 18 zoom levels.

API methods support mapping requests specifying the boundaries of the tile locations to be mapped and the zoom level. Returned data provide pre-rendered tile images. Optional methods can also return travel routes and real-time traffic data as additional layers overlaying the map image.

TTS-API.COMTTS-API.COM API: TTS-API.COM is a simple and free text-to-speech API. Users can input a string of text on the website and have it converted to an mp3 file. The service returns a downloadable link to the mp3. The service is currently free for use.

Utah POLARISUtah POLARIS API: The Prehospital OnLine Active Reporting Information System (POLARIS) enables compliance by emergency response providers in Utal with the state's incident reporting requirements. It replaces the Utah Department of Health's the former Automated Incident System (AIS) allowing ambulance services and other providers to file prehospital run reports in NEMSIS-compliant format.

API methods support incident reporting with formatting compliant with the National Emergency Management Information System (NEMIS). Reported data include patient identification and demographics along with incident type, location, and timeframe.

Veo Video ConverterVeo Video Converter API: Veo Video Converter is an online video conversion service. Users can upload videos via a URL or from their own PC and have them converted online without limits on the number of conversions. The service is compatible with all major mobile devices and can convert videos to any of the most popular formats. Users can manage their videos, embed videos and share via social networks. The API lets users request conversions, get conversion status and retrieve converted files. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Voicebuy VoIPVoicebuy VoIP API: Voicebuy is a wholesale VoIP (Voice over IP) provider offering Internet Telephony services to carriers, providers and corporate customers.

With Voicebuy API developers can create and manage user accounts, manage billing and discount systems and more. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are in XML. Public documentation is not available.

Wait Time CalculatorWait Time Calculator API: The Wait Time Calculator is a simple API that allows users to clock wait times at Polling locations around the US. The API also lets users report this data and display it on a Google map. Developers can use this information in their own applications and websites. The API returns poll locations by address or latitude and longitude, optionally returning wait times, national wait time statistics, by state, or for a specific poll location, and record a wait time for a specific poll location. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

weather-api.netweather-api.net API: Weather-API.net provides weather information with focus on historical weather tracking. Information is currently available from 53 years ago with access to over 1.9 million datapoints. A hourly historical weather forecast is available as well. All of the information comes from government vetted sources of information and has been closely scrutinized for accuracy.

The Server-based API (also JavaScript available) allows you to place GET calls for multiple locations based on latitude or longitude, city name, country name, US zip code, dates and various types of weather conditions (precipitation). XML formatting is available, but JSON is the default

WebyshotsWebyshots API: Webyshots is an online website screenshot service. Webyshots provides screenshots of websites/URLs, reports, and hosts the screenshots and information in the cloud.

The Webyshots API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Webyshots with other applications. Some example API methods include taking screenshots, retrieving screenshots, and returning information about screenshots.

XboxLeadersXboxLeaders API: XboxLeaders is an unofficial Xbox LIVE stat tracking site, providing game session hosting, and community forums and chat, in addition to achievement and stat tracking. The XboxLeaders Xbox LIVE API provides read-only access to gamer data. Results can be returned in JSON, XML, or PHP format.

XfccBasicXfccBasic API: XML web services for correspondence chess (Xfcc) was created by Martin Bennedik to define protocols for exchanging data between correspondence chess organizations, servers, and software.

The only protocol currently defined is XfccBasic, which is used to exchange game data between correspondence chess servers and client software. The client software can be used to query the server for a list of games for a given player and to submit a move to the server. The XfccBasic protocol can be accessed programmatically using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

YouTargetsYouTargets API: YouTargets is a web based CRM system. It offers customers all of the traditional functionality of CRM systems such as management of up to 30,000 contacts, tracking deals, setting up tasks and grouping contacts on a per project basis. An API is available that allows developers to integrate the functionality of YouTargets with their existing websites or applications. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML or JSON.

Zeevex Game WalletZeevex Game Wallet API: Zeevex is a virtual currency sold on gift cards in retailers across the USA, and designed to be used for online games and other digital content. The Zeevex Game Wallet provides a RESTful interface for merchants to interact directly with purchase requests.

ZupplerZuppler API: Zuppler is an online menu system for restaurants with an online presence wishing to make web-based ordering easier and more intuitive. Using Zuppler, restaurants can employ descriptive menus--with full support from Zuppler--from the that allow their online customers to order online for takeout, delivery or ahead of time for dine-in.

Zuppler provides APIs in both Javascript and a RESTful JSON version. The Javascript API lets you manage Menu integration using the Zuppler Online Ordering System on your website, mangage your restaurant's profile (logo, discount, cuisines, pictures), and display your Zuppler restaurant reviews.

The RESTful APIs can manage (create using POST) restaurant menus and specials as well as Fetch restaurant listings, create new restaurant listings and return information about specific restaurants.