11 new APIs: Google Predictions, Amazon User Management

This week we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a user management service for Amazon Web Services, voice-to-text service, real-time activity stream service and location sharing service. Below is more detail on each of these new APIs.

AWS Identity and Access ManagementAWS Identity and Access Management API: AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a Web Service that enables Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to manage Users and User permissions under their AWS Account. With it users can access features such as listing all users, retrieving documents for specified users and creating access keys.

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) enables developers to create and manage Users under the umbrella of their AWS Account. IAM is used in conjunction with other AWS products to control access to the AWS resources within an AWS Account. It uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

GoodDataGoodData API: GoodData is a business intelligence service that lets users create dashboards to get a view of the entire business: from sales to marketing, operations, finance or HR data. The GoodData API provides access to much of the GoodData functionality, including infrastructure, data connections and analytics.

Google PredictionGoogle Prediction API: Google Prediction API brings the power of Machine Learning to anyone. Upload your data and build a model to train the system by showing it the right answer for known items. When the system is trained, you can have it make predictions. All of these stages can be accessed via the API, which we covered in-depth on the blog: Apps Get Smarter with the Google Prediction API

Heroku ProviderHeroku Provider API: Heroku, a Platform to host Rails applications, provides an API for Cloud Service Providers. The REST API lets providers create add-ons that elegantly handle provisioning between Heroku and the cloud services, making technical Integration easy.

Hotwire Travel-Ticker DealsHotwire Travel-Ticker Deals API: Search for Hotwire Travel-Ticker Deals by destination, theme, dates, or price.

Travel-Ticker's relationships with more than 10,000 travel companies give us access to insider deals you won't see on other sites -- including special limited-time offers, small hotels that don't usually sell online, and exotic locations for those in the know.

OnSIP VoIPOnSIP VoIP API: OnSIP is a business VoIP and free SIP hosting service. The OnSIP XML API offers the entire suite of functionality OnSIP has to offer - DID, Extensions, Call transfer, Voicemail, Auto Attendant, Call Records, and more.

OnSIP XMPPOnSIP XMPP API: OnSIP is a hosted business VoIP service with free SIP hosting. The OnSIP XMPP API is an XMPP/ PubSub based API that allows developers to receive push notifications for various events inside the OnSIP system. Events include information regarding current call state and user agent state for SIP addresses inside of OnSIP. The other side of the API, the Ad-Hoc commands, allow for connected XMPP clients to perform realtime call control for active calls inside of OnSIP.

PhoneTagPhoneTag API: PhoneTag API empowers developers to transcribe voice into text. Upload a sound file (wav, mp3 or gsm) and receive text in return. Supports automatic transcription, human transcription, as well as a hybrid of the two.

RIPLRIPL API: RIPL opens up real-time activity streams between friends and learns from the response patterns to filter out unwanted content. This means everyone gets a steady stream of content they'll enjoy from people they know. Use the API to RIPL-ize your own site.

Unofficial Hacker NewsUnofficial Hacker News API: Provides programmatic access to Hacker News stories, comments and votes. API is unofficial, but has the blessing of Hacker News. We looked at the story behind this API in Programmer Builds Unofficial Hacker News API.

waldstatwaldstat API: Waldstat allows you to keep track of where you are and where you have been. It also allows you to let your social graph know of what you are up to and where you will be. You can explore new locations initialize new events and announce your attendance to them.