11 New APIs: Travel, FCC and Real-time Push

This week we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a gps data sharing service, fitness tracking service, social television service and two real-time push services. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Beacon PushBeacon Push API: Just include a snippet of JavaScript and you can incorporate real-time push into your website. Beacon provides the infrastructure to send messages to the client so that it does not need to poll for updates.

BreadcrumbsBreadcrumbs API: Breadcrumbs is a free GPS track management service allowing you to upload GPS tracks with photos and videos for all of your adventures. The API lets 3rd party applications push their tracks to Breadcrumbs.

FCCFCC API: United Stated Federal Communications Commission API provides access to information about licenses, consumer broadband speed and other data related to communications. The service is part of an initiative to provide more transparency, as we wrote on the blog.

MapMyFitnessMapMyFitness API: MapMyFitness runs a network of sites like MapMyWalk, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, MapMyTri, MapMyHike and MapMyMountain. The API provides an interface to much of the site's features, such as activity feeds, goals and events. We wrote more about
both mashup and API aspects of the sites.

MisoMiso API: Integrate social television into your application. Users share what they watch with friends, earn points and receive badges. The API is currently in private beta.

New York Times DistrictsNew York Times Districts API: Retrieve political districts and neighborhoods based on a pair of coordinates. Retrieve city council, community district, state assembly, state senate and U.S. house for any given point. Also returns neighborhood and borough. Currently the API only covers New York City.

New York Times TimesTagsNew York Times TimesTags API: New York Times has its own set of "controlled meta-data," which it uses to categorize its stories. The TimesTags API provides access to this meta-data. Use the API to kickstart your own classification system, or to look up tags that can then be used to find stories using the newspaper's Article Search API.

PusherPusher API: Pusher provides infrastructure for real-time push applications. Your app sends events from the server to the client's browser, which means your front end does not need to constantly check for updates.

StealthModeWatchStealthModeWatch API: Provides information culled from SEC filings. All companies that take investment are required to submit Form D, even if they're private. StealthModeWatch is a way to track where VCs are investing or whether a company is raising money. The API makes this data available via XML.

TravelportTravelport API: The Travelport Universal API hopes to provide a single interface through which travel applications can access booking data and more. We wrote about what many in the industry call a game-changing Universal API

YellowYellow API: Yellow API is an application programming interface that allows you to stream top Canadian local search content into your applications. Using our database of over 1.5 million business listings and associated rich content, you can deliver the best data to your users without the need for your own directory.


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